C'mon C'mon

Being a teenager is all about bringing it on. This post for the past two years has been all melancholy, morose, and monochromatic (like a B&W filter on instagram) mess. Nope, not this year. This year, I'm curing the winter curse and moving on. It's time to start living up to my new year's resolutions (remember mine #1- be bold & courageous) and take them seriously. Turn it up loud, get ready to make it an amazing year, and do your part. C'mon, c'mon.

The first song you play when a new year starts hold so much importance, last year it was "Stole My Heart"  by 1D (because I thought I'd be falling in love screw fairytale expectations). No such luck. This year it was "C'mon C'mon" by One Direction (hence the title of the post, get with the times people) - so pretty much the same song about meeting a girl at a dance and busting out your moves together #thingsthatwillhappenthisyear. The upbeat tempo and laying it all out there lyrics perfectly describe my plans for this year. Be bold, be courageous. That means for me being active in decisions and not so helplessly passive in letting this pass by. Whether that be, asserting myself just  bit more, not being so complacent when things are wrong, and even going after the "girl" - it's about bringing it at all times. Resolutions only come to pass if you do your part and go after that. You have to not only want them to but actually make sure you're doing what you have to for them to be accomplished. Oh you want to lose weight but you never use your gym membership, how's that going for you? Oh you want more friends but you walk around campus with a stank face on, oh really. You want to raise your GPA but you still day drink on weekdays, mmmkay, good luck with that. Get your act together and get serious with your resolutions. This year will only be the year you make it. You have control over the majority of your life, direct it the way you want it to run. For the other times in your life when things aren't controlled by you, you've just got to let them happen. Things will happen, out of the blue, randomly, and haphazardly. There's nothing you can do about it, but adapt and say c'mon c'mon. I read a facebook status about how weird it was to think that you're the main character of your life (of course you are, how could you co-star in your own life #thingsthatdon'tmakesense) and even a major character in other people's lives, but the you're nothing more than an extra or an insignificant minor character with one scene in other people's lives. Think about it. All the people you awkwardly stare down while driving, the crowds in the mall or in line at the grocery store, and even on campus in the student center, people may see or the may not. Some people you'll never come across again in your entire life, others you'll see in passing a few more times, or even actually talk to once. I always wonder how many people on campus see me (because I like to think I'm notable or something) and either are enamored with me (who wouldn't love me) or wanted to talk to me and just never have. Let me just say, you're not protagonist of everyone's life stories. Remember that, and keep your stuff in perspective. Your new year's resolution is waiting for you to fulfill it, and so are everyone else's, c'mon c'mon.
First of January 2013
Of course you're wondering how I spent my New Year's Eve and New Year's Day, right (let's just go with that). Well NYE meant an early morning for me, getting up at 10am (I'm 19 and on winter break #dealwithit). I showered up and got dressed for a kinda sorta busy day. I got in the car with my dad and we stopped by the post office and it was on to McDonald's for a quick breakfast on the road. There began my dad teaching me organic chemistry in the middle of the drive thru line - true stories. Then he moved on to talking about the MCAT and my future as a physician and how useless all the college prerequisites for medical school are. Like he never uses math or chemistry or physics at all in his practices as a full fledged doctor (someone needs to fix this outdated system of unnecessary hoops to jump through, I want my damn white coat and stethoscope). We zoomed to another on the highways and made it to Sears. Wow, I never realized how weird that place was. The true definition of a department store. They for real had everything, mattresses, ellipticals jewelry, and some entire floors of clothing. We were there to buy a TV for our formal living room (pretentious people problems). Just a big space full of TV's all showing the same thing, and guess what it was. Keke Palmer (aka the love of my teenage life) on Anderson Live (first of all since when does A. Coop has his own talk show - shouldn't be breaking news in a 360 view or something) - I was like damn, and had moment *we will find each other some day. We spent just over an hour talking with the sales lady and the salesman who were like a motherly mom type and a college frat guy. It was hilarious like a failed NBC sitcom that only lasts 2 episodes before being axed. We got the TV, the Bose sound system and TV stand (which we bartered for because my dad is awesome) and got out of there. Off to Microcenter mini mall for all things electronic where my dad just bought an iPad 2 like it was NBD and I got a new flash drive, 32gb for $3.99 (that ish be cray, I remember how expensive they used to be). Back home and I got ready to pick up my best friend, Chelsea, from her new house. We drove through traffic and made it to Applebees where we spent the afternoon catching up on our whole semester of complete randomness. It was awesome, nothing has changed, and we still fit together like always (see instagrammed picture below). Back to the house where night fell and my sister, Bianca and I went on a gas station run for soda and candy. Loved being stared at the gritty rando's from boo-foo sporting ratchet bandannas and camouflaged caps - Mercedes-Benz swag ignite in 3,2,1. Through the Wendy's drive thru and back home to get ready to leave for church. This was it, the final car ride of the new year. I blasted my favorite songs and into the sanctuary we went. Bianca and I ended up sitting in the kids section but we got our prayer on and time went by fast. It was 11:30pm when the anointing part of the service started. We lit candles and counted down (they missed it by 5 minutes, but I was well aware of the real midnight). 2013 had arrived. I sent snap chats to all my friends and traded emoji filled texts with errybody. Everyone went crazy and went to dance. I will say that I went so hard in there, and sweated every single article of clothing I was wearing out. Another year welcomed and back home at 2 am, just 5 hours spent at church #whatwedo. New Year's Day somehow had me sleeping until 4pm, and making breakfast then as well. I did some laundry, watched some TV and hit up Steak and Shake with the sister. Badabing, badaboom - c'mon c'mon.

Being a teenager is all about making your life what you want it to be. The mistake a lot of teenagers make is that they depend on other people for happiness. You are the only one that can make yourself happy, other people may be apart of that, but a full on dependence is going to get you nowhere. Your resolutions are nothing more than that, your resolutions. You have to work at them, and make them come true. Remember them always, and bring on the new year - c'mon, c'mon.

My blog post question for the day is ... what was the first song you listened to in 2013? Y'all know I was blasting my One Direction, almost did the Wanted or District3.


  1. and we danced macklemore. theme song of the suite spring semester


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