Buttered Popcorn

Being a teenager is all about having those out of body experiences. Going to a movie theatre is one of the few times that you can leave everything out in the lobby and focus on someone else's life. It's an intense ride with surround sound, massive screens and divinely embracing seats. Take your pick of any movie with a genre that's right up your alley and mix in a few friends and you've got the perfect night out. But you know there's always those people who have no idea how to act in a movie theatre. All I really want is some buttered popcorn.

*Before I get to the main event, just letting you all know the official music video for One Direction's "One Thing" has officially been released, check out the boyband madness right Here- Music Video. It's absolutely them, forever young, carefree and adolescently spirited.

Movie theaters can be some of the weirdest places of all time, let me tell you. I sometimes hate going to the movies because no matter where you are you always see someone you know. It's usually people you "know of" but would never talk to. You lock eyes, give them an acknowledging look but don't actually exchange any words with the riff raff. The worst case is when you know someone who works at the movie theatre, whether they sell you your ticket, spew hot cheese all over your nachos or take your ticket, it's bound to be awkward. Things are taken to a whole new level of unnecessary when the semi-acquaintance worker calls you by name like "Here you go, Joey" or "Joe, enjoy your movie" and you know I always reply stupidly "Thanks, you too" when it totally doesn't make sense. The food counter is where unfortunately knowing someone really can be the worst. You feel obligated to spend money on monopoly stature overpriced candies more inflated than a Guiliana & Bill banter bout. I'mma pretend that I don't know you, I suggest you do the same and reciprocate the anonymity. Then of course there's the dude/chick who takes your tickets. Like really, I just want to get this over with. Rip along the perforated line and let me at this cinematic ensemble. When you're with a group of friends and you all go through it just takes the awkwardness to a whole new level of weird. Sorry we're out having fun and you happen to working right now, but we're not friends at school and that means we're not friends outside of it either. I'm hugging my piping hot buttered popcorn to my chest, get out of my way - duck and cover, bob and weave.

Giuliana & Bill tv show photo

Watching a movie is always an interesting an experience. There are so many types of moviegoers, sometimes it's hard to even pay attention to the movie with all the commotion going on. You've got the obnoxious prepubescent teeny bopper textaholics who didn't get the multiple memos on pausing Temple Run or Angry Birds for later. Those kids can giggle up a storm over literally nothing. The blinding white light emanating from you lap is most deff not heavenly, more like a beacon notifying ushers that you're breaking the rules - what kind of teen bootlegs with a cell phone, please. If you really can't stop texting for the duration of a movie you might have a serious problem that requires extensive medical attention, stop texting before you thumbs start to bleed.  Then you've got the lovey dovey couples strewn about the reclining chairs doing slush puppie shots, giving nacho cheese hickies, and making love via Sour Patch kids. Teenage boys, keep your second brain to yourself and the corny moves in your little playbook. Cheesy lines and yawning arm stretches are so last decade. PDA is super gross, so keep it to a minimum and watch the movie. Families can be quite the bother. Parents with their kids with awkwardly avoiding them by just so happening to be i the same movie, or obnoxious kiddies who don't understand the concept of inside voices.  Either way, y'all are weird and interrupting my movie going experience. Hush up or you will be pelted with stale malted milk balls. Lastly we have my kind of people, the groups of friends who take over the theater. I'll admit we can be ridiculous, geeking out and making fun of not only everything in the movie but everyone in the audience as well. Talking during movies is not okay, and not allowed. Shut up and watch the movies, I didn't pay to hear your commentary that's for the car ride home. If you're like me you have a lot of things to say, I'm ike an elite movie reviewer mentally judging every aspect of the movie. Casting, directing, production, music - the whole sha-bang-bang, but you keep quiet until the credits roll. It's butter popcorn time, my fave flavor fo Jelly Belly gourmet jelly beans.

Jeremy Jordan and Keke Palmer visit Planet Hollywood Times Square on January 13, 2012 in New York City.

Then there's the actual movies that you're watching, as in the entire purpose you're there in the first place. There are multiple things that will get me to see a movie. It's mostly who's starring the film. If it's one of my favorite actors like Chris Evans or Denzel Washington it's an automatic yes for me. When I saw that my future wifey, miss Keke P (Keke Palmer) was starring in Joyful Noise with Queen Latifah, Dolly Parton and Broadway star, Jeremy Jordan, I knew I had to go see it. It was an awesome movie, and it's more than worth seeing. Hilarious, endearing and the songs were super catchy. The only thing I couldn't handle my mister theatre kissing my homegirl. Then there's movies that have such an interesting plot or a mind blowing trailer that I have to go see it. Like that movie filmed in documentary style "Chronicle" about those teenage dudes getting super powers looks amazing, and I will for sure go see that in theatres. There's movies that have a built in audience like sequels, and genre films. Superhero movies have been all up out and about recently and 2012 is a big year for them once again. The team up powerhouse known as the Avengers comes out, the next James Bond movie, "SkyFall" and the "Dark Knight Rises" will all be gracing the screen this year. Choosing a movie is sometimes a risk. You pretty much know what you're getting in to when you play it safe and choose the usual. It's when you take a change and see the random movie that you may or may not get your money's worth. Let's face it, movies are expensive as eff and only getting movie outrageous with the apparent necessity of 3D. Like damn, not every thing that hits the silver screen has to come and hit me too. Some movie really do not need to be popping at you, and that's why I usally opt to see 3D movies in their 2D versions, not that much of a difference and it's totes cheaper. Do something out of the ordinary for a while and choose something different. As long as you keep your voices down and chillax, it's all good. Buttered popcorn cures everything.

Being a teenager is all about not really taking thins so seriously all the time. Movies are a time to get out of your own head into the mind of someone else. The movie theatre is an emotional roller coaster every single time. Shoot, whether it be horror, drama, rom-com (romantic comedy; get with the times), action or whatever it's one of those places to just relax. All you need is some good ole buttered popcorn.

My blog post question for the day is ... what's the best movie you've seen recently in movie theatres? That's a tough one for me, Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol was so BA but Joyful Noise was awesome as well.


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