The Great Escape

Being a teenager is all about getting away from it all every once in a while. Everyone has their way to relieve stress and to deal with all the ridiculousness that is their teenage lives. For me, I'm all about taking a break from my life by living someone else. No, there's no astral projection or Wizards of Waverly Place (I'll miss you) body switching spells required, it's just experiencing an episode vicariously through the magnanimous powers that be known as television. There's so much to watch and there's absolutely something for everyone. It's always weird to me when people say they don't watch very much TV - you pay for it like every month and don't use it. It's the great escape.

I'm going to let you in a big secret. One thing you may not known about me is that I'm just a little obsessive when it comes to my TV watching. Some people know everything about the subject their studying, while others always have the latest sports statistics spewing from the top their heads, and then there's me who knows almost everything to is about pop culture and specifically television. It's both a gift and a curse. Name a young actor or actress and I can pretty much tell you everything they've been in, down to the season and episode known. I have to be in the know, it's like a necessity. I can spend countless hours hardcore wiki-ing or IMDB-ing the hell out of people just so I can know all about them. Then it's all about the follow on twitter to be up to date on exactly what they're doing, and where they are. The best thing to do is get them (literally tie them up and kidnap them) when they're new to twitter to the big or small screen. They're way more likely to reply to your tweets, and follow you back. I can't tell you how many replies I've gotten and the feeling that people in the public eye know you exist, it's literally the best thing ever, and if they follow you, that they probably see some of your tweets, it's epic. Almost every morning I read the latest news, that's celebrity news, on TVGuide and USA Today (only the Life section). Some people can quote from movies, I know who said the quote and when. It might be useless information, however if I'm a gameshow or something I bet you'd I'd come in handy, so ta-dow. My favorite actor, probably Ben Hollingsworth (the Joneses, TBL) , Chris Evans (Captain America, Not Another Teen Movie) or Chris Lowell (Private Practice, Veronica Mars). My favorite actress Annalynne McCord (Nip Tuck, 90210), Emma Stone (Easy A, the Help), or Charlotte Arnold (Naturally Sadie, Degrassi). It's all the drama, the endearing storylines and the fact that most of this will probably never happen to me that allows to have an out of body experience. I'm telling you TV is the ultimate great escape, afterwards I'm changed.

Let's talk about my current weekly TV schedule. Be warned that I'm a total television junkie. Every weekday it's Nickelodeon's "House of Anubis" a mystery dramedy set at a British boarding school. Mondays it's ABC Family for "Pretty Little Liars" and it's sister show "The Lying Game." Beautiful girls keeping secrets, lying, cheating, and everything else pretty people shouldn't do with a hint of murder.  Tuesday it's the CW for "90210" and ABCF for "Switched at Birth" and "Jane By Design" - followed by BET for the "the Game." We've got the most world renowned zipcode taking it's teenage antics to a college campus, two families coming together over kids being switched at birth with groundbreaking characters that are deaf and use sign language to communicate, and a high school girl balancing her life of nobodydom while also being the assistant to a major fashion designer. Lastly, there's "The Game" which is in it's 5th season and is about the behind the scenes drama/comedy of the world of professional football - it's literally amazing, keeps you guessing and laughing. Wednesday is pretty much my day off and to catch up. Thursday is all for the CW with "the Vampire Diaries" and it's sister show, "the Secret Circle" with USA Network for "Royal Pains." TVD is about vampire brothers in love with the same girl, it's got witches, werewolves and so much lust is leaps off the screen in it's complicated story third season (start from the beginning) & TSC is about a girl who discovers she's a witch and joins 5 other small town kids who create a coven with evil at every turn. RP is about a highly skilled emergency physician who becomes a concierge doctor to the rich & famous in the Hamptons. The list goes on and on with the weekends being for whatever's new on Nickelodeon, Teennick and Disney Channel. Why yes, I still watch the kid networks - because I can. Yes, all of these shows are an hour long but it's what I do. Is this all super excessive, maybe, to you - but to me it's a normal thing. I planned my nights around TV in high school, and in college it's what I do on the weekends, it's a break from school work that's greatly needed. It's the great escape kiddies.

And finally we've got those secret guilty pleasures that you randomly watch because they're just on. For me that's the ridiculous garbage known as Jersey Shore. It's so overdone, so overplayed and asbolutely ridiculous - they know they're famous, why do still work for minimum wage in a t-shirt shop? I love me Real World - and I'll for sure be applying for this upcoming next season, you know I'd definitely mix things up as a roommate. VH1 has got it's share of crazy people going wild. Love and Hip Hop showcasing the women in waiting for rappers like Jim Jones and Fabolous with some nasty words being thrown around and the occasional all out brawl are totally worth it. Basketball Wives - the original - does the same thing with catch phrases, twitter assaults, and full on cat fights, grown women going at each other it entertaining. I like Khloe and Lamar way more than Kourtney and Kim Take New York. The Kardashians are everywhere, but at least Khloe isn't fake and rude like Kourtney. I don't care what people say I actually liked Kris Humphries, he was hilarious on that show and that 72 day marriage was not a sham, she could have married a more well known baller if she was just in it for the money. Baby Mason is so awesome. Then there's Guiliana and Bill on Style Network because Guiliana works for E! News and Bill is my man crush - one the greatest entrepreneurs in the country and a down to Earth realistic dude. Occasionally I'll watch Property Brothers on HGTV because those Canadian twins renovating fixer uppers is literally mindblowing to me on how well they always turn out. That's about it, everyone has those shows that they're kind of embarrassed to say they watch, but for me I have no shame - I can watch whatever whenever I want.

Being a teenager is all about getting way too involved in things that aren't real. Everyone has their guilty pleasures and unnecessary endearments and television is all mine. Stress relief is a major part of college life. The fact that I'd rather stay in and catch up on missed episodes than go out and get wasted or high is an attribution to the dedication to the relationship I have with all the TV networks. It's the great escape college kids.

My blog post question for the day is ... what's your favorite TV show and why? I can wholeheartedly say 90210, because it's what I wanted my life to be like. It's drama, with a sprinkle of humor and since the show takes place within my exact age group it's semi-relatable. America's favorite zipcode is back.


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