Hourglass Turns

Being a teenager is all about looking forward to a new year. We've entered the year 2012 meaning that it's time to make ourselves some false promises and create resolutions we'll never follow to fruition. This is finally the year to change the things that you don't like about everything, whether it be yourself, your surroundings or your situation. It's time to get down to business like USA Network Suits witty comeback rebuttals fake-lawyer style and do something different for a change. The clock struck twelve, the ball dropped (not the Biebs's) and fireworks were set off to ring in the new year (Clock = Big Ben = United Kingdom = One Direction - my thought process). Hourglass turns and so do we, into a different mindset.

Let's get something straight, just because it's a new year doesn't mean you are any different. You're still the same person, it's the choices you make and how you choose to act in the new year that will make the difference. New Year's random because it's not really different from any other day, but for some reason people get the gumption, cajones and sassy sauce (sounds like a courage concoction to me) to change things. Resolutions are notorious for being adhered to until about Valentine's Day. If you're going to loose weight or bulk up - you'd better put your entire self into it. None of that half-assed (like one butt cheek) effort. If you're going to be shedding the pounds I wanna see like a freaking Nutty Professor to Eddie Murphy type of transformation. Your life should be as hardcore as the Biggest Loser (minus the vomitting) and setting miniature goals like losing a certain amount in each week until you've reached your final destination (not those gory movies). If you're trying to get muscle-y - it's all about drinking that hatorade while chasing shots of muscle milk (kidding). But be prepared for some looks when you step into the gym with your scrawny figure. It's NBD, you've paid your indentured slave type fees to be a member of the gym, get your workouts in and get out of the here. The Hulked out meatheads can go back to eating whole heads of cabbage of chugging gallons of spring water - you've got this. Realize it takes time and the conviction to achieve your personal image change goals. If your new year's resolution is to get those abs or be more comfortable with your weight, you've got it on lock. Remember you can do it, and if not ... there's always next year (false, use that mentality and you're not going anywhere). Hourglass turns over, and you'll be right where you want to be (girlies with hourglass shapes = winning).

What a lot of people resolve to change for the new year is the activity of their love lives. Well shoot, it's time to get off the perpetual singles cruise and get yourself some hot and heavy lovin'. If there's one thing that everyone deserves it's true love, unconditional, everlasting, and compassionate love (it's what makes the world go round). As teens, it may seem like most people are either looking for a quick hookup or make out sesh but in reality the majority of people are looking for meaningful relationships. If you're resolving to get a girlfriend/boyfriend this year, it's time too take a good look in the mirror before setting out on the prowl. (I watched the last 7 episodes of "Charmed" where the 'Cupid' "Coop" falls in love with Phoebe, great stuff) If you've been hurt or had your heart broken or stolen (One Direction "Stole My Heart" was my first song of the New Year - please some smoldering damsel please pilfer my heart) it's time to let it go. You have to let yourself be vulnerable to even be able to look for love. Being closed off and unapproachable is not going to get you some. It's time to move on from those skeletons in your closet and look for some hot flesh (ewe) to snuggle with. Open your eyes, ears, and your heart to search for love. Yeah, there's people who are hot as hell all over campus but good looks only go so far. When you hear people speak passionately about things that matter to them, that's when you know they're worth pursuing. Be a little flirty, but let it be known there's a difference between being open to courtship and whoring yourself up for some sloppy skankhood. People should know you're available, but you're not a billboard that needs to advertise your "single ready to mingle" state- that's what your facebook relationship status is for. If you like someone, must the courage to seek them out. Go out of your way to talk to the person, really look at them in the eyes and make a connection. Being a little extra friendly is more than a good enough sign to let your hopeful lover know you're ready to be wooed. Hourglass turns and you're ready for a year full bountiful relationships and real love.

My New Year's Resolution(s) (yes, multiple) are to be more spontaneous/outgoing, and to be even more real. There's a difference between being reserved/cautious and not wanting to do anything. I'm up for lots of things as long as I can stay safe and it's done in a timely manner. We're in college, not Vegas, kiddies. Dropping everything all the time doesn't work because you'd never get anything done, but sometimes it can be wild, fun, and random. College is crazy because there's so many people that you don't know and literally everyone is a stranger. I don't know about you but I get nervous as hell whenever I want to someone I'm not familiar with, especially if it's supes-pop (super popular, catch the lingo) bros or gorgeous girlies. I mean on the inside I'm sweating buckets and a little bit terrified but on the outside I'm personable and get the job best to make an amazing first impression and letting my true personality shine through. But this semester I plan on whenever I sit next to new people in class to introduce myself and smile even more (apparently when I'm walking around campus I look like a preptastic death machine, sorry I don't smile foolishly all the time for no reason) to make new acquaintances and hopefully some more friends. On the whole real thing, college is great place to make many connections but I want strong bonds and more than superficial "hey's" - and it starts with myself being more open to get to know people. However, it is a reciprocated procedure, friendship only works both ways. I know that totally happened to me first semester, I would make the effort to get to for real know people and they either weren't interested in knowing me (everyone should know me, I'm the best) or didn't like to share. It's awkward when you're having a deep conversation with someone and they're not being deep back. Just laying personal things on the table like it's NBD. This new year I'm also adding to my look. Even more plaid is heading my way, however solid colored long-sleeve henley shirts, more sweaters, and a massive amount of plain colored sweatshirts. Why, you might ask, because I realized who I was channeling for my preppy look this year ... Niall Horan - the Irish 1/5 member of One Direction. I figured out where the dude swaggers out and I'm bringing a little boy band style to campus. Hourglass turns and I'm keeping my resolutions the whole year.


Being a teenager is all about making yourself promises that you can actually keep. If you want to adhere to your New Year's resolution make it something you're passionate about and have to for sure change. If you truly care about it, you'll stick to it all year. Reward yourself for remembering what you planned to do more/less and keep it going. It's going to be a long, wild leap year. Hourglass turns over and it all resets again.

My blog post question for the day is ... have you ever kept a New Year's Resolution? Actually I have. When I was 8, I promised myself that I'd be nice to my little sister and ever since then, we've been best friends. I do more than I have to for her and know that it's right because she's the only one I have.


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