Total Strangers

Being a teenager is all about those random instances where you accidentally make eye contact with someone you don't know. It's the most awkward thing ever, you're looking around you notice that someone is staring at you. It's so weird. Like do I know? Do you need something? I understand I'm looking like a Greek Adonis right now in all this winter wear but I'm more than a piece of meat, so stop looking at me like one. Then there's the kids that you see all around campus for no reason, like are you following me. Jersey Shore level 5 stalker status. We're total strangers.


Didn't your momma ever tell you it was rude to stare at people. I don't understand why people are so bad at staring, like do it properly. If you're going to correctly creep on someone have some class and be discreet about it. I'm usually looking at pretty girls who happen to walk by, I always give them my heartbreaking sultry smile, and when we've passed each other I give one last look, if she looks back then you know she likes you. Shoutout to all the guys out there who think it's perfectly fine to check hardcore zone in a badonk-a-donk like it's the field goal post for a pickup pigskin match. If you're looking at a booty and drooling, you might be a barbaric beast. Your line of sight is easily followed and whether it be the business in the front or the party in the back, you ogling whatever assets a girl has is completely obvious. You'll love the battle before it's even started of conquering a girl into become a friend or something more. Girls, the same goes for y'all. I've seen girls literally salivating at the sight of some guys, and just not even blinking until their creeper session is finished. Like damn girl, close your mouth and breath. If you're looking at a man like he's a heaping helping of sirloin steak, it might be time for you eat a baked potato and slow your roll. It seems like girls are fixed on lips and muscles, so mouth fat and protein powerhouses. Look away every once in a while and realize that eventually you should muster up the courage to talk to the person.  Then retract those bugging out eyeballs into their sockets and stop scanning me up and down like a Prison Break escaped convict. I'm sorry do I know you? Probably not because you're lusting after me, and we're total strangers.

If you've been keeping up with all my classic teenage blog posts you must already know about the random strangers I mention from time to time. It's these guys that I see all over campus, no matter where I am. I'll be on the bus and guess who's at the back, one of them. I'll be washing my hands in the bathroom like I'm scrubbing up for surgery (Scrubs: Medical School season 10 style) and there will be one of them just exiting a stall. And of course I'll be walking and texting or tweeting and I'll completely bump into one of them, and it's like "You Again" (pretty good movie, BTW's). I'm talking about Mystery Model, Business Bro, STD (Super Tan Dude), UFM (Ultimate Frisbee Mate) and the rest of the unknown people who might be stalking me. The fact that they have nicknames let's you know that that's how I much see them, even my friends know of these dudes. Even when I'm a place where I know for sure that I don't recognize anyone, one of them just magically appears. The weirdest thing is that none of us have ever officially met or said more than a few words to one another. I don't know their names, we're not facebook friends, and we're in absolutely exclusive social circle so why then are they around. It might be because their residence halls are close to mine but why then do I encounter them all over campus and even sometimes when I'm off campus like downtown or uptown at the mall. That takes skill. Usually it's an awkward half-smile meaning "I know you, but not really, we see each other everywhere but have no idea who the other is, but I'm being friendly so here's this semi-smile." It's a crazy world out there, and it's filled with total strangers.

Because we're teenagers I like to think that we all have a pretty good sense of judgementalism. I use my keen sense of judging people on a daily basis. Let's face it, we all do it, and for the most part, we're right and it keeps us safe. As in, you can sit next to the Abercrombie dressed classy super prepped model dude, or the mascara wielding piercing everywhere having mock goth recluse - which are you going to choose? Yes, stereotypes are usually terrible but they keep us aware for the most part. I don't know about you but sometimes I'll see people, usually girls who I'm just like "I can't stand her" or "That girl looks like a total bia." I don't know just something about the way they carry themselves rubs you the wrong way. The rude chick who doesn't hold the door for other people, or who makes a scene out of sashaying everywhere she goes just get my blood boiling. It's never warranted and this is totally me being super ignorant and judging books by their cover but as the PLL saying goes "If it quacks like a duck, looks like a duck, and smells like a duck, then it's a freaking duck." As in girls I can't handle are the ones that I wouldn't be friends with in the first place. If you have a bossy attitude or have an air of arrogance about you, you might be receiving dirty stares for me, no reason necessary. Thank goodness, because we're total strangers.

Being a teenager is all about making friends with people you don't know. It sounds and is scary but in the long run it'll help you out. When you started college, everyone was unknown to you then too, so what's the difference now. Go out of your comfort zone and if you've got some admirers introduce yourself. You might just make some good friends, as in for me Em-Spica and Danny Boy (my bio and chem lab partners respectively). Get with it and get on down with total strangers.

My blog post question for the day is ... do you have people one campus who you've nicknamed and see all around for no reason? It's the story of my life, legitimately.


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