Time of Our Lives

Being a teenager is all about having those weekends that you'll never forget. When classes end and it's time to let loose the out of control wildness come out in full force. College is supposed to be some of the best years of your life. It's the time to make long-lasting friendships, but also memories that you'll cherish for as long as you will live. It's about laughing until your stomach and you can't breathe, dancing like a full fledged party animal, and being with people that compliment everything about you. This is the time of our lives.

Saturday night officially began with me demolishing the organization of my closet and having a total first world problem of having nothing to wear. I literally changed whole outfits thrice before I decided on a final studly ensemble including a v-neck shirt, a black cardigan, and khaki pants. I was looking hot and dangerous and ready for a night of wildness. I met up with Jackie and it was off to the Marché for the latest din-din of all time. 10pm and I'm demolishing a chicken foccacio sandwich when Em-Spica shows up. We all three dine and I end up discussing my die hard and unrequited love for Keke Palmer. The most perfect of all girls and my ideal love match, we will be married, end of story. We make it back to the Heights while I rant on and on about how I'd be the ultimate boyfriend. I meet up with my friend, Bri-Bri from the TV studio in my building's lobby and it's a quick tour followed by an urgent text to homegirl Hailey G. for us to meet her outside to catch the bus. It's onto the drunk bus with the brat pack of the famous Jack Steele, the hilarious Danny T, quick witted extraordinaire Hailey G. and their home-dawg Cuenther? with epic flow for hair. It's a humorous ride around campus filled with bumps, laugh, and getting ready to party our hearts out. We escape the bus on the hoodrat village known as Trinity Campus and trample through the snow in a massive pack of partygoing TV personalities. We turn down the infamous Fletcher Place, reminiscent of the 90's and failed 2009 reboot of Melrose Place, and we're at the party. It's a quirky house, home to my show's technical guru, T. Sou - and a makeshift museum. There's pieces of artwork all around with typed piece of descriptions for each one making it the total Unnatural History experience. We're tasked with removing our shoes and it might be supes awk to be walking around in our socks. Bri-Bri and I hide our jackets under the stairs (allegedly there's a party-hopping jack kleptomaniac on the loose on campus) and get down to mingling. We show our president and make our obligatory rounds to greet all the peeps we know, which really isn't that many. We watch some ridiculous games of water pong for a while and make our way to the other room and sit on reclining chairs to flip through the resident DVD collection. Let's just say this whole party thing is like on big social experiment for us two. No alcohol for us, and I'm pretty sure the house Jungle Juice had a blinding effect. We stand in a corner next to to a cursed mask and converse with studio boy Timmy. Everybody's coming through. Apparently, this is supposed to be the time of our lives.

It's been like an hour and a half and this is most deff not me and Bri-Bri's scene. All of sudden tons of people from the Northside of the Heights show up and it's like the honors college has invaded. You know that super awkward moment when there's people you know of but don't talk to, yeah that happened. I walk through the living room and get a dirty look from one of the mean looking bia's from the North - like give me another up and down and I will defenestrate your wannabe diva self. You weren't invited so skedaddle. Bri and I decide to head back to our part of campus for another party (oh my goodness, party hopping)  so we say our farewells to the crew and super nice flow bro Cuenther? and we make it halfway before homegirl is texted that the party is straight whack and we shouldn't come. So we buy some sodas from the vending machine so we can have something to drink instead of being hella awkward when we make it back to the party. We regain our composure after almost busting our asses sliding on a hill covered with ice and we're back at the bash. We hang out for a bit and soon this dude is telling everybody to GTFO. We're like, oh this is for real awkward are we supposed to leave, nope. It was just to get the randoms out of there. People started dismantling the hanging artwork and I think that was that, look but don't touch kiddies. Soon a whole new pack of people show up including business manager Chris who bears a striking resemblance to the actor Jeremy Jordan (see picture with Keke Palmer above), his bubbly girlfriend Rachel, and her bestie, Kevin. I'm straight chillin' leaning up against the wall looking like the hotness monster I know I am, and here comes these two obviously inebriated clowns. I'm telling you it was one of the funniest conversations I've ever had. Kev is just gone, and fidgety like nobody's business, he's picking up Danny T and Chris like it's NBD. Hailey G and Jack Steele are demolishing in water pong, as always. I'm talking new friend Rachel and we talked for like a straight hour. About what, not much really. I was asked the same four questions repeatedly but she really did care about my responses. Super nice and genuine girl and gave me a heartfelt hug. Facebook friend request accepted and the night kept going on. By this time it's 1:30 am, and Rachel walks through the other room and gets a nasty look from another pathetic catty girl (dear females, just because you feel threatened by other people doesn't mean you should be giving the stink eye to strangers, it's not a good look) and it's about time for me and Bri-Bri to dip out. We peace out to the studio crew and walk back to our part of campus dorms. I walk Bri-Bri back to her room and decide to stick around and hang out with her friends on her floor. This is for sure the most interesting time of our lives.

I'm officially introduced to the Harris crew and they're a bunch of funny kids. It's a different world over there for sure and the vibe is different from that of the Heights, in a good way. I don't know, I just felt welcome and what not and I will for sure be visiting their floor once again. Shout out to new friends Megan H, Bianca M, Kevin S, Coleman W, and Francesca. I sign an autograph because someone has actually seen my show Dirty Pop (impossible). We take the hang out session to the hallway and we're just laying around being classic teenagers. Recalling the night and just relaxing. All of a sudden these totally whiteboywasted bros appear on the scene and they're a complete mess. One of them has recently committed and there's a full stream of the nasty stuff seeping from his mouth, such a sloppy disgrace. He looks like he's gone blind cause we're sitting on the ground and he's looking straight past us and he's out of it. The other one was a total bro, blue Sperry's, Northface Jacket and skinny black jeans. Let's just say the ignorance that flowed from their mouths rivaled that of Kris Humphries on Kourtney and Kim Take New York. Literally the worst kids ever, just wielding vodka like it's NBD and we're not in a public hallway. It's about 3:30am and it's time for me to make it back to my room. I get there and Joelly-Bear pays me a visit. Love that kid, always great conversations and he's always in the know for the political world. We recap our separate nights and somehow end up talking about twitter and how he went to this Camp Rock-esque performance arts camp with a ton of young stars. I'm talking like Max G. Schneider star of that new Nickelodeon show with Cymphonique Miller (Master P's daughter and Lil' Romeo's sister) called "How to Rock." Just mind blowing stuff in my pop culture obsessed eyes. Krabby Patty makes it back alive from his night out and we bro-bond until about 4:30am. Then it's almost beddy bye time but not before our roommate talk. We recollect out wild nights and it really is the time of our lives.

Being a teenager is all about the weekend madness. It's the time to make memories that will last forever and the those outrageous stories that you'll tell time and time again to your children. College is a time to discover yourself and to push your social boundaries and figure out what your limitations are. It's the time of our lives.

My blog post question for the day is ... what's the weird conversation you've had with a drunk person? Not that many but let me tell you, those situations are awkward as hell.


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