League of Our Own

Being a teenager is all about your absolutely wild self. Teenagers are different from any other age group because of the kind of youth we have. We're known for being run by our emotions, and all over the place, and that's totally not a bad thing. I'll be the first to admit that with all the stuff I do and all the things I say people must find me weird as hell. Let it be known that we're all kind of strange in multiple ways. When you're with your friends, you let the crazy out and a total mess. We're in a league of our own.

There are way too many things that I do that are absolutely ridiculous. Sitting in class nowadays can be boring as hell. Professors lecture on and on and frankly I'm on the verge of literally not being able to careless. I'm watching other people and completely making fun of them. If a guy and a girl are having a conversation I'll be be mouthing and reenacting the conversation, and I'm sure I probably look weird as heck. I'll overhear conversations and geek myself out. Just me, sitting and out of nowhere dying laughing. I might be out of control. Then there's the face making. Blowing out the cheeks, making silly faces, sticking the tongue out, and overall looking like a deliberate mad man. Then there's all the things I do while I'm walking to class. I've been told multiple times that when I'm walking to class I look like I'm going to murder someone. Okay, I'm sorry I'm not smiling, but I'm on my way to class and obviously not very happy about it. I don't like looking at people when I'm walking because I feel like they're trying to lock eyes with me, which turns out to be really awkward like, do I know you? I've got a bossed up stance and hardcore strut that says "I'm not somebody to mess with, and I'm going places (literally)." And of course there's the talking to myself, which might be the most odd thing. It's warranted, if I'm nowhere near anyone else I'll just be talking to myself saying how random this must look and going through all the things I have to do for the day. I'm in a league of my own when it comes to be being ridiculous as eff.

Friday was Jandro's (my crazy suitemate) 19th birthday. The thing was that we had had a rather large argument the previous night and I was on a silent treatment run. However, it was the guys's birthday so after avoiding him in the morning and going to all my classes I got lunch with Sammy and Emily in the Davis Center and had a discussion on how to get over the disagreement. From there it was a wet walk to the gas station to get some party supplies. $10 worth of diet Coke, birthday candles, Twinkies, and Woopie Pies. We made our way back to the Heights and it was time get ready for the surprise. Sam and I filled water balloons, a water gun, and prepped the silly string for use. We wrangled the people who were present on the floor and we all hid in the darkness of Jandro's room. Time counted down and the man of the hour finally made it back from class only to be ambushed by a room full of people and a sticky and wet mess of sprays. We sang happy birthday and he blew out his Hostess baked goods makeshift cake candles and made a wish. It may not have been much but I know he thankful to have people who cared enough to show up. Carolyn, Joelly-Bear, Ry-Ry, Xue, Sarah, Teddy, Jimbo, Krabs, Sammy, Cullen, and Hannah - anyone is lucky to have friends like these. From there it was off to do something out of the ordinary. As a special gift from Sam and I, we took the birthday boy to the green roof and broke some rules. Y'all I'm a stickler for following the rules, but only such a special occasion can they bent just a little. We did the Mentos in soda fountain thing, twice, and chucked water balloons at innocent pedestrians and straight bolted. Anything for a friend that I'm sure will be around for the rest of my life. We're in a league of our own.

It was official nighttime as in, time to let the crazy out and people were ready to go hard. My bromantic buddy Chasey-Chase'em, wanted to go for some dinner so it was off to the Marché for some grub. Buffalo chicken pizza for this guy and Jandro showed up for the most bro-hug of all time. Soon our favorite former fraternity bro, Westside Jake, came around and joined the table. That's one funny kid, with the most epic of stories to tell of his wild nights. We're all hanging out when most of Westside joins the party including the ever-cheery Lila (lud dat gurl), and Craig P (aka CP). The table gets larger and larger when the rest of the fraternity bros make an appearance. Ben from my math class who might be on the nicest people I've met so far in college, and the super awkward encounter with the sloppy seconds dude. You know that drama always lurks around the corner. Dinner was long and eventful, especially when Northside Sam, and homegirl Hailey Grohman (possibly one of my favorite girls of all time - the chick is so witty it hurts). Chasey dips out, so me and Jandro hang with HG until we make it back to the dorms. Biddies and bros are getting dolled up and swolled out to go and rage and I'm hanging out with Lilia and her bestie, Dani and her bf, Cody. Funny girls, those two, like a couple of peas in a pod. I'm calling it done for the night so it's time to head back to humble abode to hardcore game with Assassin's Creed: Revelations, eat some lollipops & popcorn and drink some gingy (Canada Dry Ginger Ale). Hanging out on a Friday night by yourself is always weird, but I'm used to it. Recap the night with Jandro and Krabs and it's bed time by 2 am. We're in a league of our own.

Being a teenager is all about being yourself. It seems like teens nowadays are all about trying to change themselves to match the norm. The thing is there's no such thing as normal and the sooner you embrace your differences the better. We're all not that different but none of us are exactly the same. Be proud of what makes you and use it the best of your ability. We're in a league of our own.

My blog post question for the day is ... what's something weird that you do? Uhm, I like to shorten words, like a lot and use them in normal conversation like it's NBD. My most used one nowadays is "supes" for super. Why, I have no idea.


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