What Happened Last Night?

Being a teenager is all about building up excitement for the week. Each weekday brings you slowly closer to the great sustenance known as the weekend. It's the ultimate countdown to be done with academics for while and turn on your social charm to full blast. It's the difference between Vanessa Carlton "A Thousand Miles" and LMFAO "Champagne Showers" from the weekdays to those nights we literally live for. But everything is good in moderation. Too much can actually be over the top. Then you're left thinking, what happened last night?


College is the time to discover your limits and determine how far you can go on all accounts. Most teens recognize the three big things that can be dealt with, drugs, sex, and alcohol. First comes first, drugs. I don't know about your school, but to say that drugs are present on campus would be an understatement. The amount of glazed over (not the Krispy Kreme doughnut kind) eyes, the herbal wreaking clothing and out of people that you see all around campus is astounding. People walk around looking like they've just called off their engagement and they've just bawled their eyes out. Then you catch a major whiff of the stench and it lingers like a desperate ex. It's great to be in touch with nature and what not but drugs are still drugs and they're illegal. I like my eyes clear like those Visine commercials and my scent to be of smoldering hot man-attitude. On the weekends you can walk down the hall and people will emerge from a room overcome with their illicit pass times and completely gone. Conversations become weird and every little thing is funny. Not going to lie, I'd imagine it be like talking to an undead zombie or something. Getting high is a choice we as teens actively choose to make. Some people do it, and some people don't. But there's always the possibility of being caught and campus police may or may be the end of you. If you wake up and wonder "what happened last night" because you were so baked, it's may be time to stop cooking the potato and clear your head.

Sex. A three letter word that means a lot to some people and not so much to others. College is both the time and place where people do get it on. Everything seems to happen so fast and people get caught up in the moment, one thing leads to another, condoms are being unwrapped and you're about to do the dirty. Stop right there, look at your life, and understand what's going on. Contrary to popular belief, your opinion of sex isn't determined by what other people think you should or should not do but of what you think of it. To me, sex is something shared between two people who are married and are expressing their love for one another. For other people it's getting the hottest girl/guy in the party to meet you in the unlocked bedroom and consummate a strangers bed with blind lust. Things really aren't that black and white though. Sex is more than just full on intercourse, it's the other freaky things people do to pleasure one another. Now that we're in college, no one has their parents telling them who they can and cannot do, but just because you have the freedom to sleep with or hookup with whomever you'd like doesn't mean you necessarily have to do it. Sex like a lot of things is a choice. You always have a choice in whether or not you want to take things that far. With drugs and alcohol in the mix, the lines between what's acceptable and what's not can easily be blurred. No one should be able to pressure you into doing something you're not ready for or force you into something you don't want to do. Whatever sex means you to you, follow your heart and your mind. You've got to what you've gotta do, but be wary of the consequences of your actions. Waking up next to someone random, and in an unfamiliar place can really be awkward as hell, and you'll be wondering what happened last night.

Lastly, we've got the good ole alcohol. The thing that seems that errybody and their entire possé partakes in. Here's the deal. It's freaking colder than ball sweat outside and nobody wants to go outside and head out to an off campus party. It's easier to stay warm and cozy in the dorm rooms knocking back the shots, bouncing balls off tables, and swaying out of time to some obscenely loud music. But let it be known that RA's are on the freaking hunt like Elmer Fudd after Bugs Bunny for underage drinking in the dorms. If your campus is dry like mine you'd best have someone on the lookout for the copo. But when there's a party it just so happens that things will get out of control soon. People start showing up, rooms get crowded and the smell seeps into the hallway. Brewed hops seem to be new the air freshener, and it's a trail leading to your bust, beware. Dorm parties are not where it's at all, the room is stuffy and sweltering like you're hanging out with the devil himself. It's hotter than the space under an obese persons fat rolls and there's barely any room to walk around people. People are spilling boxed wine and canned beers on your shows and on bed sheets and it's a hot and sticky mess. It's like a miniature concert and the volume literally shakes the walls and threatens to destroy the sound barrier. When RA's do their rounds people scram and flee like vampires being exposed to car headlights. Alcohol can have some crazy effects. People start looking more attractive than they really are, there's a difference between okay and unacceptable. Alcohol seems to let people lower their standards. Making out with random people or people you never thought were your type can be symptoms. Whatever happens, you've got to deal with it eventually, especially if it's the coeds that live on your floor. Blacking out, hung over puking and aversion to bright light, what happened last night.

Being a teenager is about controlling yourself. College is for you to understand and navigate, not the other way around. When you've lost yourself just to have some cheap thrill or wild ride, what do you have left with. No matter what happens, you'll have to deal with the consequences of what went on in the morning. It's not pretty at all. So the big question is, what happened last night?

My blog post question for the day is ... why does everything get crazy on the weekends? I'm thinking people are tired of doing nothing other than classes and extracurriculars, the weekend is a time to let loose, but no too loose (then you'll look sloppy).


  1. I think society,media, music and so one all lead our generation to think that being young means, being reckless and making mistakes...but I think that the drinking and letting loose part is a way the only way to be young,reckless and make mistakes. Possibly because our generation doesn't really know how to communicate well, especially sober. I think partying is built up because of shows like jersey shore and such...just a thought.

    Man I miss just being able to play monopoly and watch movies and everyone say that they were happy with their weekend being with friends doing normal things.


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