Frozen Solid

Being a teenager is all about getting through Mother Nature's rough patch otherwise known as winter. It's a tough time for all of us. In addition to our classically overwhelming adolescent day jobs we gave ti deal with the ultimate temperature (couldn't help myself) tantrum. When you literally dread going outside because it's totally frigid, you know you have a legitimate problem on your hands. But you can only stay couped up like a Sarah Palin wannabe Inuit abominable snowman for so long (oh I went there). It's time to muster up the courage to break the ice - we're frozen solid.

Okay, this blog post is ridiculously long, but I had a lot to say (as always). It's winter and no one wants to go outside. That's perfectly fine but when you do start starving and can't the mild hunger pains anymore you're going to have to embrace the winter. I'm telling you a pair of boots is highly necessary. Sneakers and other footwear can only take you so far. Order a pair of cozy warm boots and get on outside. Let it be known that if you're boots are ugly, I reserve the right to judge you for it. You can be like everyone else and get LL Bean boots or try something different like I did with Polo boots. Then there's your pants. It's cold but sweatpants or leggings are not replacements for style. It's rare for people to actually be able to pull it off without looking like a bum so play it safe and wear some damn jeans (and ones that actually fit, baggy is out and it's  too cold to have your ass hanging out anyway). As for tops, change it up, sweaters, long sleeve shirts, button downs, are where it's at. Winter jackets are major necessities and a peacoat is a classy essential. Puffy bubble jackets can be alright but face it, you look like the Michellin tire man. Burst the bubble and bring your swag for the winter time, no ifs ands or buts about it. Frozen solid on defrost mode. Now for the video blog of the rest of my week.

Being a teenager is all about dealing with the winter temperatures. It's about overcoming your fear of going outside. It's time to armor up, dress warmly and think hot thoughts. Drink yourself some sort of hot tottie or something (not the Jay-Z song). Life goes on even though outside might be totally freezing. We're  just frozen solid, slowly on defrost.

My blog post question for the day is ... what retro trend would you like to bring back? I'm all about the suspenders as of now, doing it big time for all the Urkels and Tomlinsons out there.


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