Winter Woes

Being a teenager is all about dreading your infamous return to school after holiday break. It's literally the worst day ever. Everyone comes back either way too tan or super pale (#whiteboyproblems) and either looks a huge mess (shock of waking up early) or overdone (like a piece makeup crazed clown). Nobody misses school because everyone walks slowly, climbing stairs is a nuisance, and sitting in class is torture after being free to do whatever you want. I remember this time last year - check it out here Winter Curse when I was entering the second half of senior year. Now I'm in college, and I'm dreading even more going back to the dorm life and collegiate debauchery. It's all these winter woes.


The first day back is always a difficult one. I don't know about you but I'm a nice person overall. I truly care about everyone (unless you've done something to make me dislike you, from there you'll have to redeem yourself) but whenever I come back from winter break I literally hate everyone. I don't want to go to class. I don't want to see all these kids I can barely stand in the first place, and it's so bad that I don't even want to see my friends. I develop a severe case of "Look At Me and You Die" and people figure out to steer clear. I remember in seventh grade my language arts teacher asked my ex-bestfriend (different story, another time) if anything had happened to me over winter break because "I was a completely different person." Well I'm fine, it's just that everything and everyone seems to bother me for a few weeks after winter break. I'm way quieter to the point where I'll only speak when spoken to out of necessity and the dirty-looks, rolling eyes, and flashing dagger stares come out of my arsenal of confrontational defenses. It was was last year when I realized exactly what bothered me about being back at school. The obliviousness of everyone around me at the current world situation. I'm just saying some people are super ignorant, vapid and superficial. People boasting/complaining about what they got/didn't get for Christmas and posting ridiculous whole albums of posed facebook pictures in the bathroom from vacationing in the Caribbean. I don't care and I don't want to hear about your unimportant details. There's so many other things that matter in this world and people's complete disregard for the grander scheme of things is not acceptable. Just after winter break is when it's the worst which triggers these winter woes. Don't ask me about what I received for Christmas, it's none of your business, and this is not a competition. It's a tough time, but as teens we'll get through it. It's just these winter woes afflicting all of us.

It's a ridiculous time for everyone. I've seen people lash out for no reason and friendships lost in a matter of few minced words just because everyone's under the influence of the winter woes. It's crazy. It's important to be adamant about watching what you say, and who you say it to. People are going to be on edge, and on the verge of sanity/delirium. It's like all the teenagers just go straight psycho like fangirls when 1D appears anywhere. The best thing to do is to keep your mouth shut. I can't tell you many times I've just destroyed someone with some key dirty looks and a swashbuckling battle of some well place tear down descriptions. It's what I'm known for and it's an end of story kind of terror. I'll admit I can just be plain mean, but I'm really good at it (might be problem). If you have nothing nice to say just don't say it. It'll keep you out of the line of fire and out of trouble when people are careless. I'm telling you, someone forgets to hold the door open for you and you're right behind them, they cut you off at a crosswalk, or run into and you're ready to jump ship and curb stomp some people. Let's get ghetto up in here, because it doesn't need to get that far. Give people the benefit of the doubt, as in they're more unaware and undoubtedly will work your nerves. Let it be known that the winter woes are unavoidable. Once you're hit, you've just to ride it on out.


This year I discovered a cure for my winter grouchiness. It's called retail therapy. Everyone is happy when they have new clothes to wear and especially when you're looking mighty scrumptious in it all too, it's the best. What I've done is ordered a shat ton of winter garb (as in more A&F plaid, dark wash jeans, henley shirts, sweaters, and solid colored sweatshirts) to be delivered to my dorm address for when I go back. I did it in advance so I'll not only have something to look forward too but kind of a surprise. Also, I'll be looking hotter as hell, and I'll need that to perpetually defrost as I embrace the cold winter lifestyle for a few months. I advise you to do something nice for yourself and add to your wardrobe before going back to school. Everyone's going to be wearing new clothes anyway, you might as well add to the mix and look better than everyone else while you do it. Let's face it, no one dresses better than you. It's a science based on perfectly calculated proportions of plaid, color combinations and mixing/matching creating a concoction known as well-dressed good-looking boy.

Being a teenager is all about getting through one of the most moody times of the year. The holidays are over and you really nothing to look forward to except all those days off thanks to MLK Jr., some dead presidents, and Leap Day. I'll be counting the days until Spring Break and pretending to be nice until I'm back to my old self and don't resent literally everyone. Winter woes are on the loose, beware the cold shoulders.

My blog post question for the day is ... how do you cure your winter woes? Everyone has something different they do. New clothing to add the armory for swaggertude does the trick for me.


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