Spinoff Series

Being a teenager is all about feeling serious joy for starting your second semester of college. Scratch that, if you're ecstatic to start school again there might be something for real wrong with you. Winter break was literally the ish, and going back to the dorm life, constant walking, and enduring the frigid cold everything you have to leave the hall complex may be the death of me. If you're like and understand the complicated world of television you know about the spin-off series, a TV show based off of another one like Melrose Place from Beverly Hill, 90210, or NCIS from JAG or So Random from Sonny With A Chance. That's how I'm seeing second semester, a different plot, a new set of charaters, and an episode run that will knock your socks off. This is the spinoff series.

Making the trip back to Vermont is always a ridiculous experience. Friday night, I'm in my room and it's like 11 o'clock at night when my dad comes to remind me that I still need to order winter boots. I spend the next hour scavenging the interwebs and finally purchase seem when I realize I've yet to start packing for my flight the next day. Folding clothes is literally terrible, especially when they barely fit in your two suitcases. I had to the do the cliché "sitting down on your suitcase to get it close" bit and it actually worked. 5 am when I finally finished, and that's because I took two more breaks to order even more clothes to be delivered to my dorm. All I wanted for Christmas was to add to my arsenal of clothing. I pass out, and wake up to say goodbye to my parents who have a meeting to attend. I say bid a fond farewell to the sister, scavenge the house to see if I've forgotten anything. Give a longing look to the fridge and pantry and it's on the road to the airport with my brother. The trip to the Dayton International airport was for sure a wild one. We set off with the GPS leading the way and with us totally ignoring the hell out of it. Turn right now, how about we're trying to take our secret way. We drive through the country until we eventually hit the highway. Completely passed where our dad would exit off this back country route, and kept going. Blasting music, looking at other drivers, and having a brother to brother heart to heart, and I finally arrive at the airport. This is it. Time to get my luggage and head to the United ticket counter. I'm forced to pay my own baggage fees and have a ticket agent print off my boarding passes after an incomplete attempt with the self-service kiosk. Thank goodness for nice workers and it was on to security check line. They examine my new driver's license, and I'm subjected to the full revolving body scanner. I proceed through, sweating buckets and scruffy TSA agent gives me the awkward pat down. My first frisking, super awkward when he felt my musty armpits. Total mess. I walked to the B terminal and took my proper place, watching planes take off and make fun of people. It was my very own hijink filled spinoff series.

In Dayton, there's not much to do as there's only like two flights taking off from my terminal. Time comes to boad my plane and I'm sitting in the awkward solo row with someone else in my seat. It's a dude named Aiden with a huge afro, he moves and we start talking. Apparently, he forgot his cell phone, or actually sold it. He asks me to call the stranger and tell them to delete his pictures and videos before using it. Totally random. I'm exhausted and end up dead asleep for almost the entire flight. I land at Dulles airport just outside of Washington DC and it's officially food time. I stop in the middle of the hustle and bustle at a wannabe Subarro Italian restaurant and get a sausage/pepperoni slice of pizza, and breadstick balls (oxymoron). The workers all are Spanish and their accents are geeking me out. Some of the best and friendliest service I've ever received in an airport. I take a seat and chow down. Dang I was hungry. Soon I'm done and begin my people watching. Here are some of my tweets for my time that perfectly describe the kinds of people that sprinted past my seat int the terminal. Follow me @drjotengii "There are so many #babies in this terminal it's like a Huggies fashion show. Miniature boots, stylish bibs, and denim overalls #FTW in love" - "The number of foreign languages being spoken in this #flight worries me. What is this, an Ellis Island immigration checkpoint? #ignorantweet" and lastly "Sitting the #airport is always awkward, but I make the most out of it by hardcore creeping on people & making fun of them #terminalproblems." So I finally boad my flight from DCA to Burlington, VT after sitting next to some scraggly bearded VT bros with ski boots in tow. I'm  completely in the last row sitting next to this dude in a denim jacket. We take off and so does the conversation. He asks me about school and my life plans and I have no problem sharing my goals. He starts talking about his work and what he does for a living and he says, "I've worked with Dolly Parton, Taylor Swift, Jason Aldean etc" and I'm like wait, "You're a county music star." It's none other than Wayne Warner sitting adjacent to me. I get a signed autograph (pictured below) and he invites me to pay a visit one of these weekends. Great concert and tour bus stories and we touch down in Burlington to be welcomes by below zero temperatures. I spend the night with my uncle and Sunday morning it's to the supermarket to stock up on unnecessary essentials (yup) and get back to the hall. It's my very own guest star studded spinoff series.

I've finally made it back to campus and the place is looking as raggedy as ever. Not only is it dastardly cold, there's salty snow tracks everywhere looking like a bear hunt gone wrong. Nasty-Nate greets me at the door and helps me move my mountain of stuff into my room. Thank goodness for him or else I would have spent hours reorganizing the top of my closet. Out with the old unfinished first semester munchies and in with hte new groceries. We find a place for everything and all is well until we open the unplugged mini-fridge. Hell to the no, there's just a minor mold infestation and it smells like that rancid onion mess Spongebob and Patrick ate that one time ("Look at it"). Foul as hell and gross as eff, I let Nate go and I get down and dirty with the disinfecting spray and thoroughly clean our food preserver. Totally disgusting and midway through my adventures in domestication, my roommate, Krabby Patty comes in bearing items and his daddy in two. Bleach on my hands and a cherry Blow-Pop in my mouth it's hugs all around as he finishes bringing his stuff up. The refrigerator has officially been sanitized and it's time to conquer the wardrobe (unfortunately mine does not lead to a mystical alternate universe with talking wildlife). It's back to business in finishing up organizing the closet and the rest of the room. Meanwhile, people are coming to visit and catch up. Joelly-Bear arrives to make fun of my Wayne Warner autograph, and Sam makes it back. We see glimpses of Hannah, Abby, Big Ben, Jimbo, with the rest of the gang nowhere in sight. Time for a break and off the Marché for dinner, black bean and corn salad and macaroni and cheese for me. Table for 5, and I get the awkward corner table. We get some dramatic news, Shan-Dawg won't be returning to UVM this semester. We're all legit heartbroken, but we'll see her soon for a proper goodbye. It's back to the room to do much of nothing. I fall asleep somewhere in there, and wake up and nothing's changed. The suitemates, Cullen and Jandro haven't returned so we've go the bathroom to ourselves. It's my first show-show time of the new year back in the dorm and I kick it off with my vibrating Gilette Fusion Power razor blade to shave my minimal facial hair. Old Spice Triple action bodywash, shampoo & conditioner saves the day and it's into pajamas for a bed time just past midnight. This semester is off to an odd start and you can feel that the whole place is different. It's like it's own spinoff series.

Being a teenager is all about starting off in the right state of mind. Every TV show that comes on air trying to be something it's not, as in it's predecessor always fail. Forgive what happened last semester, but never forget it so you don't make the same mistakes. It's time to move on. Start a fresh new series of your college life. Make the most of it. This is the spinoff series.

My blog post question for the day is ... what's your favorite spin off series? I would of course say the new 90210, four seasons of pure teenage drama.


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