Guest Appearance

Being a teenager is all about making an awesome first impression. One of the perks of being in college is that most likely some of your closest friends may go to a different school. As in, when you visit them, you've got a whole other student body to conquer and so many more people to connect with. College is interesting because it really is a melting pot of all different kinds of people. Everyone comes from somewhere else and the background behind them can be drastically dissimilar or eerily the same as yours. When you're on the scene and not on your own turf, it's time to sit back, relax, and enjoy the show. Drop in and make a guest appearance.

Going to a place where you barely know people is always kind of nerve racking, even if you've got your bestie by your side. However, you do not want to be that friend who everyone immediately can't stand. It's up to your friend to introduce you to their friends. This is not your territory, so hold back and wait for your cue. The whole jealous conniving friend thing, totally not a good look. Keep your green-eyed envy to yourself. You've got to face the fact that you're high school friend has friends other than you. Yes, they've gone on with life without you, just like you have on your own campus. They've got a whole new group of friends, and as a visitor you'll probably fit right in, especially if they have the same qualities as your friend. What happens when you hate your friend's college friends. It's called being fake, so put a damn smile on and pretend you're having a great time. You're not going to be there forever and you were invited. Deal with it, you will not get along with everyone and it's almost a guarantee that there are sketchtastic, rude, or douchey people all over college campuses, unfortunately your friend is friends with one of them. Rude people who lack social skills have plagued the Earth, even when time began (Cain was the original hater). Hang out, have fun, and do not cause any drama. While you may get to leave, your friend will be left picking up the pieces if crap hits the ceiling fan and goes flying everywhere. Keep your fists disarmed and the disses to a minimum. You're making a guest appearance.

It's up to you to be on your best behavior and play it safe. If you're going to be getting wild, tone it all down. You do not want to end up with a reputation at a school you don't even attend. Going completely past your limit, vomiting everywhere, and breaking down to the point of complaining about exes is a total party foul move. Everyone will remember you and your friend will be highly embarrassed. Go easy on the partying, what's normal at your school may or may not be known as intense or a light bash on this new campus. You might be the life of the party in your normal environment but this is not your spot to shut down and take over. Fall back or fall back. If you're at the club or at a party follow your friend's advice when it comes the whole social scene. This is not your usual hang out spot and the locals might be so happy with your guest appearance at their sha-bang-bang. Crashing a party is alway kind of shady, but when you steal the spotlight and become the life of the party, it's just not okay. You weren't even invited in the first place. Mingle, and make a minimal wave of attraction. If there's some cuties you're looking to make moves on, pump the brakes until you're debriefed (oh sexual innuendos) about what you're going up against. Some people have a naughty reputation, and some people just aren't worth the trouble. What people say at parties may not be what they really are - single and ready to mingle my arse. You're making a guest apperance not taking over the whole joint.

Having the chance to be on a new campus is a rare opportunity. It's your responsibility to make sure you're not an intrusion. Most residence halls have a visitation limit for the number of nights you can sleep over. Don't go over it and be that guy/chick who has overstayed their welcome. Respect your friend's roommate(s). Do not, I repeat touch their stuff. You don't know them (you've probably, awkwardly said hey to them over skype) and they don't know you, so keep your grubby hands to yourself. Take what you can get and don't complain. If they've blown up an air mattress for you, lay down there and sweet dreams. This not the time or place to throw a raging tantrum on missing your twin XL bed back at your school. If you're on the couch, on the floor, or even sharing a bed with your friend (yeah, it's not weird - what are friends for other than to snuggle with) roll with the punches and chillax. Bathrooms, respect them. Treat the throne as you'd like your toilet to be treated. Keep the area clean as in accidentally peeing on the ground is a no-no, demolishing a toilet bowl with poopy brown stains and leaving hair and toothpaste all over the place are grounds for a "never to come back again" (J-Mac, Leavin') stamp of disapproval. If you're visiting on a weekday be aware that some people are actually doing schoolwork. Just because you've come to take leave doesn't mean everyone should drop everything and fawn over you. We're all just college freshmen, nothing special, yeah, especially because there are thousands of us all over this little thing called a college campus, which you might happen to be on, golly gee willickers. Let it be known that you will get lost if you go anywhere on campus. No one like's a hoverer, but no one likes a kidnapped and murdered either, so stay with your friends. Swipes cards are a necessity if you're going to be roaming around in classified buildings, and even in dining halls. Stay close to your buddies and utilize the buddy system to its fullest extent. Learn the art of blending in. If you do it right, no one should even notice that you "don't even go here." As in strutting around in your collegiate embroidered garb is a no-no, you can wear whatever you want just so long as is doesn't rival whatever campus you're on. You're making a guest appearance not stealing the entire show.

Being a teenager is about being cool no matter where you are. It's about being able to adapt to your surroundings like a freaking chameleon (a la Charmander, not the Geico gecko *he's weird). It may be different to be in a place full of strangers but you can do it. Let loose, but not too loose, have some fun and raise some hell whenever you visit other campuses. Make a guest appearance.

My blog post question for the day is ... if you could attend any college what would it be and why? I would say, now looking back at it, the University of Pennsylvania would have been a really good alternative. Life goes on.


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