Taking the Plunge

Being a teenager is all about making your way in college. Opening weekend of your freshman year like might be kind of a big deal. It's where you form your friendships, make a name for yourself, and find yourself some solid friends. I'm telling you, I might quite possibly have had the greatest weekend of my entire life. It's been completely epic, unbelievable and plain and simple mind-blowing. It's all thanks to the crazy kids on my floor and my awesome roommate. There's just too much fun and hopefully it doesn't stop. Get ready for another portion of the biggest blow out weekend ever, take the plunge.

Sunday was another day in the life of the Eastside Gang, our unofficial name of our entourage of classy kids, and with Hurricane Irene freaking the freak out on campus, it was pretty much a state of emergency. We're explorers, we grabbed on the rain gear and literally ran for dear life to the nearest dinner hall to feast for Sabbath Day brunch (no religion required). I seriously love being surrounded by people that all get along, it's heartwarming. From there, it was another run in the rain and back to our building to hang out. So we have this lounge, with like a spiral staircase that we flock to at all times, and we played some of the wildest games of Jenga ever. I'm talking heart pounding, blood-pumping, World Series level of stuff. Everybody gels so well, cracks jokes, dies laughing and is up for pretty much anything and everything. Wii Mario Kart tournament, March Madness style bracketology and everything, with Amazing Ali as the winner. Then somehow, everybody ended up in me and PC or Krabby Patty's dorm room (my sassy wicked-cool roommate). We might just be the party people, bringing the fun and doing whatever the heck we want. A few more runs in the rain to grab some food to go and we settled down to stay in permanently for the night. Take the plunge and solidy your wolfpack of peeps.

Card games are the ultimate indoor thing, as demonstrated by the 4 massive games of Egyptian Ratscrew in the lounge. So, y'all know that I always seem to take control of situations, with a container of Red Vines in hand, I just started numbering people and started a tournament, which you know I lost, I'm no card shark. Soon everybody was convened and we had a "Coffeehouse" with kids strumming guitars like nobody's business, damn I need some musical talent. I stumbled off back to the dorm room and like the huge magnet we are the Heights (our building, duh keep up) magically found each other once more. Sure we have broken the 6 person in a dorm at time rule, but I make my own rules. So I we all sat around facebooking and thinking of the last few remaining nicknames for the group and all of us a sudden we hear about mudsliding happening on another part of campus. Our beloved Big Ben towering at 6 foot Seven (bunch), clumsy, goofy, sarcastic and all around awesome tries to get the group to go, to no avail. PC dominates and says, "Leggo" and we all run to our rooms to change and run into the night. I had no intention of doing it, but apparently I've become a wildass and before I know it the wind is whipping and it's cold as hell (darn those oxymorons) and we shout "1, 2, 3" and we slide down the hit into mud. My goodness, the wind was knocking out of me and I was a broken mess. Multiple rounds and freestyling tricks later, we start a mudfight with flinging of wet brown dirt clods everywhere. I freaking love college. A few pictures later and we stumble like a bunch of raggedy hobo's back to our dorms, mud literally everywhere, showers soiled, and a washing machine forever scarred for life and we meet up to make some more plans. Bed time only takes place past 2 am apparently. Bandages from your boy Joteng, and we for sure took the plunge.

It's Monday morning and I wake up to clean the bathroom, with a plastic cup, and a sponge, desperate like nobody's business. Again we all meet up, this time our favorite people like Shy Dan (who may not be so shy), and Joely-Bear join the rest of us for breakfast on another part of campus. We roll deep peeps, get used to it. From there we took a break from one another to get our lives back in order, for me that meant reorganizing and making lists, trying on tennis shoes, and setting up the good old printer. Then we take the steep journey downtown to the heart of B-Town (Burlington, VT - where did you think I went to college?). Epic food places like the Red Onion little sandwich shop, corned beef and spinach for this guy. Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream for the girls, and scavenging through Borders for the rest of us. We reconvened and headed down to the waterfront of Lake Champlain. Jimbo, our blue-eyed tank loves him some delicacy called a "Maple Creamee" (ice-cream and syrup for us who don't speak Vermontese) and that stuff was powerful good. We walk to the park and just hang out. It was relaxing and just cool to chill and have some genuine fun, taking in that fresh air and all that jazz. An epic game of 500, frisbee, tackling, and lots of smack talk ensue. Austin, upstairs with some real athletic prowess, and Mitchy-Mitch (or Puppy) joined the crew for the festivities and it was for sure a day to be remembered. Skip those rocks, splash a little water and take the plunge.

Excuse this ridiculously long blog post, but I'm just on a roll right here. From there we caught a bus, yup, I said it, we caught a one of those eco-friendly public limos to central campus. It was a life-changing event for sure. Into the Student Center for some trash bags, paper towels and straws (why yes, I love straws) and back to the dorms for a good walk and talk with Nasty-Nate, who's nothing like his nickname). Soon, we're trying to sign up for broomball, classy girl Carolyn is running thing like the cool chick she is and we eventually give up and watch Big Ben take on Amazing Ali in the most violent game of Spit  (the slapping card game) I've ever seen in my entire life. I'm talking card throwing, abusive taunting, shoe throwing and leaping over tables, the rivalry is on. Back to the student center to scam food to make arts and crafts, deserts, fruit and veggies while everyone else makes stuff for their dorms. Of course I ended up being the one to feel bad and make a clock, it's plaid like everything should be. And then I'm back in my dorm room, writing this blog, this is kind of weird. Uhm, so I guess I took the plunge.

Being a teenager is all about being spontaneous. College has already changed me, while I do love making my lists and plans with times and what not it's been refreshing and getting teeth-chattering cold to do stuff at random. Get your friends together and live a little, we're only young and good-looking for so long.

My blog post question for the day is ... what's the craziest thing you've done in college so far? The mudsliding was wild as hell, oh and whacking homeboy in the face with a Cue-Tip foamy thingy.


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