Off the Rails

Being a teenager is all about dealing with the hard times in life. It's about being able to carry on, stay strong, and endure whatever comes your way. It's about pushing through any obstacle, combatting your enemies, and persevering against all adversity. It seems nowadays that anything and everything that could possibly happen now does. It's a crazy world we live in. Everybody has their problems and we all have our own to deal with. Things can spiral out of control so fast, and what you think is important today could mean little to nothing tomorrow. Being a teenager is all about staying on the right track. It's about living your life, handling situations, understanding compassion and most of all not going off the rails.

Yesterday was a dark day for the community and surrounding area where I live. News Story Link There was a murder/suicide that took place. It's a gripping event that quite possibly has changed everything. It caused an uproar, induced a panic, and left many broken and confused. It's unbelievable that something so horrible could happen out here in "practically perfect" suburbia, but people forget that this is real life. Everything you do, and every action you take has a consequence. It's always after the fact that people go back and look for the signs of something like this happening. Last week I saw "Time Stands Still" the pivotal Degrassi episode where Jimmy (Aubrey "Drake" Graham) was shot after Rick the abusive and bullied kid had enough. People look to the facebook page and status updates with double entendres and hidden meanings are everywhere. But if you see something like that, be real, how many of you are going to call the police or a hotline or something. Even if that's your friend, and you know they're not joking, it's almost impossible to fathom them doing something so out of control as this. I don't blame anyone for this. People post about being pissed, hating their lives, wanting to die, and thinking about killing people all the time, how are you supposed to know what's a real threat or an angry tweet. It's up to us to be aware of our surroundings, but we can't be expected to save the world. That'd be going off the rails.

Everyone found out what had happened via twitter updates and the local news. It was astonishing to see just how much of rabid vultures the people in this area are. I was literally sickened with digust for the superficiality, the fakeness and the apathy towards what was going on. All I saw were facebook statuses and tweets like "Looks like Landen (our town) has now become the ghetto" or "About go out, hope I don't get shot" or "This place isn't safe anymore." Are you kidding me, what kind of people say stuff like that. That's sacrilege. There were two teenagers that lost their lives and you're posting stuff about your selfish, ignorant ideas. Making jokes about death are never funny. And then came the opinionated statuses about the entire ordeal. First of all, no one knows the whole story and we'll probably know exactly what happened. All we know is one of the students from the high school shot his ex-girlfriend in the stomach, she later died at the hospital from her injury, and he shot himself afterwards in his home while two of his family members were at home. There was a police standoff, complete with negotiators, blocked off streets, and a fully armored SWAT team. And yet all you could hear about was people talking about how crazy this place now is, or wondering what time they'd be allowed to return to their homes to continue on with their lives. It was absolutely foul, and despicable to see the lack of caring people around here showed for the ordeal.

Let me tell you about superficiality and falsehood. The kids around here are completely fake and nothing more than pathetic attention whores. They only do things that will get them noticed, start a story about how cool they are, and they must always be the first one to do something. Kids trying to report the news themselves, giving up to the minute updates because they're too nosy and hanging around the scene of the crime. This is real life dumb ass not freaking CSI. You're not a police officer, and that is not your place to be. Other people posting statuses like R.I.P. so and so - don't pretend like you even knew the people. That's just downright wrong. You're nothing more than observer, so leave it that way. This is a time for mourning for the families of the teenagers affected, not a time for you to gain notoriety by posting "pray for the families." Get that crap out of here. All you want is a ton of likes and whole bunch of retweets. It's not cool, it's not appropriate and you're an embarrassment to all teens everywhere. This is not a TV show, this not reality, this is freaking actuality. Act like a real person and show some damn respect. No matter what these kids did, it's not your place to say or comment on what happened. Keep your biased and uneducated opinion to your self. Murder and suicide, are two of the most tragic things that we have to deal with in our lives, not only as humans but if not more as teens. Our minds are not developed and everything we think about and do is heightened. Just like Degrassi is currently in Now Or Never mode, so are we as teens on a daily basis. Everything can seem like the end of the world. Things change, but you have to remember that things can and will get better. Whatever you're going through is not forever. Stay on the right track, don't go off the rails.

Being a teenager is about showing your true colors. It's about staying true to yourself and knowing what's going on at all times. It's about keeping your opinion to yourself until you know all the facts of any situation. Running your mouth without prior knowledge will get you into trouble. If something tragic like this happens around, be respectful and keep your raggedy chat to yourself. Nobody needs you wailing on them now, not at a time like this. If you weren't friends with the person, don't pretend you were. You never talked them, so don't act like you were buddies. Stay off the rails.

My blog post question for the day is ... how do you deal with death? I keep my opinion to myself, I have no idea what happened, and even if I did, it's not my place to comment.


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