Roommate Roulette

Being a teenager is all about building up anticipation. There are moments in your life so big that when they do happen you hold your breath. I'm talking, heart pounding in your ears, eyes squeezed tighter than a New Boyz pair of skinny jeans, sweat dripping from your armpits, and lips pursed like a wrinkler worm. Getting your housing assignment and your roommate for college is one of those moments. Comparable only to checking to see if you were accepted to a college, waiting to see if you were crowned Prom royalty, and hearing your name called at graduation. Moments so big in your teenage life that you literally gasp when it's all said and done. The time has finally arrived, you've filled out that sketchily vague questionnaire about sleep habits, drug use and random preferences, and here's what they gave you. The wheel of roommate fortune has finally come to its complete stop.

You've taken the first step at becoming awesome, as in you've decided to let the system decide who you're compatible with. If I didn't say I was nervous, I would lying, because I most definitely am, just like most of you probably are/were about meeting your roommate. Think about it, out of all the people in the world, you get someone that you know nothing about. He/she could literally be anyone. You have no idea how they became they are now, what their lives have been like, and even if you'll get along while rooming together. They could be super cool, as in just like you, or else totally the opposite of you, but you still gel together. They could have a criminal record or they could have been their class valedictorian. Hell, they could be a senator's child or else a celebrity's kid. The possibilities are endless. One the things you'll learn about college is openness. I'm talking that you'll meet every single kind of person like possible. Even when I went to orientation, there were lots of cultures, personalities, and sexualities present. Deal with it, not everyone is going to be like you, and where you're from. Respect differences and people will respect you. Start with your roommate, don't judge a book by it's cover. What you see, may or may not be what you get. Keep a blank slate before you write them off. Dissing before actually meeting is a major no-no. Spin that wheel of roommate roulette.

The moment you've been waiting your entire summer for has finally arrived. If your college is like mine, as in completely cruel by waiting until just over 2 weeks before you actually move to campus to let you get your housing assigment and roommate, then you understand the grueling wait. Everybody and I mean everyone, has been asking me, so do you know your roommate yet? Uhm, hell no, mister roomie is still anonymous as eff. But you finally checked your school email, mine is primitive, like Windows 98 prehistoric looking, or some kind of mamma-jamma portal type wishing well thingy, and it spat out your new bro-bro, soul-sista or future partner in crime. That's not the most exciting part. Y'all know you're going to head straight over to Facebook and freaking search the shat out of that name. Here comes the big question, do you friend first or not? If you've got the confidence, go ahead and do it. Me, personally, I'll creep on him like nobody's business, I'm talking full background check, with a definite google search session and then let playboy add me as a friend first. Once you're facebook friends, that does not give you the right to take over their news feed and blow up their wall. You can't start a poke war, or like everything they do, or else their first impression of you will be an obsessive freak. If for some crazy reason your roommate doesn't have a facebook profile, well your teenage life is over. Shoot, you can't even judge the person from their info, likes, and tagged pictures, my goodness, how you could possibly ever live. It's called give the person a call, it's not that big a deal. Explain who you are, and it should be no biggie, maybe they go by a different name, as in an alias or an undercover persona, maybe they're in witness protection, on the interwebs. Chill out, and you'll eventually meet the person, just because they lack a profile picture, doesn't mean they're instantaneously a social pariah. That's just roommate roulette. 

Once you're actually on campus, your relationship with your roommate is a story you'll write yourself. For the first few weeks at least, you'll most likely go everywhere together. After your parents leave and whatever else y'all are supposed to do on move-in day, you'll probably hang out together. Until you make other friends, either on your floor, in classes, clubs or even at the dining halls, your roomie will be your go to person for friendship. After that, the newness might wear off and you may or may not be best friends. Once you get over the awkwardness of sharing your room, I mean probably some brief nudity, sleeping weirdness and farting/pooping (uhm, everyone does it apparently) - it'll be like you're at home with a sibling. You either get along really well, or else you probably can't stand each other. If it's the latter, that'll probably mean you might not spend so much time with your roommate. Differing preferences in music and volume (gangsta rap ain't for errybody), when the room should be quiet for naps and/sleeping (late night gaming sessions, or studying until the morn). Maybe your schedules don't line up so you may never really see your roommate, that much. It's kind of weird, but that's just how the cookie crumbles. Leave your schedules on a wall somewhere in your room, and make sure y'all on the same page. If you're in a suite, it's like having multiple roommates, as in more built in friends - the more the merrier. That's the game your play for roommate roulette.

Being a teenager is all about taking a risk and trying something new. Sharing a room with a total stranger is kind of crazy in theory. They could be a murderer, someone who passes gas all the time or an overachiever, who knows what you'll get. But remember everybody is having a similar experience, even your roommate, and you'll be making memories soon enough. You'll be happy, for the most part, where you landed.

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My double blog post question for the day is ... describe your ideal roommate? For me, that's kind of hard. I'd share someone athletic, but down to Earth. Completely different from me, but absolutely relatable. Someone who will force me out of my comfort zone, and me do the same for him. Preferably we'd form a bromance and be friends for life. Oh, and a good wingman, we'd help each other serenade the ladies. Not too much to ask right?


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