Best Laid Plans

Being a teenager is all about being up for anything. Everybody likes to have control of their lives, but there are just some things in your college life that you will not be able to oversee. There are so many variables, so many things can happen, and things can spiral out of control so quickly. People change, circumstances create situations and you'll need to be ready for anything and everything that could possibly happen. I'm talking walking in on your roommate doing the nasty, taking care of a wasted friend, and handling the dating scene. You know what they say about best laid plans.

Now, if you're fresh out a high school relationship or you and your boo are no longer together because you've succombed to the daunting rumors of long distance relationships never working, and you're ready to hit the college dating scene like a fricken hurricane. Get ready to chase the storm and leave a wake of heartbreak and smitten destruction behind. Before you go ruining lives and taking names, there are a few things you've got to know. This is college, as in people do not care who or what you're dating. Some people are literally engaged, not facebook falsehood marriage, but hella legit tying the knot kind of stuff. Whereas who you dated mattered to the entire world of high school, so is not the case with your massive college campus, everybody is to busy to know everyone and everything. Dating is about finding someone who completes you, makes you better, and is ultimately your best friend (with benefits) and your other half. Feel free to do whatever and whomever you'd like, nobody's judging you now. If you want to skip the get to know you part and head straight into bedroom shenanigans, it's up to you, however it's not highly recommended. If you want to date the type of person you'd usually never go for, be a rebel and go for it. Be advised that everyone is a stranger, and whereas you knew people's backstory and who'd they been with in your hometown, you literally know nothing, communication is key. Make yourself clear with your intentions and be upfront with everything. And never should you ever date anyone on your floor. It might seem great to be making moves with the hot body down the hall, but your rough-housing and gallevanting will not go well. You will break up, it will be awkward as hell and everyone will hate both of you for ruining your floor dynamics. Co-ed my arse, keep your hands off anyone on your floor, it won't end well for everyone. Best laid plans change fast.

There are so many things that could go wrong during your college experience. We've all seen those American Pie movies and all the spin-offs and sequels, and we know what general young adult debauchery goes down in those dorm rooms. But it's completely different when the stuff actually happens to you. College is everyone's brand new start, and it's where dating can truly flourish, as well as hook ups galore. See somebody hot at a party, it's not that big a deal, as it was in high school, to make the trek back to some private quarters for tongue wrestling and other undeclared activities. But it's a whole other kind of disgusting to walk in to see your roommate rocking the bed, doing the dirty, and making the room smell of sex. Make it even worse when somehow they mistakingly make it in your twin extra-long bed and christen your sheets with bodily fluids and sex sweat. It's uncalled for, it's not okay, and it's not going to go down like that ever again. It's called burn those sheets, erase the memories of exposed body parts, bare rears and full frontals, and make it clear to your roommate that naughty sleepovers are a no-no without prior warning. Even in your drunken stupor or completely sober double room sex acts, it's at least common courteousy to let your roommate know that the room is occupied with more than one guest. Take it primitive and leave a sock on the door, write a decodable note on the whiteboard or hell, shoot a text saying that that the latex while be in use tonight. If I'm going to need to study or sleep, give me some prior warning that it won't be in my actual room for the night. If you can't handle the stench of intercourse lingering in your room, let your roommate know that you're not okay with foreplay in your shared room, they should be able to deal with that and take their indecency somewhere else, as in behind a dumpster, on the roof, or in a bathroom stall. This is college, so being naiive is going to get you burned, people will be knocking boots and trading favors, duck your eyes and prepare to be scarred for life. Apparently somebody just got their best plans laid, alright.

College can be a completely different experience depending on what you're used to. If you hail from "everybody is the same" - ville, America then people with differing sexual orientations might be a spectacle. On college campuses, openness and a safe environment for all to flourish is promoted. It's a time where lots of teens come out of the closet and declare their homo or bi-sexuality. It's not uncommon for people to stray from the norm and get a whole lot of curious with some girl on girl or guy on guy action. Hey, all I'm saying is whatever floats your boat. You gotta do what you gotta do. It's just as common to see two heterosexual love birds sucking face on the university green as it is for a same sex couple to be doing the same. No matter who's doing it, it's still gross PDA and nobody wants to see it. Get a room, please. If you encounter a trangenderred person, no need to freak the freak out. Just because someone has some difference preferences in their taste in make out sessions, doesn't mean they're much different from you, and they shouldn't be treated any different either. No need to walk on eggshells, flip out or think they have "eyes" for you. If someone you meet turns out to be a member of the LGBTQA, give the same respect that you'd give anyone else. Teenager is teenager, and unless someone's literally throwing you signals, slow your roll with that perpetual crush crap, you're not that attactive. Best laid plans changed up.

Being a teenager is all about being poised and prepared no matter what comes your way. Being in college means you are your own person, independent and self-sufficient. It's time to prove that you can handle yourself on your own and be a responsible young adult. Relationships will be made, people will be broken, and best laid plans set.

My blog post question of the day is ... what would you do if you walked in on your roommate making earthquakes? Uhm, cover my eyes, slam the door, turn around and run for my life. Can you say life threatening imagery.


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