Endless Depth

Being a teenager is all about making your college experience more than worth while. It's about getting yourself outthere, being outrageous whenever possible, and bringing some enthusiasm that gets you stand out from  the crowd. We all may be unique, but some people just add that special something wherever they go. My college experience so far has been literally one to remember, it's almost unbelieveable all the stuff I've already done in my short five days here at the University of Vermont. I may or may not be jumping the shark, but I quite possibly have found my new family (college fam-bam) and the people that will be standing next to me when I get married. It's all about friendship, making a lasting impression and getting that endless depth.

Who knows why but I realized I blogged about the subsequent days of college before the most important ones, uhm, don't judge me. Read up on Mile High Club for the more airplane stories (it'll come soon) but I landed in Burlington, VT and powerwalked my way through the one room airport. Grabbed my multiple bags of neaerly overweight luggage and waited for my mom's friend's uncle to pick me up from the airport, you know just a total stranger, NBD. We make it to the campus and everybody is out in full force. It was crazy, I walk into my room and there I see the hilarious family of my roommate and close companion, PC (Krabby Patty or P-Cart) with his teenage ballin' brother Baby Tom - please excuse my knack for nicknaming everyone. Somehow people started lofting beds and sweat started pouring, before I dipped out to make a run to spend $89 on my massive stash of dorm food, buy some shoes for my tennis class at Dick's Sporting Goods (WhoTheEff is Dick anyway, must have been such a jock), and a quick stop at Mickey D's for a Filet O'Fish sandwich that didn't get eaten after three days of sitting on my dorm desk, don't ask, don't tell. Time rolled by and the floor convened in our spiral staircase lounge for the first time, all 32 of us crazy kids. Orientation style games abound and we went on over to Central Campus for some of the worst food I've ever had the displeasure of eating. That crap was most deff foul as hell, sorry but I speak the truth. That's where it all started, the solid friendship of our floor, Eastside University Heights North Building 2. Deeper than even possible.

We do a little floor bonding and from there the activities just come out of every which way. In our shiny building, I made some Oreo balls, which I didn't eat after some weird people sniffed everything sickengly and our first game of Jenga happened. All over every part of the campus stuff was going down. The girls did an inflatable bouncy house with some fierce competition. Big Ben and I threw down in the cue-tip battle royale, I knocked him one solid to the face but mister competitive knocked the hell out of me fair and square. Please understand why I love Australian accents, they're just awesome, like all beachy-gnarly and what not. So these circus performers were getting it done. Funny dude stuck a nail up his nose, it was crazy, another one stood balancing on a stack of chairs. Under the mythical HP7:P1 (known your movie acronyms) tent hard bodied performers literally blew my mind, these people were jacked, and hardcore professionals at swinging and rolling in tapestries. The night went on and after scamming some Pull 'N' Peel Twizzlers, we came to our Atheltic campus to jump on the bouncy house. Realize that the people we're rolling with are more than super cool, Hannah and Sam plus the Clock Tower and I bounce until we completely collapse. Not going to lie, I seriosuly thought I was going to die. It was tiring as eff. From there we went to Restone campus looking for an awe-inpsiring magician, but no such luck, however I did get a water tattoo, and the thing lasted me multiple days. Feel free to be jealous of our friendship, it's getting deep for sure.

Fill yourself in on day 2 (Breaking the Ice) & days 3-4 (Taking the Plunge) before we continue on to day 5. Yeah, it's been that unbelieveably phantasmagorical (yeah, I know words) literally everyday here. Tuesday started off on late Monday night, with Twilight and City Boy just harassing, me, PC, and Baby-Tom (playfully of course) into the night. I'm talking flicking light switch antics, vuvuzela blowing, and the most ridiculous conversation known to man. If it's late at night and I'm talking, it's going to be a mess for sure, somehow the Dominican Republic became the Dominic (prounounced however you'd like) - and talk of Popeyes and KFC came in to play. The whole going to be after 2 am thing must stop. Tuesday morning was rough, first day of classes, after panicking a whole lot, I mustered the courage to attend my beginner's tennis class. My coach was so funny, the class is like 6 other people (who all happen to be seniors) but so far everybody seems legit, crises averted. I went to breakfast with the brat pack, Big Ben, Classy Carolyn, and Jimbo, only to disappointed by the lack of personal omelet making (apparently, it's Wednesday's only, WTE is that about). Back to the humble abode for some early morning rantings with Krabby Patty, Shan-Dawg, Gucci-Mane and Sparkles (please excuse the multiple changing nicknames) and to print off a whole rack of stuff. I should have two labs in that time but we'll see when those actually start in a few weeks. Endless depth here we come.

Time flies by and I get some time to watch the Lying Game (uhm, pretty girls and drama, what more could I ask for). Lunch time with the wolfpack, this time it's Hannah (the girl's a comedian), Carolyn, Sam and Jimbo in the student center at this restaurant style place. Complete with buzzers and drinking from jam jars with free popcorn, what more could y'all ask for. We come back and hang out as always, before I'm forced to go to my math class, which BTW is far as hell away, I almost fell asleep in, and is too hot to handle. Everyone was sweating and watching the clock, awkward as bacon grease on a birthday cake. I scurried back to my gang of peeps and to a local eats dinner we went. Free knife/spoon/fork contraptions and a bomb diggity dinner. Topped off with some dessert, and the Food Dude from TLC giving us a show. Understand why we might be a mess, just yelling out random stuff, being unbearbly loud, receiving dirty looks for being first years, and always staying together gets us some glares. Shy Dan and Double TT did the hot sauce drinking contest, uhm, wild as flaming hot Cheetos. We run back to our dorm and miss the ice cream social. Penguin (formely known as Mouse/Squeak and Lil) and Amazing Ali (the most competitive girl I've ever known) get packages and we help them upstairs before pretty much our entire floor goes to Hall Council. We dominate everything and everyone. I was like why you so obsessed with me. Soon we all end up in the spiral staircase lounge, about 13 of us sitting with our laptops facebook group chatting, singing music and trying to do work (useless). It's just good to be with the new fam-bam after a long day of actual school. Sleepy time and more night antics with the suitemates, 2 am hits again somehow. Too deep to comprehend.

Being a teenager is all about forming a ring of endless light known as friendship (catch that DCOM reference). It's what will keep you grounded, sane and down to Earth in college. It's the people you can come back to and know they actually care that you're there. The people you squeeze into elevators with, fight with on a daily basis over some card game (Ben versus Ali round 2 took place), and those you yell at in your scracthy voice, the boys of 140 A and B. If you want to make it in college, you'd best round up your people and make it known that you're friends. Submarine deep that stuff.

My blog post question for the day is ... have you been homesick yet? A little bit, I'm in constant contact with the homeland family, but college has been wild and crazy and I genuinely love the people on my floor so I'm chill. Best friends and other people still matter the world to me too, new friends must just old.


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