Spark It Up

Being a teenager is all about first impressions. The summer has ended and school is about to start. Whether you're starting your seemingly endless days in the teenage prison known as high school or nervous as eff to take your first breath of collegiate campus air, your first day of school is one of those days that matter. You only get one chance to make your first impression, to stand out from everyone else, and make a name for yourself. People judge you on how you look, the way you talk and most of all how you carry yourself, so give them something to look at. Get ready to ignite some rumors and spark it up.

Let me tell you, what you wear on your first day of school is kind of a big deal but it's what you wear the rest of the week that really counts. Everybody dresses up for the first day, unless you're the perpetual skanktastic hoebag who thinks booty shorts that show panties or the total douchebag and didn't get the memo that cut off shirts were against dress code, so while it's essential to look good, save your best for later. The second day, the real clothes come out, the raggedy, unappealing, generic crap that people think is appropriate attire comes straight from the slums, but those of us who really look hot and dangerous all the time bring our game on a daily basis. It's like I just roll out of my, no need to turn my #swag on, it never shuts off. I just wake up and look like this, no assembly required. Whatever your style is, do it to the fullest and make your statement that you have arrived. Dressing well shows your maturity level to look like you're there for a purpose, like to get an education, and if you look good, you an focus on learning. If you're the new kid on campus, realize you might have multiple first days of school. For me, I'm doing dark wash slim jeans, plaid shirts with the sleeves rolled up, black cardigan sweater, low top sneakers, and a watch - if I do say so myself, I literally look like I came to run train on this place. The people that get bullied in the hallways or hazed on the campus green are the ones that look new, scared, and confused. Heck yeah, we all have no idea where we're going but at least I'm walking with power in my strut, bossed up attitude in my swagger and either a smile with the vibrance of a million watts or a dirty look so lethal, teens drop dead when it hits them. Act like you own the place. Spark it up and turn some heads.

When teachers ask what you did over the summer, be the first one to raise your hand and tell your story, bring out your personality, and show who you are. If you're funny, let it show. Be comfortable with not only yourself but where you are. Realize, everyone is going through the same thing as you. Clothes sweated out with anxiety, heart racing, and panick attacks at being lost, no worries, ask for help if you need to. First days are nerve racking, we as teens understand there. Everybody is looking at you, checking on how tan you are, sizing up your clothing choice, and trying to get to their next class on time. Slow your roll people, it's just the first day, no need to freak the freak out. Be yourself, chill out and keep it going. I'm telling you, the more you smile the better your day will be. People are going to talk about you regardless, summer rumors are the best because everybody's eager to start something and talk. You might as well be the topic of conversation. Just spark it up and set it off.

My younger sister and the person who knows me best in the world, has her first day of high school today. That girl is like me, only smarter, funnier, and gorgeous. If you've had older siblings go to your high school, you've got some expectations to live up to. Write your own story, don't just add another page to the family script. You are your own person and you shouldn't have to be constantly compared to everyone else. Some shoes can't be filled, they've got to be replaced. College first days are totally epic. Classes can be across campus, the buidings are like mazes and there are so many people everywhere. Everyone's a total stranger, and you're on your own. Nothing to be torn apart about, you can do this. Everything you've learned up until now has lead you to this moment. Map out your courses, set your alarms, and try a dry run of getting to classes if possible. If not, ask for directions and leave early, no need to be that embarrassing kid blatantly late when your professor has already started passing out syllabi. Oh, and don't forget it's not mister or misses, it's professor or doctor, you've graduated to the big time. Spark it up, set it off and light it up.

Being a teenager means that your first day of school is an event you'll remember for the rest of your life. It's your chance to start off the year right. Look the part of a classy teen ready to study your butt off, and make those promises, that you'll actually keep, to make this year different and better than any years past. This is your year, this is your time and this is your place to shine. Spark it up.

My blog post question for the day is ... worst part of the first day of school? Walking into class and not knowing anyone, it makes me want to projectile vomit. Oh, and fining a place to sit at lunch, no story necessary.


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