Being a teenager means making your dreams come true. I'm talking concerts, one of the greatest ways to get up close and personal with your favorite performers. It's more than an experience, it's a journey, and something that you'll remember for the rest of your life. Let me tell you, this was my first concert ever and it was completely wild. My sister and I went to the Closer to My Dreams Tour Concert in Washington, DC at the Cramton Auditorium at Howard University. Concert started at 7pm, you know we got there are 3:30 to wait in the over 100 degree weather. We may have been a huge mess afterwards but it was well worth it to get absolutely starstruck.

We were like 28th in line, and it as sweltering outside, but this is a once in a lifetime opportunity so you gotta do what you gotta do. All of a sudden, these two black SUVs pull up, all presidential and such - and my sister looks into the second car and sees Diggy Simmons. She was just gone from that, I'm talking, jumping up, screaming, and even a few tears. I saw him too, but the rest of the people in line realized too late. Mister Rapper himself most definitely saw us, lives made. Soon other musicians started to arrive and the girls just would take off, like a pack of wild animals trying to catch of glimpse of whoever they could. My sister and her friend from twitter made a post for Diggy and they were about to be let inside early to show it to him, except this stuck-up absent-minded dumb bia (who has already met the Biebs, faked poverty and won a contest to meet Digg - stupid girl didn't even come back to get her). Eventually the line stretched down multiple streets, and they decided to let people in. Never have I even been so squished in my entire life, little teenage girls all shoving together, like slow your diva, we were here first. We were just about to get starstruck.

So we thought we had front row seats, we were literally the 38th people to buy our tickets online. We make our way down there and this uppity security chick is like, your general admission only gives you access to seats row-K and back. We were like WTE, apparently they had V.I.P. tickets, and I just wanted to know, where did people get those, literally like 11 rows ahead of us of people. Did they all win tickets off the sponsoring radio station's contest? Who knows, but all was well and the concert started. Trevante came out on stage, gyrating this way and that way with his mane of lion's hair. Bruh bruh needs a hair cut bad. So we're all getting in to the concert and he asks to bring up a girl on stage, tell me why, we're at an all black college and ole boy brings out this shimmy shimmy everyday, generic, off-brand looking white girl. She wasn't even in the crowd, she was backstage like the groupie chick she was. He was grinding on her, and serenading her, trying to be sessie. Negro please, get off the stage, this is a concert for all ages, there are children here. After him it was Jawan Harris, pretty good performance. His seemed to be the most dance intensive, and I'm telling you, him and his backup dancers have moves. They were hitting tricks like freaking Step Up style, it was awesome. Then chaos broke loose when DJ SpinKing (Diggy Simmons's deejay) started hitting the one's and two's. Everybody was dancing, and us three were yelling louder than ever before. We waited for the masses to stop screaming and we would yell out, so we know, dude heard us. We were waving that poster, and everybody was giving us the evil eye, we came for one reason and this was about to be it. Prepare to get starstruck.

Diggy Simmons his damn self came out of stage and absolutely killed. Everybody was barely hype until this, and everyone went crazy. My sister, literally almost threw up with excitement. Too bad, it was only us true fans, known as #Jetsetters knew the words to his songs, everybody else was looking real dumb. He choose his Ms. Anonymous, not my sister and her friend, due to our freaking seats, but he deff acknowledged us - gave her a bouquet of roses and kissed her on the hand. He was rocking and bobbing, player his his dougie and cat daddy like nobody's business. It was literally amazing. We'll never forget it. Then the main event came out, Mindless Behavior. The kids use autotune but it's whatever because girls started to riot. I'm talking jumping over chair, clawing their way past people, shoving and general craziness. When they did a robotic dance and swayed, I promise girls actually fainted. These kids are superstars. When they collaborated with Diggy for Mrs. Right, my sister was in the front and he looked directly at her and smiled - his future wife was on deck. From there it was Lil' Twist, who took the show to a whole other level. When he threw his raggedy wife-beater t-shirt into the crowd, everyone surged and broke the barrier for like the orchestra pit, and everybody collapsed. It was insane, and the show took 30 minutes to clean it up, from then on everyone was forced to stay in their seats. After that the headliner, Tyga from Young Money took the stage, but we really didn't care. We dipped out and heard the artists were coming out the back so we went and boom, Lil' Twist with Khalil just walked by us. We got pictures with some of them, and CeCe (Twist's Sister and assistant) talked to us for a good 15 minutes. We took a taxi home and our lives were made. First concert over, and we were totally starstruck.

Being a teenager is living for moments like these. When you meet a celebrity, it's like not even real life at that time. This is something I will never forget in my entire life. All I want to see now is Shane Harper, Jesse McCartney and Big Time Rush in concert and I'm chill. Tomorrow is the big 200th post, prepare to enter the giveaway by choosing your favorite blog post and telling me why you love it.

My blog post question for the day is ... what concerts have you been to? This was my first, but if we had gone to Ocean City on Sunday, instead of Saturday, I could have seen Shane Harper!


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