Chuck the Deuces

Being a teenager is all about knowing exactly what you're feeling at all times. Let's face the facts, we're an emotional people, known for our mood swings, raging hormones, and passionate beliefs. If you're anything like me, you understand the feeling of uneasiness when it comes to stepping of out your comfort zone. The days until my college move-in are slowly dwindling away, and with it so is my confidence about actually going to school. All that I'm super excited to finally leave home, head out on my own, and do my own thing stuff, has been thrown out the window and I'm pretty much scared shatless. It's time to face the truth and chuck the deuces, we have to leave sometime.

Going to college is one of the biggest steps ever. I'll be away from literally everyone I know, in a new place with tons of new people. It's kind of overwhelming to think about. Absolutely everybody is a complete stranger, and I'm just somehow supposed to be okay with it. I feel like a little kid being kidnapped by a mysterious white van offering me instead of ice-cream the value of higher education. Dear University, I'm scared shatless and for good reason. Do you the rest of you feel as unprepared as I do. I have a vague idea where all my classes are, where I'll probably be eating, and how to get to my dorm, but that's not enough to live comfortably. I'm freaking the freak out and it's like I'm on a roller coaster bound for some epic derailment. Don't judge me, I saw Final Destination 3 for the first time yesterday on FX, and I don't do scary movies, so I'm kind of a mess. To be completely honest, I never actually thought I'd made it this far in life. Not that I didn't plan on going to college, but I never pictured myself after high school, it's kind of crazy. I'm going to be a doctor, and I understand what that entails but I thought maybe Jesus would come take me for the rapture or the world would have ended by now. It's like Y2K, squeezing your eyes shut and waiting for nothing to happen. I still can't believe I'm actually going, and I won't believe it until the morning I leave. Room all packed up and clothes emptied out, from this time on, nothing will ever be the same. Sleep in your bed the last time, destroy the toilet with a gnarly case of the gurgles, swallow your fear and chuck the deuces to your childhood.

There are so many ways to make yourself feel at home in your dorm room. It's alright to feel homesick, but if you're actually puking up your gut festivities and what not, you might be a mess. Get a hold of yourself and chill. You're on your own, but you're not alone, remember you always have your friends and family with you. They're just a text or phone call away, for real. The only way you'll actually have a good time at college is if you start thinking of your measly dorm room as your cramped apartment, as in your permanent place of residence. It needs to not only look like your place, but smell like it too. It needs to showcase your style and give a glimpse of who you are. For me, that means a whole lot of pictures with smiling faces and embarrassing moments forever stopped in time with pictures all over the wall. I'm freaking taking my damn teddy bear, and if you've got a problem with that, you can just deal with it. Bring your stuffed animals, your journal, your favorite book and a DVD set. Air fresheners that smell of pumpkin spice or midnight dusk (man stench) can set the mood that you actually live here. Once you get it in your mind that this place is comfortable and it's where you truly reside, then you'll cure your incessant homesickness. Middle finger up and the index finger follows, chuck the deuces to anxiety and trepidation, this is your new life, enjoy it.

Everyone is worried they won't make friends at college. Hell, even me, mister always laughing up a storm, I'm trembling with fear that no one will want to be friends with me, or I won't find people I fit in with. Get that crap out of here, you're you, and I promise there will be people that like you for who you are. One of the major problems if everyone goes looking for friends that are just like the ones that had in high school, and try to replace them or compensate for their absence. That's not how it works, no two people are the same and you can't replace people like that, they're one of kind, just like you. You've got be open to liking people for who they are, they may be similar to your old crew, but this is something brand spanking new. The first few weeks of college are critical, you need to settle down, sort out your new life and get out there. If you're not an outgoing or outspoken person, this is the time to change that. Speak up, smile and say hello. Everybody is looking for new friends, take advantage of this once in a lifetime situation. No where to sit during a meal, I bet anyone would let you sit with them. Open door in your hall, stumble on in and introduce yourself. Someone needs a pencil in your lecture, be the first to lend one out and you'll be making friends left and right. Someone looks confused, smile at them and say hey, they'll most likely return the favor. If you're lost ask for help, we're teenage young adults, and we stick together. No worries, you'll find your place. Abuse the heck out of those first weeks, see someone you might be interested in dating, take the opportunity to introduce yourself, your chances of getting shot down are low. Walk to class with somebody, hit the dining hall, or hang out, everybody's on their A game. Chuck the deuces to the old life, you're now officially in college.

Being a teenager is about facing your fears. Every morning I feel sick with uneasiness about going to school. It's always been that way, but that feeling goes away once your comfortable. You can be relaxed anywhere, even at your new school. Take that campus by storm, work it and make a name for yourself.

My blog post question for the day is ... what's your biggest college fear? Not finding cool people to form study groups with, hello, I'll bring the highlighters and candy, you bring the flash cards and soda.


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