We See All

Being a teenager is about being as popular as adolescently possible. Whoever said life wasn't a popular contest must not have been the center of attention, under the spotlight, or even remotely in the know. Teenagedom is at it's core first feeling comfortable with yourself, then sharing your personality and yourself with others. We all may pretend to not care about other people's opinions of us, but who are we kidding, we do give a damn. It's in our genetic code as cell phone wielding, twitter spamming, ice cream loving young people to want to be liked by everyone. Is it wrong for me to want for my self, uhm, hell no. College is no different, being liked by your peers may seem like less of a major deal, but that tendency is still there. If you're attending college, you're most likely in your class of 2015 University of Wherever's group - but be prepared, even digital first impressions can be unforgiving. We see all.

So, if you're wondering where I got this title, it is most definitely from this week's episode of Pretty Little Liars. Don't judge me, those girls have both good looks, sharp wit, and the drama that I need. It's true though, as teenagers we do see all. On facebook especially, everything you do is out there for tons of people to notice. These college groups have the potential to both set you up for social domination or you know back down to oblivion even before you've set foot on campus. So here's the thing, if you have a question that you must so desperately ask, take the time to scroll down the page wall and check to see if it's already been asked. I'm betting you some cold hard cash that is has, and your unbelievably lazy self has just not seen it. Open your eyes and read people, asking the same question is annoying as eff. People will seriously start to dislike for your seemingly oblivious post. Things you should know, like when do you move in to campus, how do you find your roommate, and was there summer reading. If you don't know these things, I wonder are you even going to this college? If and when you do ask a dumb question, as in, yes there are stupid questions, and you just posted one for everyone of your future classmates to see, be prepared for some harsh backlash. I'm telling you, people can and will get heated at your blissful ignorance and the replies with sarcasm, flat out name calling, and a whole lot of irony. Teenagers don't take well to lack of common sense, get yourself some and do a little research before you press share. We see all, and we'll make fun of you for it forever.

You need to know what to post and when to post it. Some things that you might think are funny may or may not be offensive to other people. I've read way too many posts of completely irrelevant things posted for no reason whatsoever. You're not helping anyone and you need to skeddadle asap. Other things you should refrain from posting about are your less than desirable habits. I'm talking about asking if anyone wants to get completely hammered with your amazing collection of moonshine alcohol, your secret stash of mutant classified drugs that'll take you so out of it astronauts will have to come rescue you, and wanting to trade sexual favors like a low life scum bag. It's completely inappropriate and while it may make you look cool to the binge drinking, hot boxing, slutsketeers of your class, the majority of people will know to avoid your sketchy ass. Why yes you'll find some kindred spirits for your less than socially acceptable passtimes, but the rest of us are smh-ing at our laptop screens. Want some instant stardom, try posting about asking about any of your favorite things. The best book you ever read ("Pride" from the Seven Deadly Sins Series by Robin Wasserman), your favorite TV shows (90210, Greek, Degrassi, don't even get me started), or the music that you sing to in the shower (Shane Harper, Jesse McCartney, Chris Brown). I'm telling you, people will flock to that stuff like ice cream men to little kids, ooph awkward simile. Let it be known that you should not post everything, no one knows you in here and they're forming their opinion of you just like you are of them. Do it right and when people meet you in real life, they'll know you as the funny kid from the facebook group. Limit your posts and comments, if you're constantly in there you might appear like you have no life, like social pariah status, and abusing a post will irk multiple people. Be frugal with your likes, it's not necessary to sell out to everything. Now, if you're in such a group it's imperative that you be on top of your notifications because that crap can get out of control. Manage your settings from within the groups, and be sure to unsubscribe from posts if/when they run buck wild and blow up your email inbox. If your group has less than 250 people in it, you can group chat, which may or may not be a nuisance. We see all.

Social media is nothing more than a lying game. Please understand my obsession with TV makes its way into all aspects of my life, why yes I enjoyed the Lying Game, again with the eye candy girlies and the mystery. It's how you appear online that matters. These college groups that can make or break you. If you enter a group with the intention of causing chaos, wreaking havoc, and starting a facebook fight then you might belong to the Internet species known as a spamming troll. Posting ridiculous stuff, links to messed up shat, and generally annoying the heck out of anyone and everyone. Get yourself out of here and get a life, it's not funny and it's not cool. And of course, how you say things matter, especially when it's writing for everyone to see. One way to keep your posts fresh and classy is to be yourself. I pretty much am funny all the time, and I like to stand out, so I'll comment or say something in a way only I can. Keep your replies witty and quick. People will relate to you and you'll fit in. If it's possibly controversial avoid saying it, no need for backlash this early on. Save the drama for your momma and leave it off your college post wall. Not everyone will agree with opinion and petty bickering makes you look childish and so elementary. If you've got a sharp tongue, a snarky attitude, or your banter can sometimes get you into trouble, be careful because not everyone speaks fluent sarcasm. It's hard to read into through a computer screen. Keep the quips and inside jokes to yourself. Let it be known that most college groups are overseen by college personnel and they do actually read what you post. Plans to get sick nasty messed up and sexxed down really shouldn't be publicized. Watch your language, not everyone has a sailor's vocabulary. Tasteful and cool will make you the big freshmen on facebook. Oh you best know we see all.

Being a teenager is all about running train on this social game. College is your time to shine both socially and academically. Your college facebook group is like the preseason practice round. Step your game up and go full ape in scoring brownie points with your classmates before you even move in. We see all, and we all see you.

My blog post question for the day is ... what question would you want to ask all your classmates? Best memory from high school, probably all the hangout sessions and eating trips with my friends, they were literally epic.


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