And Away They Go

Being a teenager is all about the moments that change your life forever. Leaving for college is one of the most dramatic things you'll have to do in your youthful years. It's a time filled with not only ridiculous fear, and deep sadness but of fresh starts, and new beginnings. College is your time to finally leave home, become your own person and live your life the way you want to. No mother and father dearest to tell you how and when to do things, it's all up to you to manage every aspect of your life. Leaving home for the first time is more than daunting, it may seem impossible, but when the game of life forces you to move forward, the gunshot goes off and away they go.

I'm not going to lie, saying goodybe to my family, specifically my sister was the hardest thing I've ever had to do in my entire life. The fact that I seriously contemplated attending an in-state school just to be near her demonstrates how close we are. That girl is my everything, and the person who knows me best in the world. Not seeing her, playing with her, telling jokes, being judgemental and making fun of poeple on a daily basis almost makes college not even worth it. I'm telling you, I cried like I never have before. That's the truth, if you're close with your siblings, be prepared because tears will be shed, eyes will be red and hearts will break. They save the most difficult step for last on your way to your new life. When the dust of organizing your dorm has settled and it's finally time for your parents and other family members to depart, I promise you'll be overcome with emotion. Don't be embarrassed to let it all out, release all your burdens and be free from whatever you're feeling. It's anxiety, trepidation and slight depression, but soon you'll be out meeting people and you'll be able to relax and move on. If your in the rare case like me, as in your parents drop you off at the airport and chuck the deuces to you, then your dramatic scene of hugs and "I love you's" takes place at the terminal. Let it be known that for teens, even if we may not always show it, our family is something of great importance to us. Homesickness overruns the lives of tons of freshmen, but you can do it, and you have the strength to get through the longing to be near people you're familiar with. Don't worry, you'll get there with people at college. Sound the alarm and crack open a box of tissues, away they go.

Parents moving daughter to college
Homesickness is like a real teenage disease. You do not want to be the annoying and childish kid who is constantly on the fun calling their parents, but then again you don't want to be the inconsiderate bum who never calls his/her family. You've got to find a balance with keeping contact with the people you care about back home. The first night, call your mother and tell her you're okay, that chick is most definitely worrying about you, no matter what. From then on, schedule a time, at least once a week, more frequently would be better just to call and relay how things are doing. Can't actually talk, a text message will more than suffice. The more detail the better, your parents are happy you're gone but they still want to be part of your life, at least give them that. Need to see face to face with who you're talking to, make sure you have a Skype, it's a free video chat service. Download the plug-in that allows video chatting on facebook and get online when you're actually free. Chatting in class isn't going to get you anywhere. Hearing the sound of a voice you know helps cure your homesickness. Hanging up pictures of your family and friends sure does curb the urge to leave. If you live close to your college, give it at least 2 weeks before you set foot in your house-home, your dorm is your new humble abode. And away they go.

There are so many things that you can do that will keep your mind from moping on your new situation. One the things is food, hell yeah, freaking food is the shat. One of the things I plan on doing is cooking a whole meal for my roommate and suitemates every 2 weeks, give them a taste of the homelife and a break from school food. It's an idea that's proven to work, use your home family recipes, hit the supermarket with friends and have fun with it. Got some kind of food item or beverage that reminds you of home, stock up on it. Cincinnati is famous for it's chili, not that I really care for it, but iconic things that like that will keep you grounded. I love me some candy, especially with my newly acquired preference for Red Vines over Twizzlers, a secret stash will get me through the days. And of course the best way to forget your sorrow is to get involved. It's really the best part of college. Even if things aren't mandatory you should really attend them, you never know who you'll meet or what you'll get out of something. The activities fair is important, specifically for us as freshmen, it's our chance to try something new and figure out where we belong. Sign up for things and see how they work out, if it's not a good fit, drop it like it's hot. This year, I'm taking a tennis class, either working on the broadcast news team or newspaper, and most likely the black student union. Limit yourself to a few options or you'll become overwhelmed you still need time to hang by yourself, do homework and study. Away they go.

Being a teenager is all about sucking it up and getting over it. Mom and dad might be gone, but you have nothing to fear. Your college experience all depends on the attitude you have towards it. If you always have one foot in history door to exit, you can never discover really what your college has to offer. Switch it around, mix it up, and drop it down low. They're off and away they go.

My blog post question for the day is ... how was saying goodbye to your family? Literally the worst experience of my entire life, I felt like death could take me any moment. My life is so hard.


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