Making Rounds

Being a teenager is all about packing yourself up and heading off to college. It's a crazy time for everyone. If I said I wasn't going to miss my parents or brothers, I would be lying. The truth is, we all might look tough and be all loud and ready to move on to the big university, but really it won't hit us until people start leaving. Time is winding down, and soon everyone will be in school, doing their own things, making their new friends, and starting the next part of their lives. I'm sure all of you have a countdown to you move in day, but before that fabled day comes, you've got make sure you're on solid terms with everyone before chucking the deuces and heading off to the wasteland known as college. Get your mind right, and make those rounds.

 If you're like me, you've got your multiple best friends, you've got your closest friends, your random friends, and then a shat ton of acquaintances. The way I see it, anyone you still want to be friends with after you head your separate ways, you need to either see or make an effort to hang out with before you leave. Start by sending out texts to your best friends, y'all are going to need like a whole day, or half a day to fully connect before you disconnect. Make it one of the best days ever. For me, my best friends and I have our special things. For my bromance, we do sleepovers, I'm talking hitting a buffet, then tons of video games, YouTube videos and making fun of people on Facebook. Laughing until the early morning, Egyptian Rat Screw and freshly popped popcorn, nothing compares to it. For my bestie, we go to the playground, and swing to talk about everything, listen to music, play charades to impersonate people, and of course eat. It's scenic, and so chill. The use of nicknames to talk about everyone is highly necessary. Once we have our last get togethers, it'll be talk to on Sundays via skype and calling/text messaging whenever possible. You've got your best friends right where you want them, as close as ever. Make sure that you'll know that you will be friends no matter what, and keep your end of the bargain. Just because you don't go to the same school doesn't mean your relationship has to change. These people are going to the best man, the maid of honor and the godparents to my kids, let's keep it that way and start making those rounds.

Now that you've got your majors done and handled, it's time to get the harder parts of out of the way. You're close friends, the people you hang out with most of the time. For me, that means multiple cliques of people. So what I suggest is to make a plan to go someplace fun. For one group it'll either be hitting up a bowling alley or the local amusement park for a day of screaming and wildness. For another group it'll be lunch at our favorite place, Steak and Shake, and possibly hitting up an 18+ club for the first time (don't judge us). All in all, it'll be a ton of group pictures, and lots of hugging. Keep it fun and lighthearted, but be prepared to shed some tears, because it may or may not actually happen. Then you've got the people you really like but rarely hang out with because it just never works out. It'll take the stars to align, or a comet to fly by, but sync up your schedules and go to work. I've got a few friends like that, it takes more than effort to ever see them. I'm talking a barrage of text messages shot in a perfect sequence like a Nerf tag war, followed by a funny voicemail, a ranting facebook wall post, and quite possibly a poke. When all is said and done, you'll get what you want, time to hang out with someone you'd really want to keep your friendship up with, despite the whole lot of work required. It's all about mustering up the gumption and energy to make those rounds.

Lastly, you've got your acquaintances. People you're kind of, sorta, sometimes friends with. But when you do hangout, it's just so awesome that you still want them in your life, even after your high school years are long gone. These are the friends that pop in and out of your life at the most random times, but when they do, it's always a welcome surprise. For these people, not much is really needed, because you don't really spend that much time with them anyway. Getting ice cream, fast food, playing video games or going swimming is more than enough to solidify your standing as a little bit more than acquaintances. Once you've made your rounds, leave yourself some time to get your home life together. Please, I beg of you, please make sure you're on good standing with your parents before you hardcore dip out for campus. Who else will be giving you money, paying your loan fees and everything else in your life. You're not that grown up, so don't forget who's really paying for everything. For the rest of your family, as in your siblings, know that you'll be cool whenever. And the other aspects of your life at home need to be tied up as well. If you've got that money making J.O.B, either take a scholastic leave of absence and have them take you off the schedule, or if you're more than done, put in your resignation, but remember you might not have a job come winter break. Let people know you're leaving, and clean your damn room. I'm talking from top to bottom, make that ish sparkle before you close your door and look back on the house you grew up in. Time to make those rounds.

Being a teenager is all about saying your final goodbyes. Going off to a college time is more than just a scary time for us as new students, but for our friends, and our families. It's one the biggest changes you can experience as a teen and it's up to you make the transition as smooth as possible. Get your friends together, throw that raging going away party, snap some pictures, and make sure to stay in touch. Make those rounds y'all and get ready to make new friends, and live the best years of your life.

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My blog post question for the day is ... who will you miss most when you leave for college? Not going to lie, when I leave my little sister, I might have a panic attack. That girl is the person who knows me the best. We do everything together, and I mean everything. We understand each other, and not seeing her on a daily basis is going to be the hardest thing I've ever had to do in my entire life.


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