Suite Style

Being a teenager means that college is a big change. Most people are used to having their own room, yelling at their parents and siblings to get out of their room, and being able to be alone whenevs. College is a little bit different, unless you've got the gwap to spring for a private single, with an en suite bathroom, you're most likely going to have someone else, or possibly a shat ton of people all up in your space. Have no fear, communal bathrooms, sharing bedrooms and all that jazz are nothing to worry about. As teens, we're able to adjust and start doing things, suite style.

Let's start with your roommate. Y'all may or may not have met, but hopefully you've been either super sweet or at least civil. On move-in day, it's imperative that you beat that/those sucker(s) to your damn room. You want it all, the best bed, the best stuff, and first pick at your space. It's like every season of MTV's Real World or the Challenges or Big Brother where all the house guests literally claw over one another for dibs on the most premo space. It's a little wrong, but hey, this is college, first come is first served. Now, once you've met your roommate - need some roommate tips check here (Meet the Roommate - Roommate Roulette) and how to deal with awkward college situations (Personal Boundaries - Super Awkward) - if you're in a suite, it's time to meet your suitemates. You might be hearing voices through your bathroom and wondering WTE is going on with the other side of that porcelain John. Have some initiative to meet your neighbors, and technically "roommates" - you're at least sharing the commode and shower with them. Either they'll be your partners in crime forming a suite crew or else you'll just be acquaintances, the first one is better. It's like being able to hang out in another room that's pretty much you're own as well. There's things we all do that are kind of weird, but they should not be the first thing you mention when you meet someone. Eventually you'll need to let your roommate know that you're strange, like me, I can't watch or hear people brush their teeth or else it makes me want to vomit, I take 45 minute showers (I'm cutting down) and use multiple towels to dry off, and I sleep with the light on. Playboy, you can either deal with all that, or deal with all that, there's no other option. If it's something socially unacceptable, learn to change it or you might be in trouble. Walking around in your boxers/lingerie is NBD, I plan on indulging in that, I do it all the time, chill bro. We're now living suite style.

The bathroom is the danger zone for most people. If you and your roommates are constantly running your mouths straight complaining about the place, make a freaking schedule. If your RA has to come bang on your door because they received noise complaints about your alleged attempted murder of your roommate, y'all gone get it. Compare your schedules, there's 24 hours in a day, set times that you all can have the bathroom to yourselves. I prefer to shower at night,  some like to shower in the morning, as long as you all can respect your sleep and what not, it should be fine. Now, having the light on, if you must sleep in pitch black, then you can get a mini-clip on light or a lamp or something if you require light. Don't annoy your roommate, or else you will have problems. Speakers are not necessary, relax with blasting your music, it's called get some ear plugs or some head phones. Be considerate and reduce your noise pollution. You've got neighbors with paper thin walls, and under people under you if you're not on the ground floor. You never know who's a snitch or who has no tolerance level. Sit yourself down with all that and keep the volume down.

Just because you're sharing a room with someone does not mean you have to share everything. You're entitled to your stuff, just as they are to theirs. Me, personally, I'm fine with my roomie borrowing whatever he wants as long as he doesn't break anything or ruin it. Please understand I'm expensive as hell. If you do want people touching your goods, tell them that, better now then later. If stuff starts going missing, you need to do something about it. Nobody should get away with any wrong doing. If you go to wash your clothes, it's up to you to wait there to make sure you're clothes aren't stolen. Your over $100 super skinny Hollister jeans with a generic size are prime targets for those with sticky fingers. My school sends you texts when you clothes are done washing and tumbling, but I'm not trusting that. Food, if it's in your room, if you don't label your crap, it's pretty much up for grab. I mean, i might have my secret stash of every kind known of man in a drawer in my room, but that's for me, myself, and I, paws of player. TV time is whenever if it's alright with your co-captain and if you brought something exclusive like a brand new Xbox 360 Slim, make sure that you take good care of it. If you're not in your room, lock your door, even if you're going just down the hall to see somebody or step out for a second. That's all a thief needs to make your suite life miserable.

Being a teenager is about being able to accommodate anyone and anything that comes your way. College is a major change, moving out of your parents' house and into a cramped space with total strangers is textbook crazy. But you can do it, and besides you have to. All you have to do is know when to speak up and when to get over it. Soon you'll be coolin' living it suite style.

My blog post question for the day is ... what are you looking forward to most about college? Uhm, my school is 58% girls, and it's noticeable. Girls, girls, everywhere.


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