Breaking the Ice

Being a teenager is all about starting over in college. College is a completely different place from high school, and I'm not going to lie, stepping on to campus is scary as hell. Let me tell you how overwhelming it is to go someplace where literally everyone is a stranger, no one looks familiar at all and you're constantly looking for anyone who looks remotely familiar. It's kind of crazy, if you think about, going someplace where everybody doesn't know your name. But I'm telling you, it gets better, so much better, hell, who am I kidding, it gets awesome. It's time to start college off right and break the ice.

I should really start with move in day but the second day of college was so completely epic that I'd best get down to business right then and there. Waking up at 7 am to go to breakfast might be a mess. I looked glazed over, and uninterested. My floor of 32 people (16 above, and 16 below) marched together to central campus to grab some breakfast grub from the dining hall there. First of all, the food was mediocre, like it was so unappetizing that even though it was unlimited nobody even thought twice about heading back for seconds. Hell no. After a breakfast of connecting as a group, we walked to a lecture hall where we listened to a hilarious dude talk about good ole alchyhol, nakey sexy time, and eff my life stress. Two hours of bullet points was kind of ridiculous but the people were funny so it made up for it. After that we received a graduation tassels, uhm, kind of jumping the big ass shark aren't we and proceeded to enter the class of 2015 BBQ/picnic/activities fair. The most nerve racking thing is when the people you know randomly disappear, all of a sudden I was surrounded by a sea of people I'd never seen before in my entire life. I guess you could say I'm a reserved person, but when I do introduce myself or talk, I do it with meaning and feeling, but I just wasn't feeling trying to be the person to go up and talk to people. I understand, I wussed out and eventually found some of my floormates and hung out with them. These people are seriously so easy to talk to and get along with. I signed up for the broadcast news team (hoping to talk about TV or celebrities, or take this blog into the mainstream), Feel Good (grilled cheese to save the world) and something else I forgot about. Smack it down, crack it up and break the ice.

So us cool kids left the extravaganza early with shat ton of free stuff and some self confidence. We stumbled back into our dorm and relaxed for a while. From there, for the Honors College we entered the campus museum and were introduced to the professors. We'll see how they are in class. All 178 were split into 4 groups to answer some questions about some artwork. It was kind of crazy, not going to lie, some of the other people were a little too self-righteous, and some were just downright rude. Listen here chumps, if I'm talking, don't you dare talk over me, it's not going to go down like that ever. We rallied and a few people from each group took to the stage to convey our answers. Somehow, this kid, as in me, ended up on stage. My heart was pounding and my ultimate first impression in front of my entire learning community. Everyone goes on talking about the pictures all boring and what not, the group says their names and people clap out of obligation at the end. Nope, I started ranting about women and men being able to play sports and cook, no matter the race, and all of a sudden I'm done, and everyone interrupts and starts clapping. I might have been really embarrassed but I've already got a reputation as theeeee "kid." Whatevs, we met with our little peer mentoring group, some cool kiddies in there, and went to dinner, where the food was totally awesome. Like damn chefs, y'all can cook. From there, somehow I ended up with my hilarious roommate, dubbed by me PC, freaking love the kid already - his funny friend, Jakey-Bear, and our resident homeboy, Big Ben (the dude is tall stack of epic humor, coined the legit term "Puss Bag"), tried to catch a freaking bus downtown to the beach. Busses hate me, never will they ever come when I need them, so we went to the student center for a chilly swim. Diving board antics, included some legs getting clotheslined and we waddled back to our dorms to change and sign up for broomball. The group, we roll deep, at all times, just breaking the ice and we were about to take the ice.

Already in college, I've done things I wouldn't usually, especially sporty shat. Somehow all the girls on our floor, Classy Carolyn, Amazing Ali, Mouse Lilia, Shan-Dawg, Hannah (nicknamed TBD, but the girl's awesome no less), Sam (my walking partner in crime), and Abby (keeps it real), and the blue-eyed boss Jimbo, took the ice, in matching clothes no less, to run train on some punks. That game is crazy, you know I fell multiple times, but I'll say, I had some clutch saves. Our passing game was solid, and we were bullying these random kids on the ice, at 9:30 at night no less, but ended up losing the game. From there back to our humble abode to change into clubbing clothes, pass out some glowsticks and we took off for the student center for a late night rave. The place was jumping. The music was a wide mix, with tons of remixes, and bangable beats (the Shore style). When they played LMFAO "Shots" you know I fist pumped like nobody's business. Hand clapping, party rocking, and just plain fun, our floor group stuck together to have a genuinely good time. Afterwards, we sat outside for a while and recollected our energy before heading back to the lounge in our hall to hang out and make plans for breakfast on Sunday morning. I can wholeheartedly say that the 32 of us might be some of the coolest people I've ever encountered. Everyone is so sincere, everybody cracks jokes, and brings something different to the whole vibe. No need to break the ice, we're already swimming deep in some profound friendship.


Being a teenager is all about finding your place. Things just have a funny way of working out. Want more wild stories of the floor, East-Side (gang signs) UNH-2, oh there's plenty more where that come from. We've got Crazy Jake, the geekable deejay, Shy Dan, the sporty-kid, Nasty-Nate, Joely-Bear, Mitch and Austin, and tons more people. The youthful life just went college, get ready for even crazier adventures and teenage advice.

My blog post question for the day is ... what's your biggest college worry? Uhm... completely embarrassing myself - may have done it already multiple times.


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