ReInvent Yourself

Being a teenager is all about being confident and secure with yourself. College is your new beginning, a clean slate, and a fresh start. You get to be whoever you want and everyone you meet will be getting that first opinion of you. It's up to you to make your mark, show who you really are, and be yourself. Of course, that means your personal style is going to come into play. Face it, if I see someone who dresses like me, we probably have something in common. If I see you and you're all pierced out, smoking whatever, beer stains on a wife-beater, I'll most deff be dipping out before you come talk to me. It's about time that you reinvent yourself.

Shopping for college is kind of a complicated thing, need the full list of things to buy - check out my extensive College Stuff List Girls - College Stuff List Guys for everything you're probably going to need, including numbers of clothing items. For me, buying new clothes for college was a brand new experience. I decided that I was going to be upgrading my entire wardrobe. Who I was in high school is stepping it up for college. Reinventing yourself means taking what you know works, doing away with what doesn't and creating something brand spanking new. Let's start with the clothes, the stuff you wore in high school may or may not help you out in college. You are your own person, and you should feel free to dress however you please, but be warned that what you wear sends a message. For me this fall I'll be sporting tons of plaid button down shirts, cardigan sweaters, slim jeans, casual sneakers, watches and my canvas messenger bag. Stylish, why most definitely yes. If I do say so myself, I will be looking like a college boy for sure. It's perfect for who I am at heart, clean lines, permanently pressed, and totally organized. Preptastic would fit me for sure. I don't know who gave everyone the idea that wearing sweatpants and slippers to college lectures was okay. It's not, and most people don't do it. Your professors will know that you don't care, and you'll look a mess. It's one thing to roll right out of bed, but it's another to show up to class looking fresh off a night of binge drinking and sloppy make out sessions. Leave the sweatpants for your dorm room, laundry days, and weekends. Dress to impress for class and you're superiors will respect you. You don't have to look all prepped out, but you should look like what you wore actually took some thought. You do you, if you're a casual person, jeans and plain t-shirt are fine. If you're a hipster, work it. If you're unique, show it, but keep it clean. It's time to reinvent yourself.

Looks aren't everything but they do play a major part in what people think of you when they first meet you. If you plan on wearing obscene t-shirts to class everyday, prepare to piss of a whole lot of people. The ignorant crap you pulled in high school and got away with, will not go unnoticed on your university campus. If you played the part of a douchey tool or a stuck bia, drop the act and change your ways. If you were the center of attention or the more than reserved back of the crowd character, here's your shot at changing all that. Think about it, you can be literally anyone you want to be. Nobody knows you here, so why not be yourself. It's a time to be honest, not only with yourself but with everyone around you. You've grown, hopefully matured and now's the time and place to show it. If you wore shorts in the winter, purchase some damn jeans. If you hid behind glasses, time to get some contacts. If you never really smiled, get ready to show those pearly whites. Take who you are to the next level. Amplify everything you want and all that you stand for. It's going to be a battle to get to where you want to be socially, but as long as you're cool with yourself and your friends, it doesn't matter. Everyone will be climbing the social ladder, but the thing is, there's not really anyone on top. Whatever your claim to fame is, whether you lead a sport, or serve as student body president, not everyone will know you. Face that now and reinvent yourself.

Now that you've got the look, it's time to get your perspective in check. Let it be known that you're in college and no longer in high school. The attitude that you carried in high school is not going to fly on campus. College is different because unlike your social circle in high school, which was defined by where you lived, as in the type of people that went to your Alma mater, everybody comes from drastically different backgrounds. If you come in with a clique mentality, you're going to be in for a rude awakening. It's all about being open, accepting people's differences from yours and learning to compromise. You may used to doing things your way, but I promise in college there will be differing opinions from yours. It's an eye-opening experience and it'll take every fiber of your being to get to know people. It's a full time job, remembering people's names, where they're from, and making those lasting connections. You need to enter with an open door policy, writing people off is not going to get you anywhere. Take this once in a lifetime opportunity to branch out, to diversify, and try something new for once. Aren't you tired of the same old routine, the people who make it farthest are those who's circle of friends is the most versatile. You're no longer running with the populars, you're no longer an outcast, you're just in the same boat as everyone else, nobody until you determine who you'll be. If what you did in high school didn't work, bad attitude, getting in to trouble, flaking on everything and everyone, here's your chance to change your entire life. Make some promises that you need to struggle to keep. It's time to reinvent yourself.

Being a teenager is all about moving on to college. It's one of the most terrifying and strangely exciting times of your teenage life. It's about being whoever you are, doing what makes you happy, and showing the world what you're made of. College is a time to do what you've always wanted, to take some risks, and roll the dice. It's about time to reinvent yourself. Check out the 200th Blog Post and enter to win the giveaway.

My double blog post question for the day is ... how do you see yourself? I see myself a strong willed, class act, filled with jokes, a ton of laughter, fierce compassion, and some smarts thrown in for good measure.


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