the ICONic Dream

Being a teenager is all about dreaming big and chasing down those dreams until you either achieve them or do something greater. In all my years of high school I accomplished more than I could have ever imagined and I for sure have no regrets. Maybe I would have taken back a few of those embarrassing moments, and shouting matches, and become good friends a few more people, but overall I had a pretty successful high school career. This past weekend was the season finale of MTV's America's Best Dance Crew, and before I reveal who the winner was and all the controversy that entire season caused check out the ICONi Boyz final performances. ICONic Boyz & I AM Me "Raise Your Glass" - ICONic Boyz "Yeah 3x" - no matter who you were rooting for you have to admit that what the Jersey Boys stood for, as in being young, energetic, fresh, and open minded is exactly what the youthful life is all about. It's time to broaden our horizons, bash some people like always, and start our own ICONic dream.

And the winner is ... I Am Me. Of course they had to win, if IB had won the entire show was have been a huge mess, they were obviously better, but I promise you the ICONic Boyz got more votes. The show has a clause in it's rules that says that the outcome of voting can be changed by the producers if seen fit, and I'm sure that's what happened. Us ICONiacz are obsessed and if the boys have never been in bottom two, and you know we all voted all week, I sent a couple thousand votes myself, then how could they not have won. It's crazy, both crews found out the result when we all did right before the MTV Movie Awards. The producers shot both teams winning and a winner's performance, and the final cut was kept a secret until last night, that might be absolutely terrible. You could tell by all the tweets that literally no one knew. But I'm not mad, if I Am Me had not won, I'm sure no one would watch that show ever again. The boys will forever be winners in my mind. They taught me how to properly Cat Daddy, Swag Surf, and a few other dance moves. ICONic Boyz forever, they for sure chased their ICONic Dream.

On to the movie awards. That entire ceremony was utterly horrible. The jokes were mean spirited and absolutely uncalled for. Seriously, when the host went after Selena Gomez about swallowing the Bieb's baby teeth you could see her gasp and turn bright red with embarrassment, leave the teenage girl alone. Then all the cold hearted digs at Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver were completely out of control. It's way too soon, and no one laughed afterwards, some things like infidelity just aren't funny. The entire show is so vulgar, and painful to watch. The performances by the Foo Fighters, fail, and then Lupe Fiasco and Trey Songz, nothing special, didn't even get anyone hype. They presented like five awards total, and Harry Potter for sure deserved to win more than Twilight. The worst part for sure had to be when they were giving the MTV generational award to Reese Witherspoon and Robert Pattinson not only was reading of a piece of paper on stage, but dropped the f-bomb (censors didn't catch it) and talked about sleeping with his former actress mother and then lover on screen. It was crude and frankly rude at that point in time. Chelsea Handler, not much can be said about her drunk of her ass personality, she's blunt and that's her, but Mister Pale Vampire was completely out of line. Besides, there were children in the audience, as demonstrated by the Grownups "Chocolate Wasted" girl accepting her award. Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake groping one another on stage was shameless and foul. And in the opening scene with Mila Kunis and Natalie Portman going at each other in Black Swan while Taylor Lautner watched, they spent way too long on it. I'm sorry, but this was just completely terrible. Bring back Aziz Ansari, that guy was hilarious, even when he came out looking Jaden Smith and meeting Justin Bieber, he stole the show. Barely any stars showed up and you know it's a fail when you have to reuse presenters, like get that ish outta here. The bumpers between the awards were so weird, like something out of the ever deteriorating mind of Lady Gaga herself. If you want to have your own ICONic Dream you need to at least have some class and direction.

Then afterwards there was the premiere of Teen Wolf. Now that's an iconic show. It came and brought the powerhouse of actual relatable teen angst, with a good looking cast, everything we want and more. This summer there are ton of shows I'm about to get hooked on. That new ABC Family Show "Switched at Birth" looks really interesting, but I know for a fact that nowadays child swapping in the hospital nurseries rarely happens. Of course there's the summer premiere of Pretty Little Liars on my birthday, June 14th (Flag Day) and followed by the Nine Lives of Chloe King. I'm looking forward to the return of Guiliana and Bill and Tia and Tamera: Take Two on Style Network at the end of June, some reality shows we all might care about. Single Ladies on VH1 might be super addicting, I'm already drawn in and the plot is so thick and fluffy. Of course, there is Downsized on WeTV about that family who pretty much became poor after overspending and the lacking economy, for sure worth watching. And finally the summer novella style showing of Degrassi: Now or Never, starting July 17th on Teennick. If you've never seen the show, you can start there, new episodes everyday, Monday thru Thursday, back to back repeats of the week on Fridays for seven weeks. Check out the promo here Degrassi Promo. ICONic Dream shows take you on a wild ride and keep you locked and loaded. This summer, there's no reason to be bored, it's anything you can imagine.

Being a teenager is all about dreaming larger than you can handle. It's about doing whatever makes you happy and not caring what other people think. It's about fireworks, sparklers, and flashing lights. It's you shining in this world and brightening up each and every situation your put in. It's summer time so make the most of it and create your own ICONic Dream.

My double blog post question for the day is ... what's your life dream?
For me, I want to be either a neonatologist, or a pediatric emergency physician. But later in life I want to be a foster parent, and open my own restaurant serving high class food at affordable prices, we all deserve to eat well.


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