Personal Boundaries

Being a teenager is all about setting your limits and evaluating your morals. This past few days I've been on location at my new college, the University of Vermont, for June Orientation, and I've learned and experienced a lot. I guess you could say it was an eye opening experience for sure. One thing I realized is that if you're going to make it a teenager in this world you're going to have to set some goals, prepare yourself for some challenges, and embrace whatever gets thrown your way. Being a on college campus brings me to the topics of hallway bathrooms, personal space bubbles, and of course drugs, sex, and alcohol. Time to bring the controversy and the humor, and set some personal boundaries, y'all.

College is just a new experience overall. Nothing I've ever seen on TV/movies, heard from people, or read on websites or in books could have prepared me for the reality of just how crazy the entire thing is. So I get the residential hall that I'd be staying in for orientation weekend. And all of a sudden I've got this swippy pass thingy, and this key. Took me a while to figure out both, and my room was on the fourth floor. The stairs were literally killing me, and so was the constant, and excessive walking (I guess I'll have to get used to it). Each floor got progressively hotter as in it was like I was "ascending to hell." The place wasn't bad at all, the bed was even comfortable without a mattress pad and what not. The only thing I really didn't like was walking down the hall to the bathroom. First of all, you step into the bathroom and the floor was wet, with what, who the heck knows. The toilet was filled to the bring with smelly shat, like that's gross. If you're going to use the bathroom, please flush the freaking toilet. The other toilet was boiling with hot piss, as in like yellow urination just all over the place. I walked into the stall thinking, did someone miss, did they have an accident, and were they pissed and just pissed everywhere. Later at night, I came back to take a shower, and there was like nowhere to put my body wash and shampoo, like WTE I need to lather, rinse and repeat. The water had like no pressure behind it, it was like I was standing in a heated water fountain. I also think it's weird for me to be showering with other people in the bathroom, that's just me though. And then in the morning, I came back to brush my teeth, floss and swish some mouthwash and both sinks are just covered with facial hair. That's just sick nasty, if you're going to shave clean the darn sink, I don't want your bristles all over my tooth brush, that's just rude and inconsiderate. Personal boundaries need to be established in you're living in a dorm. If you make a mess, you clean it up, end of story. I come into the bathroom and find pubic hair everywhere, ball sweat on the mirrors, and pictures of dicks graffitied everywhere, that's a problem. Not going to happen.

Seeing my college campus for the first time was absolutely epic. The place is hella legit, the people are super chill and ultra friendly. We did tons of ice breakers, and met a boat load of people, that I'm sure will become some of my new closest friends, and even one that has best college friend potential. Tons of activities and laughs later, you come up with some personal boundaries. I saw so many different kinds of people here, and it was everything I thought it would be and more. While the majority of people seemed genuine, sincere, and outgoing, there was for sure a few that were deff reserved and kept to themselves. It's college people, and if you freak out when you're touched or bumped in to, you're going to have a huge problem. Some people just can't handle being looked at, and others are like super fragile. Either way, you're going to have to get over your fears, up your dexterity and get over it. What happens when your roommate borrows your stuff without asking, you don't kill them, you deal with it like a normal person. I plan on sharing anything and everything, within reason, with my roommate, most of the time they end up being a close friend. You know you've made a close friend, when they've passed the space bubble test. If you don't if they're laying all over you, slapping you and messing around, then you've made it. If they're always up in your face, rolling around wrestling, side by side, then you've got a new close friend. At orientation a probably made a college best friend and bro for life, super chill, completely comfortably, hilarious and completely playful, we were nudging each other from the get go. If it's weird, and it bothers you, you've got to let people know. Set your personal boundaries but for things like that feel free to explore and broaden those horizons.

Lastly, we come to the personal boundaries that you set within yourself. College is a time of major peer pressure, tons of temptation and if you want to get through with our morals strong, then you're going to have to know your limits before you go. Me, #neverhaveiever drank alcohol, nor do I plan on it. It may be weird, but I don't think it's necessary to be tipsy, buzzed, or sick wasted to have a good time. I have a good time with some soda, a whole bunch of candy, and the company of hilarious people. If you don't drink and all of a sudden you start knocking them back at college, that's not okay. You can drink a few brewskis and down a few shots, but if you get drunk on a daily basis, that's called being an alcoholic. If you are vomiting before noon on weekdays, you're a mess. Drugs, apparently my college campus is notorious for flowing freely with weed, hookah tables, and every other drug paraphernalia known to man. Will I be partaking in all that nonsense, uhm no. It may be the "in" thing to be all trippy, like messed up out of your mind, and completely disconnected from the real world, but you can be a drug haze forever. Snap the heck out of it and relax. You can get through life without drugs, I've done it, so it's easily possible. Besides, having to hide all that stuff, and the expenses adds up. Instead taking a chill pill, just chill without the extras y'all. If people offer you drugs or alcohol, you're not obligated to take it. You don't have to do anything you don't want. And of course, there's like college sex. As in co-ed on co-ed, going at it, dorm room hook ups, and study room seduction. If you want to be a tease, promiscuous just sleeping around with everyone, that's your prerogative. I for one, think abstinence is the key, but that's just me. I don't think it's wrong for people to have meaningful relationships and consummate it with mutual sex, if you want some, go and get some. But if you're spreading your crabs, revoking V-Cards like a professional sport, or kissing and telling you might be out of control. This is college, not a brothel. It's called set some personal boundaries, if you don't want to go all the way to night, met someone at the hotel room, or put out, you don't have to. No means no, always.

Being a teenager means setting yourself up for the best time of your life. It's about discovering what makes you who you are and what you can stand for and what sets you off. It's about staying true to yourself and never compromising your morals for anyone or anything, that means college is no exception. We're strong minded, fiercely willed, and passionate, try and break us down.

My blog post question for the day is ... how touchy feely are you with your friends?
Me, I'm usually not that hands on to harass my friends, but with my brothers and sister, we might be always fooling around doing stupid stuff, love.


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