Partied Out

Being a teenager means taking each day of summer to the next level. It's about breaking free, loosing yourself in some music, and having the best time possible. Summer belong to you, as in, us, like teenagers. It's the perfect time to get a little crazy, a whole lot of wild, and do whatever keeps us smiling, tanned, and full. Summer is in full swing and that means that graduation parties are still going on. Let's be honest, it's been a while since we graduated and the novelty of large amounts of food, party hopping, and awkward conversations has pretty much worn off. I'm sorry, but it's time to take a break. I'm partied out.

I feel like an infomercial right now. Are you tired of driving around aimlessly, making courteous appearances at parties you don't really want to be at? Are you fed up with the ghastly diarrhea and feeling of nauseousness from overeating sketchy foods? Are you done with explaining your college plans to people's parents and awkwardly trying to avoid parental talks? If you answered to any of those questions I've got the perfect thing for you. You're partied out. Graduation parties are great and all, you get tons of money from relatives, friends and neighbors. You see people you normally wouldn't see if you were just hanging out. And of course there is the free food, and the neverending games of cornhole. It sounds great in theory, and let me tell you, it was amazing at first to never be hungry, and being fed by others, but it for sure got old fast. Everyone is tired, and we've lost the energy to care anymore. If your party is still coming up, you'd better up the anti and add someone unique about your little shindig or else people are bound not to show up. Be creative and keep it simple. We may be partied out, but if you've got a trick up your sleeve, people will for sure come to check out what's going on.

The summer months have a special way of wearing down on you. For instance, I've been home alone for the past week and even though I enjoy being able to blast music and sing/dance in the hallways in nothing more than my boxers of my house, eat tons of junk food, and sleep for hours on end, it's tiresome. The fact that I was alone on my birthday, as in I didn't see a human face except when my daddy came to tell me he was leaving for work at 6 am, and when he returned at 11 pm is kind of a problem. Let me tell you, morning TV freaking sucks. I'm behind on all the soap operas and Nick Jr. pisses me off. I wait for the Best Years or What I Like About You to come on on Teennick and then I'm set for the day. Until then, I pop in my season 2 DVD set of 90210 and watch an episode or two. Today, the worst came to worst, and I ended up watching multiple Lifetime Movies. Y'all know I hate watching reruns so I was in a dire situation. That's when I knew I had to get out. I grabbed my IPod and headphones and went to mow my lawn. That thing might be huge, it took me a good hour and a half. You should see me, gnawing on a Cherry Blow Pop, checking twitter/facebook  in one hand, steering in the other. Then I start dancing and singing to my "Favorites" playlist of songs, and all while wearing sunglasses and cutting the grass. I might be a mess. I walk outside barefoot on the sidewalk and driveway to get the mails from the mailbox, and that's the highlight of my day. It's hard being me, for sure, not really. But when you're partied out, you need to take time to just be by yourself. Sleep in to an obscene time, I'm taling afternoon and you're still in bed. Read a book, watch some guilty pleasures, eat like a pig and do nothing. It's refreshing for sure. I'm all partied out.

Let me tell you, party hopping can get annoying. If you don't take some time off from hitting the hotspots you're going to not only wear them out but yourself also. Whenever I come home from being out, I'm tired as heck. My feet hurt, usually from dancing, or my voice is hoarse from laughing too hard. I'm all sweaty, probably because I've been hot and bothered, but I deff still smell like man scent. Since my brother pilfered my Old Spice Matterhorn Body Spray, I was forced to purchase some Axe stuff, and it makes me smell like sex. Everytime I get a whiff of myself, it's like I'm on cloud nine. I don't know if it's the pheromones I'm giving off, but whenever I go places nowadays girls like are drawn to me. Those commercials are no joke. Any who, when you're always with your friends you're bound to get tired of them. I'm telling you, you need to take a break from them or else your friendship could crash and burn. It's refreshing to not see or hear from other for a few days, just get some space to breathe, if you're always together you won't have a chance to miss one another's company. Split up for a while, get some new stories (I promise ridiculous things will happen to you, they always do, we're teenagers) and then reconvene. It's just what the doctor ordered to save your friendships from the summer slump. You'll get partied out, try doing new stuff. I'm talking instead of clubbing or partying, stay indoors and play some board games. Play some video games and cook some food together like homemade pizzas and such. Hang out, or go bowling or rollerskating. See a movie and mix it up. If your closest friends are boring you, that's a problem. You must be all partied out.

Being a teenager means being completely drained. It's time to recharge your summer, go ham and hard in the paint for round 2 of summer fun. Now's not the time to be over with everything and everyone. Keep that smile on and live each day to the fullest. We're teenagers, we live the youthful life and that includes being rejuvenated. Take some chances, be a little spontaneous and don't worry about it not being the norm. Differences can cure your partied out syndrome.

My blog post question for the day is ... what do you watch when you're bored?
I usually watch HGTV if it's House Hunters, not international (that's ridiculous), catch and FX or TNT movie or head on over to LMN for a flick.


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