Home Alone

Being a teenager means living for the moments that you make for yourself. It's summertime and that means everyone and literally everyone will be packing up their suitcases and booking out of your hometown for some sort of vacation. Collegebound kids will journey to orientation, families will swipe their passports and chuck the deuces to America and others will roadtrip the heck out here. For the rest of you who either have already gone on vacation, or are unfortunately not going anywhere this summer, there is still a shat ton of stuff for you to do. For the past week and a half, I've been home alone and it's been a fun experience to say the least. It's every teenager's dream to have no one to chastise you, not having to share anything, and having your entire house to yourself. It's time to check somethings off your list of life goals. We're home alone, ahhh.

Being home alone is a rare oppurtunity let loose and go a little crazy. It's weird waking up in my house with no noise whatsoever except for those annoying as eff birds outside my bedroom window. No brother or sister to come sit on my bed so we can make fun of anything or everything, no mother or father to send me on errands, just a large, roomy house. Let me tell you, this place has always seemed massive to me, and now that it's just me alone, it got even bigger. In the morning I lay in bed and check my email, twitter, and facebook on two laptops, my cell phone, and my ipod all at the same time, just because I can. I read the latest on celebrity news with TV Guide and then head on over to USA Today for the boring news (reading it keeps me worldly). From there I turn my I-Home as loud as it can go, and blast my favorite songs. I cheesily grab whatever I can for a mock microphone, I loose the t-shirt, and I'm all my house performing for anybody and nobody at the same time. I'm talking choreographed dancing that would give the ICONic Boyz, Jabbawockeez and Shane Harper a run for their money on the dance floor. I'm singing as loud as possible, jumping on all the couches, the beds, the chairs and the table tops. At one point I was getting it on top of the washer and dryer, now that takes skill, especially when they're running. Brush my teeth, twice, floss, mouthwash it up, do the early morning pee and take a shower, longer than usual. I take shower concerts to a whole other level, get my scrub on, shampoo, rinse and repeat. Then I'm all hot and dangerous, steamyfied and I get dressed. There's nobody to judge you, and it's great to be completely ridiculous. Now when I slide on the tile and down the stairwell railing and fell, I realized I was a mess. But it get it all out of your system now, it's a rare oppurtunity that you'll be home alone.

For food, being home alone can mess some kids up. Mother and father not around to cook for them. Well, luckily, I'm a hardcore chef, and can literally cook anything and everything. I rustle up the grub, kick my feet up and watch tons of TV. I'm talking anything and everything. I have my normal shows, and if worst comes to worst I watch a Lifetime Movie or else I whip out my DVD sets of 90210 seasons 1 and 2 to relive my favorite show. Being home alone gives you the perfect excuse to eat badly. The first few days it was nothing but soda, candy, and junk food - well in between the spaghetti, french toast, and General Joe's chicken (yeah, made from scratch people). I'll for sure be doing a post about quick and easy foods to make, and possibly another on college dorm recipes, especially if you want to surprise a sessy coed for a romantic date and a homecooked meal. After munching it's about having fun. I'm doing things I usually don't get to or am embarrassed to do, even in front of my family. Running around the house, yelling at the top of my lungs. Jumping on the bed like a bouncy house. Burning paper towels (I might need to stop playing with fire). It's your time to do whatever. When I'm all messed out, I read a book, take a nap, or get a hardcore game session in of classic Xbox Titles, I'm talking full on throwbacks people. I'm home alone.

The fact that you're home alone means you're responsible for getting the mail and keeping the house intact. It's whatever if you have a few friends over or even if you have the guts, to throw a party. I'm not talking about an out of control rager with cliche teenage alcohol vomiting, hormone releasing hookups in all the guest bedrooms, and druggie snorting circles on the kitchen counter, but a normal party. Tons of food, good music and a great time with friends. If you have a party and it gets out of hand, be prepared to take control. If the urn on your mantle is shattered your ass will be disinherited. Do not be afraid to turn the music off and tell everyone to get the hell out. No need to get the police called. Keep the stereo blasting but not loud enough that your neighbors will complain of noise pollution. Avoid double parking, that's the sure sign of a party. Keep it contained, stay in certain rooms and lock others. People need a safe place to throw their purses, keys, and wallets - if stuff is stolen, you're dead meat. When the party is over, you'll know. Teens get bored easily and they'll move on. Make sure your house is even cleaner than normal before the parents get back. Give yourself ample time to hide your bash, a few hours to get everything back to normal. This is teenage debauchery at it's best, you're home alone.

Being home alone is a real opportunity for us as teenagers to grow. It shows your parents that you're responsible and can be trusted. Hopefully they'll see you've matured and let you do it more often. You'll realize you miss your family, even if you don't usually like them. Get used to it, because ain't nobody going to baby yourself at college, no homesickness here. Y'all remember my water balloon fight last week, that was parent authorized and completely harmless, just like it should be. You all can call me Mcaulay Culkin for now. I'm home alone.

My blog post question for the day is ... what do you when you're home alone?
Party like there's no tomorrow, but seriously, I watch even more TV then usual


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