Campus's Finest

Being a teenager is all about moving on from high school to college. It's about going from high school crushes to college lovers and friends. I'm talking growing up from dinner and a movie, to sunset dates and clubbing before dorm room hang out sessions. When you step onto your college campus, everything changes. Everything is new, it's different, and that includes all the potential relationships, both friend and date-wise. I'm talking a whole new crop of girlies ready for the harvest. A new beach of curvy waves to conquer, a buffet of good eats ready to be served on a collegiate platter, the puns go on and on. It's time to step your game up, leave the high school playground behind, and age up your dating prowess.

Going to orientation put me in the front seat of the rollercoaster known as college. The University of Vermont is 57% women, and that increased ratio most definitely shows, thanks for that. I stepped onto campus and it was like it was raining girls. Sunshine pouring, girls running around in booty shorts, mini skirts, and all those tanned legs. I was like dang where have these chicas been hiding this entire time. Let me tell you, everything is better on your college campus, or that's at least how it seems. I'm just walking around, trying to pay attention, and there's pretty girls like everywhere. I'm telling you, any kind of girl you could ever imagine, they all appeared out of nowhere. It was like presto, chango, yes magic. I walk to my dorm room and on the way, little miss good looking that I caught a glimpse of in passing earlier was just chilling on the ground, trying to figure out the schedule. You know I sat down and helped the girl you, and boy did she reciprocate. You know you're making progress when she can't keep her hands off of you, and she's giggling like nobody's business. I may or may not be that funny. Then later on, I end up on a huge, flat bench, and this mixed java mocha chip drink looking girl sits right up behind me. We're back to back, and she leaned back, pretty much laying on me, accidentally. I turn around and this cuteness is all up on me. Just how I like them, cute, clumsy, and with a nice smile. I literally have girls falling all over me at this point. Apparently, they brought out the campus's finest.

So the entire time I'm trying to pay attention and figure out the entire campus, how classes work and the rest of all that jazz but there's girls who just catch my eyes and I can't even look away. We're like filling out our schedules for classes, and this girl who looks exactly like my Dream Girl, except she's white, but still with that tan, almost bronzed skin. College Babe like dressed the same way, had those eyes that seemed like they were peering into the depths of my soul. I'm writing on this paper, and this girl is staring me down hardcore. I'm talking I look up, and steal a glance and she's still looking at me. It was a good five minutes, no joke. I keep looking up and CB is giving me sex eyes, like damn sessy, we don't know each other. Glossed over plump lips, good sense of style, and just real beautiful overall, ole girl may need to get with this. If she wants it, she can get it. Then I was watching some of my new friends play some pool in the student center after a dinner, when these two stunning girls come walking down the stairs and catch me staring off into space through a window. They give me the up and down, ascending the stairs, coming back down, taking another peak at all this and then sneaking off. I just started laughing, like are you kidding me. Even at this level, flirting can just be awkward. If you're going to make a move, come on over and do something crazy. You might be the campus's finest.

College is a whole different ball game. No one knows anyone else, and so meeting people is easy at first. At least the first few weeks of it or at orientation, everyone is looking to make friends so take that time to talk to as many people as possible. It's like a free pass to approach anyone you want. All you have to do is make eye contact, and ask them where they're from, what their major is and what they're interests are. That's how I did it, exchange names to add people on facebook for later. Everybody wants to find some solid friends before the leave orientation to finish their summer break, and most people are constantly on the lookout for a future relationship. One thing I made sure to do was be myself, I shoed exactly who I am and gave people a little glimpse of what it'd be like to be friends with me. I'm not just some other random kid, I'm your classmate, your new acquaintance, and the person who'll be involved in your life for years to come. Make sure to smile a ton, just saying hey and giving a big old smile, and telling a joke is all you need to get that in with people. I'm the next newest big thing, and you might campus's finest as of now.

Being a teenager is all about fast forwarding through high school relationships and making your way to that good college stuff. College is a place where most people are more mature, and your relationships will be more meaningful. You can do what you want, and whomever you want. It's time to make the most out of an amazing situation and get yourself some. Start your own entourage, roll deep, and get the girl of your fraternity yours on your arm ASAP. She's campus's finest.

My blog post question for the day is ... what's the best part of meeting new people?
I think it's just seeing fresh people, and the journey as a whole to friendship.


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