On Your Own

Being a teenager means eventually having to grow up and embark on the journey called life on your own. Today I went hard in the paint, a little bit ham, and whole lot of independent by making my way to Burlington, Vermont for my June Orientation. Let me tell you, it's been a long journey, but I safely made it. I hate airports, they're like a huge maze and when you have to take busses and trams to your terminal then you know you're in trouble. Like WTE, do you purposefully want me to get lost, and miss my flight? Uh uh, no thank you, I schooled those airports and beasted my way to campus. It's time to stop depending on mother and father for everything and get going out on your own.

Independence is one of the many things that all teenagers need to learn. It starts with the little things but it grows more and more until you complete leave the shadow of your parents and your complete start your own life. Teenagedom means wanting to be on your own,doing things for yourselves and making your own choices. At the beginning of high school, like freshman year your going to want/need to go out with your friends, football games, movies, and mall trips - just ask the parents for some cheddar and get yourself out there. It's a firsthand experience figuring out what kind of person you are, whether that be outgoing and very self driven, or more reserved or reliant on your parents. You'll go places and do things to push your boundaries and find out what is and is not okay with you. Crazy rager parties with underage drinking or drugs being passed around, you either partake in the debauchery or you don't. Hookup sessions and rotation parties, you can either put out or get out. You make your own choices, succumb to peer pressure or stand above and you get that ish outta here. It's time to stop looking to mom and dad for direction, get up and go out on your own.

It's embarrassing when you see kids in high school still being babied by their parents. It's one thing to have your parents pay for everything, as is the case with me, but it's another for them to still tag along with you everywhere you go. If you're going to go someplace then your parents should not be following you there. If I'm going to the bathroom then I don't need mommy and daddy checking in on me, I can drop a deuce without parental supervision. One thing you have to learn as a teenager is that you will eventually have to stand up to your parents and let them know that you're no longer a kid. I'm a freaking young adult, and I carry myself that way. Let it be known that you can't be expected to be treated as a respectable person if you still act like a little kid. Throwing tantrums, crying up a storm, and completely disregarding what your parents say will keep you stuck in their minds as an insolent child, for like ever. It's to grow some cajones, let your balls drop, and go out on your own.

If you're a 2011 high school graduate, then you're apart of the one-one get some community. It's time for us all to spit out the pacifiers, disable the monitors, grab the keys and peel the heck outta here. Going to college means pretty much starting over (unless you go to a local college with your close friends for high school part 2). You don't know anyone, and no one knows you. It's a voyage of self discovery. Before you can step on to campus, fully prepared, you need to get yourself together and figure out just seriously who are you. It's so easy to get lost in college, literally and personally (campus might be a bit of a maze) and if you lose yourself, then all the hard work was for nothing. You need to know what makes you laugh, what hurts your feelings, what fires you up and what bores you. You've got to know how you not only affect the people around you, but you yourself with your thoughts and actions. At orientation we had this social justice lady come speak to us,  and it was for real deep when she said you have to be aware of yourself before you can be aware of anyone else. Notice what you're doing, how you do it and what the effects are. If you've got a problem, figure out what it is and change it. It's your time to be yourself, nobody knows you here and it's your time to set off like a firework, all on your own.

Being a teenager is about preparing yourself to venture out on your own. It's about learning the things you need to be a productive member of society. It's about doing what makes you happy, feeling however you feel, and feeling secure within yourself. It's about moving forward, moving on, and keeping on that keeping on. Do your own thing, check yourself before you wreck yourself, and get ready to go out on your own.

My blog post question for the day is ... how do you feel about going to college?
I'm like super excited to meet a ton of new people, and make some new friends to add to my arsenal of great ones already. Being out on my own might be a little scary, but I know my parents will always be there for me when I need it, but I'll deff try not to need them.


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