I Got It From My Daddy

Being a teenager means having to deal with your parents. Yesterday was father's day and with me being home alone with just my dad, it was an interesting day. Hanging out with my dad is always an adventure because we literally are the exact same person. Some people say they might be their father's sons, but my dad calls me his carbon copy. Like we couldn't be any more genetically or personality-wise, similar. It was a fun filled day. It always geeks me out whenever we're on the highway on the way to church and people stare at us. Why yes the jealousy and confusion on your face is real, and what you're seeing truly is amazing. Two strapping men cruising in a luxury vehicle looking classy. From another long day at church we went to Applebees to get our grub on. After that we went home and did some loan work, let me tell you applying for loans is a long boring process, that I know nothing about, than goodness my dad knows what he's doing or else I'd not be going to college. Later we went grocery shopping, and bought some man food. It was pretty awesome. Not going to lie, but I love my daddy with all my heart. He's an awe-inspiring person, he understands me, and thinks rationally like I do, so it works out. I got it from my daddy.

Your relationship with your parents is super important when you're a teenager. However you leave your situation at the end of high school is probably how it's going to be for the majority of your life. Dads play a special role in your life, whether you're a boy or a girl. Your dad teaches you how to drive, how to take control, and how to mow the lawn. For girls you dad is your ultimate protector, and he spoils you ridiculously. As in my sister, she gets what she wants and she's for sure protected, with four older brothers she's set for life. With your dad you need to really make an effort. If your dad is anything like my dad, you need to make an effort to get to know him. Since my dad is constantly at work, yeah he has 3 jobs and works an 86 work week (freaking beat that) whenever I can I spend time with him. It wasn't until my latter high school years that I discovered that my dad is actually hilarious. He might be funnier than me, quite possibly. He leaves CNN on all night while he sleeps, and if you turn it off, he instantly wakes up. He takes all his clothes to the laundromat and has a never ending supply of dress shirts and ties. He just started broadening his food tastes, so seeing him eat chocolate ice cream, or cookies geeks me out. Whenever we go to McDonald's for breakfast, he gets a big breakfast. At work, he doesn't answer anyone's calls unless it's from one off his kids and he only eats once a day. Don't judge me but I consider my family pretty much like the Huxtables on the Cosby Show, almost exactly - we've got all the characters down.  All I know is all the smarts, the good looks, the and my quiet reserved side, I got it from my daddy. You can thank my mother for all my dancing skills, my love of food and drama, and my outgoing personality, oh and my ability to write up a storm.

I used to think my dad was absolutely perfect, and then I realized he was just a human being. He has his flaws, which may or may not actually exist. For me that was finding out that his charitable philanthropy can sometimes displace me. My dad is awesome because he does what I do. When people get on his nerves, they bother him or are completely incompetent he gives it to them like nobody's business. People trying to rip us off, or pretend to not understand us, he lets them have it. He's made people cry over the phone for being absolute inadequate. At my school, everyone knows of my parents, in particular my father, he's made a name for himself as a no bullcrap kind of person. We take education seriously, foreign parents do do it better. If you get told off by my dad, I'm sure you'll never be speaking or seeing us ever again. When ignorant patients come in to his office he deals with them like a pro. Not only does he save lives, he changes lives on a daily basis. He's patient, and compassionate, and he goes out his way to really get to know the people he takes care of. The fact that people call his office to make he's there before coming in, proves he's the best of the best. He's a a genius and such a genuine person. Seriously, who files people's immigration papers for free, it saves them thousands of dollars and years of time and he asks for nothing in return. It's because of him that I'm the way that I am. I got it from my daddy.

Being a teenager is all about keeping your parents happy. I don't really understand why it's so hard for a lot teens to keep a healthy relationship with their parents. Most people just don't try. You need to take the time to actually listen to them. They're really not as out of touch with modern times as you might think. They're here to help and they only want the best for you. Instead of being estranged, take into consideration their wisdom and realize they will forever be your parents. I got it from my daddy.

My double blog post question for the day is ... what's your favorite thing about your dad?
My dad loves chicken drumsticks, and he punishes them like nobody's business. He has great sayings like "Open your ears" or "You must be damn crazy" #daddydearest


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