Meet the Roommate

Being a teenager is all about progressing from your crazy ridiculous high school days, to your more grown up, and even more wild college years. Someone, somewhere once said, that college is supposed to be the best years of your life. I'll take his/her word for it. It's a time to start over, completely reinvent yourself (if you want to, there's no need to fix all this) and be whoever you want to be. College is a time that most people really are forced to grow up. Away from home and parents, washing your own stanky ass moldy laundry with last Tuesday's tuna casserole surprised stained in, paying for those unnecessarily thick and expensive death traps known as textbooks, and getting yourself tested when there's the fear that you might have contracted a sick nasty STD. One of  the first things you'll do on your college move in day is swallow your fear, wipe away the tears, crack open your dorm room door, plop down your box of random stuff and meet the roommate.

Before you enter the moment that you and the person that'll probably see and know more about you, thank ever before, meet, you've got to finish the process of getting there. Almost every college forces it's student to sign a housing/meal contract, no one reads the damn things, just some useless mumbo jumbo stating you'll pay for those raggedy ass, run down, rudimentary dorm rooms, and mediocre, and weight gaining food. Choose the best plan for you, if your school has an unlimited plan, go for it, it might be a little bit more expensive but all you care to eat, and no need to watch for how many times you stuff your face each day. Once you've done that part, it's time to figure out your whole roommate situation. You've probably got two options, you find someone to room with by personal choice, or fill out some randomly vague questions on sleeping habits, cleanliness, and volume of music while studying and get paired with a random roommate. If you're going to room with someone, make sure it's someone new to you. Not a former classmate or friend, many a friendships have been destroyed by rooming together. It's one thing to see the person all the time, but when it's literally all the time because your naive self decided to live with them, it's pretty much like murder-suicide. Head on over to good old facebook and creep like you've never crept before, fill out ridiculously long questionnaires, check likes for compatibility and scan through pictures to figure out the places the frequent, whether that be swimming pools, amusement parks, and theatres, or sketchy parking lots, underground manholes and stranded rafts. If you find someone you might be perfect for, go ahead and room with them, a stranger is still a stranger, and change, which is what we all gosh darn, need. And of course, the old fashioned way, like I'm doing, is completely random, whatever fortune draws me for I'll take. However, you can self disclaim by being involved in a housing arrangement, such as the honors college which narrows the field wildly. Chill the heck out, submit that stuff, get the information, flip the freaking script and get ready to move in and meet the roommate.

The moment of truth probably happens a few weeks before school where you get your housing assignment and all the mystery comes to it's high point. It's like your in an episode of Classic Scooby Doo and you're about to unmask the culprit. Rush on over to facebook and stalk, yes, stalk the heck out of that profile. But don't make any assumptions, it should come with a disclaimer *people on facebook may or may not be cooler than they appear to be. Use the cell phone number provided to actually call the person, it's more personal, and can be super nerve-racking but it's so much better in the long run. You've got to discuss the basic stuff like who's bringing the printer, TV, mini-fridge, area rug, Xbox 360, and microwave. What you need to do is split that shat right down the middle. Now that that's all settled, it's time for yourself to move in. Move in day might be super ridiculous, everyone is nervous. I promise you I'll probably be shaking and sweating uncontrollable, but it's whatevs. You enter your room, and you'll either be the first person there, or you will stumble upon your roommate. Also, if you have a suite, cross the bathroom and enter the other room to see your other bathroom-mates. Keep your parents on a leash, as in, do not allow them to say anything ignorant to your roommates, first impressions are notorious for being rough, because they only happen once. Introduce yourself, crack a joke, and talk it up as much as possible. Exchange phone numbers, and you'll probably end up going to the opening weekend festivities together. Uhm, you've like met the roommate.

It'll take some getting used to, I'm sure. Sharing a room with someone you don't know, and a bathroom with a few other randoms will seem daunting at first but you'll get used to it. All you have to do is make an effort to become friends. It's really common for roommates become good friends, if not lifelong best friends. It's more rare for there to be hatred, drama, and constant fights, most people just aren't that crazy. To survive the roommate, you're going to need to set up some room rules. Like how loud you can blast your music, when you can wake each other up, and when the TV has to be turned off. You'll have to make a symbol for one your roommate is knocking boots or just getting some, meaning you'd best sleep elsewhere (walking in on your roommate is never cool). You'll figure out the temperature situation, take turns with the bathroom and get used to see each other not really clothed. Eventually you'll just change right in front of one another like it's the freaking YMCA. If you've got problems with drug use and alcoholic beverages being around, you'd best confront your roommate before going to tattle on them. Roommates are people that end up knowing you, probably even better than you know yourself. They'll be around for a year, and a lot of people end up living together again. Make the most out of a random situation, and meet the roommate.

Being a teenager is about aging it up eventually. It's about leaving home and heading off to college. It's about taking responsibility and making your own rules. It's about making new friends, and compromising when you've got disagreements. It's about the nights on your floor that you'll remember forever, sitting in a circle, studying, eating and laughing like you don't have a big ass exam tomorrow. It's about getting to know people and meeting the roommate.

My double blog post question for the day is ... what do you want out of your roommate?
Yeah, I want someone as funny as me, hopefully with similar interests but some variety would be great. Pretty much a future close friend


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