Best Kept Secret

Being a teenager is all about the art of keeping secrets. Let me tell you, if you're going to be a teen, you need to learn to lie. While it may not be good in some situations, a lot of the time it' just easier and saves you the trouble of telling the truth. There's a major difference between little lies and one's that completely change somebodies life. As a young person, our parents need to know where we are at all times it seems. For me, I have no problem letting mom and dad where I'll be going, but if they've never met the person or would even comprehend the place I'm going, I just keep it super vague. Whenever I go out to any of those teen clubs, it's "I'm going out dancing with friends" no location needed, lol. If I'm going to a party, it's "I'm going to hang out with friends and eat." In their minds I should only have like 3 friends total. Sorry to disappoint but as a teenager I'm a quite social person. Some things are just better to stay hidden, better known as best kept secrets.

I can't really remember the day I started lying for my brother, but ever since I could remember that's I ever seem to do. He lies to me, and I lie to him. Like we had a Nintendo Gamecube (still freaking love the thing) and I had my copy of Super Smash Bros. Melee, one day is just disappeared. I asked him directly, did you take it and sell it. He lied and said no, a few years later he finally confessed. There's like a time limit on these things, you wait a few months and it just becomes a funny story. I think it was sophomore year, I won $100 from a local bank for having perfect attendance at school and my brother asked to borrow it on Black Friday to go shopping. My mother had warned me not to give it to him, but he's a persistent one, that guy. He spent it, and for the next few weeks I had to lie to my mom and tell her I lost it somewhere in my room. Eventually she figured out what had happened, and he never paid me back. When we were 5 and 6, and Pokemon were the big thing, we took $1000 from our mom's purse and gave it to our neighbor to trade for a binder of Pokemon cards, we didn't understand the value of money (and I would say, I could care less today) and we never got it back or the binder. WTE. These are just some of our best kept secrets.

Best kept secrets are the ones we take to the grave. If I ever listed to you the things my brother has done, it would never end. I'm not saying I'm perfect, I kind of have this "better than everybody else" attitude, and some legendary tell offs, and knack for being super dramatic, but other than that, I'm probably the best kid ever. It's not often that the vicious side of me comes out, but when it does, the plotting, and planning is like no one has ever seen. Trust me, I take getting revenge seriously. If I want to ruin your life, it will be done, and you'll never be able to show your face around me again, end of story. In my family there's no such thing as a curfew. There's no need for one since we don't do anything bad. The latest I've ever come home as 3am, and my parents don't wait up for us really either, they know I'm safe and I'll let them know if I need help. My brother, has abused that power ever since he discovered. Sneaking out might be his favorite thing. Disabling the chime on the alarm so the door doesn't sound when he leaves and of course never having his house key to get back inside. Calling me in the middle of the night might be his favorite thing to do. No time is too late, whether it be 2 am or 4 am. I can only stay up so long. The worst was when he came back from college I was still in high school and I'd have to wake up from my 5 hours of sleep just to unlock the door. So this past winter break, our cousin got us roll call tickets to a Pacers vs. Hornets game and we lied and told our parents that our friend's uncle was driving us. My brother drove us to Indiana and on the way back, there was literally over a foot of snow and ice on the road and we almost spun out twice and died. No joke, my life flashed before my eyes. Cars were turned over, others were overheating, and it was literally the storm of the century. But we got home safely, but our parents will never know. Some of the best kept secrets.

When my brother lies, he lies and they just keep on coming. There have been so many incidents I can't even being to recall. This one time my mom went downstairs and found a friend, that happened to be a girl, in the basement closet. My brother doesn't understand the concept of asking to have people over, he just sneaks them in the backway in the basement and hopes not to be discovered. Apparently the basement of our house is known as the "basement" because everybody who's anybody has been down there for a secret get together. I'm talking allegedly some mixed drinks (we don't have alcohol in our house, because none of drink, but people forget and give us wine at Christmas and my parents always regift it) - and a whole lot of hookups. And of course there was the fabled secret girlfriend. That was hands down the best kept secret. Sneaking her in and out and leaving whenever he could to go meet with her so they could be together. I wouldn't say we're not allowed to date in high school, but I would say it's highly frowned upon. My parents have always had their suspicions like why the basement door was always unlocked, and why things went missed, but whenever they questioned me I never ever told. Even though he bothers me, he's always my brother and my best kept secret.

Being a teenager means constantly lying to your parents. You can try and have the perfect relationship with them, but when it comes down to it, you need to know the difference, between being a snitch and telling the necessary truth. Siblings come first and if you're going to lie, do it well. That's my best kept secret right there.

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