Super Awkward

Being a teenager is all about the unbearable awkward moments in your life. It's the summer and now that I'm done with high school, I'm all about looking forward to college. I went to orientation and I've still got questions. There's a ton of questions that still haven't been answered. Like can people handle me, and what is and is not okay. One of the questions I stupidly asked was, "So do you guys celebrate birthdays" and I meant like do floor throw parties, and of course everyone else in my little group laughed, but this one chick snidely answered, "No, unless you want your professor to bake you cupcakes, you're friends take care of that." It's a valid question and I for sure did not need the attitude. Time to answer some of your burning but embarrassing questions, this is super awkward.

Dorm rooms. I don't know about all of you but I'm kind of expecting to be pretty good friends with my roommate. I've read on multiple websites to not plan on best friendship, but WTE, how could you live with someone you're not friend's with. I agree that you can't force friendship but freaking make the effort. You'll benefit from it in the long run. Another one of my questions was how do you change clothes? Sounds ridiculous right, but it's a real worry I have. Like is it awkward if I'm in the shower and a suitemate's dropping a load or taking a whaz at the same time? Is it acceptable to change boxers in front of your roommate? At home, I change whenever, and my siblings are in the room, they just look away. Is that weird? So I saved y'all the trouble and did the research. Most people suggest after you shower changing your underwear in the bathroom, or with a towel around your waist if you're in your bedroom. Then it's whatever to put on the rest of your clothes. But it's definitely something you want to discuss with your roommate. We don't want any flashing or out of control humiliation going on. This is just super awkward.

Okay, so I was thinking do people really hookup in the dorm rooms as much as we're lead to believe? What do you do if your roommate is making hanky-panky or doing the dirty and you need to study or sleep? Yeah, so the rumors are true. Some people really are sexual animals and will be knocking boots are your inconvenience. It is really necessary to discuss sex boundaries, like is okay if your roommate gets some in your room at all, can the fun buddy spend the night and what is the sign to know someone's getting hot and heavy? I guess I have no problem with some dirty deeds, as long as it doesn't happen on my bed, and hanging out afterwards is whatever as long as it doesn't continue while I'm in the room. The signal, a note on the whiteboard with DTF or sexy-time would be great. A tube sock or a tie around the handle is cool. As long I'm not walking into a porno, I'm good. However, if your roommate is always kicking you out of your room because they're bringing back their booty calls, that's a problem. We all need to be able to study, and sleep without hearing moaning from the orgy happening in the bed next to you. That's for sure getting super awkward.

What do you do if your roommate brings back a shat ton of booze or a large stash of drugs and starts getting wild in your room? I mean you don't want to be a snitch, but you also don't want to get kicked out of college just because your room smelled of cheap beer and rancid weed. Let your roommate know you'd prefer for them to indulge in that stuff elsewhere if it bothers you. Now gender neutral bathrooms, if you use one, don't be surprised if you see the opposite gender in there. Now they're not some pervert, it's just progressive housing. Girls and guys can be gross, a used condom or a bloody tampon can be a sight to see, just avoid coming into contact with all that. Religion if people around you aren't religious don't force it on them, and but let them know they need to respect your beliefs just like you respect theirs. Praying in public sometimes may or may not be best thing. What do you do if your roommate comes out to you as apart of the LGBTQA? Don't jump to the conclusion that they like you like you, and it really shouldn't change your opinion of them. Be patient and learn, not brash, brazen and ignorant. Deal with it, they're still the same person, and they told you because they think they can trust you. Don't prove them wrong by spreading rumors or talking about person business behind their backs. This can get super awkward.

Being a teenager means there's going to be some big changes in your life. College is your major step to becoming more mature and adult. It's great to have questions, but be mindful of your surroundings before you ask them and look dumb as eff. If you don't know the answer, someone else does. Don't be afraid to ask for help, messing up can be super awkward.

My blog post question for the day is ... do you have any awkward college questions? Leave them in a comment here


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