My Brother's Keeper

Being a teenager means always having to deal with your siblings. That may mean some rough tough fights, and a whole lot of yelling matches. Probably includes some stealing money, borrowing clothes without asking, and ridiculous pranks that just cause more problems than laughter. Here's the thing about family, you can't choose your family, and whether you like it or not, you're related, so you should probably get used to the embarrassing situations and unexplainable moments. For example, I have this brother, and you shouldn't even get me started on him because our feud probably dates back to the day I was born. Overall I would say we were close, but the fights, battles, and out of control incidents have been more than enough for this lifeftime. The older we got, the more vicious and unbearable each encounter got. Somehow, overtime I just became my brother's keeper.

Y'all probably know the story of Cain and Abel, no I'm not about to go biblical of you all and start preaching up an impromptu sermon, this is teenagedom not the old ages of Methuselah. But it's pretty much a good comparison to how I see my brother. I remember the week before we moved into our current house, the entire family came to take a tour of what we'd built. We fought over bedrooms, mine is apparently a square foot larger than his. Empty rooms everywhere, and he wanted mine, so he jumped up and roundhouse kicked me, Chuck Norris style, in the face, effectively causing a nosebleed and staining the white carpet even before we'd moved in. Fast forward to now and the arguments still happen all the time. He left for college at the beginning of the school year and I finally got to reclaim our supposed to be shared bathroom (he was so dirty I shared with my sister for like 6 years). Before my mother and I took him to his campus, he took a big poop and left in in the toilet just for me. Then he took a whole ear of corn on the cob and put in the tank. Thanks brother. After a life-changing incident right before he left for campus (story for another time) we dropped him off and helped him move in. After carrying up his stuff multiple flights of stairs on my first official weekend of senior year (missed the football game and all of Labor Day weekend) he cursed me out and completely dissed me when we were leaving. I didn't have to come and help your ungrateful ass, but hey what are brother's keeper's for?

The years went be, and we grew older and the fights more brutal. First of all, I freaking love popcorn, I'll eat it burn, wet, or smothered in butter, no matter what it's my favorite food. I'll even eat it off the ground, judge me all you want, but that ish is good eats. So I have this bowl of popcorn and I come walking into the Great Room of our house (family room) and my brother is using the laptop that we're supposed to chair. I have homework to do and I actually need it, and he's messaging girls on myspace or selling Air Jordan's on Ebay or something unnecessary like that. He slaps the popcorn out of my hand onto the ground effectively pissing me the hell off, so I jump on him and we wrestle. It's a blur from there but he slammed my elbow into the laptop screen shattering it and ruining our lives. Granted at the time we had 3 other computers, it was the mobility that we wanted. A raging fight ensued, I'm talking he grabbed the butcher knife and I wielded the carving knife, swipes were made and we're yelling up a storm. Death threats and my personal favorite, the threat to finally tell everything he'd ever done, were shouted. He grabbed me by the shoulders and threw me headfirst into the glass door leading to the backyard full force. Picked me up and slammed on the ground, and chocked me to the point well I was loosing consciousness. Hocked a loogie and spat on me and we went upstairs to sit in our rooms while our mother and sister tried to calm us down. I was done, he literally tried to kill me and I was tired of keeping all his damn secrets, for what, for him to get mad and attack me again. All I know is whenever we're fighting I might be heated, but I can't really hurt him, while he on the other has made multiple attempts at my life. In my family, I'm known as the good one, literally perfect in everyway, I rarely talk back, I clean the house (our house is freaking huge), including bathrooms without being asked, and now I mow the lawn (our yards are big as eff too), and cook. It's like I'm the Cinderella. I never get anything, and that's literally the truth. Nothing for birthdays, not even a cake, and Christmas, our parents give us money and we are told to spend it on our friends. One time, the brother, went over the allotted $150 for Christmas and spent a total of $405 buying a PSP without asking on our parents' credit card, no punishment. Too many times has it happened that I've been my brother's keeper.

I'm talking at least on a monthly basis a massive fight happens, and I'm always the one to get hurt. Sitting at the dinner table and I didn't want to give him my darn McDonald's french fries after he'd just eaten his. He threw some cutlery at me, and I splashed my drink on him. He did the same and then he flipped the heck out, knocked me over in my chair and stepped as hard as he could on my face with his shoes on. I had braces and getting a bracket and wires embedded in your lip is even more painful than you'd expect. I just left, went to the garage and hung out. I've told my mother multiple times that he doesn't care, and she for once got to see it. Nothing happened, and the next day I started volunteering at the hospital with a more than fat lip, my excuse, I walked into a door (again) and of course we took employee pictures that day as well. Whenever he'd not to want to do chores I'd end up doing them, no punishments enforced. The special treatment just kept coming. Here's an example of the psycho-manipulating he accomplished. My parents never let him use the car, because he comes home several hours later than they want, and he never answers his phone or texts when they call him to ask about his whereabouts. I'm the liason, for to text him and ask him when he's coming home. So it's his high school graduation, and we're supposed to go his friend's graduation party afterwards, and I was with him which meant he could have the car as long as he wanted. Probably 5 miles before we got home to change, he completely went from happy to angry. He told me I had a bad attitude and that I just shouldn't even come to the party because I was an annoying burden. I literally hadn't said anything other than that he needed to not text while driving, stop speeding and stop blasting music. By the end of the ride I was in tears and was left at home to sob in my room while he went out to have fun. He never had any intention of taking me with him, I was nothing more than a token for him to get the car. Classic my brother's keeper.

Being a teenager is all about handling your siblings. It's a more than tough experience. It can wholeheartedly change your life, like you'll find out it changed mine. Check back tomorrow for another part of this gripping true story of brotherhood gone more than bad. We've got all the lying and dirty secrets, and then we'll get to the psychological breakdown. These blog posts hit closer to home than ever. Don't get it twisted, I love my brother, and if anything ever happened to him, I'd literally die. But somehow I'll always be my brother's keeper.

My double blog post question for the day is ... have you ever fought your siblings?
Uhm, yeah, more than the average person I'd say.


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