Bring It Down

Being a teenager means watching you back at all times. It's summertime which means the majority of the encounters you'll have with classmates and other high school going kiddies is via, text messages, twitter, and facebook. We all act like we couldn't give a rat's ass about anyone else's summer whereabouts but we all know we have to know everything about everybody at all times, even when we're vacationing. And this is how the epic summer rumors spread. Out of the sand, under the blazing sun, and with one glimpse of an impromptu Sonic date, the floodgates open and everyone think they know what you've been up to and who you've been doing. Mudslinging is like a teenager art form, we all do it differently. Time to bring it on down.

Each and every high school has that legendary spot that's unbearable visible and is pretty much the starting ground for most rumors. For the community of rambunctious teenager in my area it's the local Sonic Drive-In. There's like this open area where people sit, and everytime you drive by that place, you'll see someone you know. It's always sketchy as hell, and almost every siting takes place there. If you're looking to have a rumor started about you and someone else "talking" - dating or hooking up then that's the place to get it done. And of course there's the local amusement park Kings Island, better known as KI. The rumors of people trading sexual favors on the rides are completely crazy. If you're looking for a sleazy get together, that's the location for no holds barred teenage debacuhery. Never should you ever whip out your cell phone on a rollercoaster, you will drop it, and it will shatter into a mind blowing amount of little pieces, no text it worth it. Wearing sunglasess is probably a bad idea too, you're just asking to be brought down.

One of the many ways you can know that people are creeping on you hardcore is with facebook. If you deactivate your account for like a week, I promise people will freak the freak out. It's crazy, everybody will start texting you and wonder what the heck is going on. Not willing to take it that far, delete facebook friends and people will eventually notice that you're missing from their news feed, and the one's who really need their daily dose of you will refriend you ASAP. It's kind of hilarious, just how much people depend on you just to keep tabs on. Like get off my jock and relax, I'm my own person, so why don't you stop checking in on my life and start living yours. Some people are just so weird, it's like they're obsessed with me/you or something. They have to know where I am, what I'm doing, and who I'm with at all times. My brother has adopted this mantra of barely being seen in public this summer and because of it, every witnessing of him is like an out of control experience. And don't even get me started on when he was out of town for 3 weeks on vacation, everyone bombarded with me questions about what he was doing. Like get out of here, if you were meant to know about his life, you'd know. You're nothing more than a bring down artist.

Rumors especially over the summer can be the stuff of legend. Rumors of people start over vacation can be absolutely ridiculous. One of the best ones I've heard at least this summer are a drunken sex spree. Teenagers getting sick nasty wasted and losing all inhibitions and just having sex, and ruefully regretting it afterwards. The classic getting caught with various drug parephenilia and being hardcore busted by the police. Anything and everything that could possibly be thought comes out during the blazing hot summer months. If your summer activities leave you either spending a night in jail or completely grounded, then you might have a problem. It's not every late night that you should go around smashing mailboxes with baseball bats, egging houses, and TP-ing front lawns. It's called do something normal for once and sit yourself out. It might be about time to bring it on down.

Being a teenager is all about combating the drama and dealing with haters. What people don't know is that we're all real people and whatever they say has an affect on each and every one of us. Words really can and do hurt, so if there's some bull crap story going around about you, confront it at the source before it gets completely out of hand. It just may bring you down.

My double blog post question for the day is ... what's the most ridiculous rumor you've ever heard about yourself? Allegedly there was a rumor going around that I am completely unapproachable, squashed that one ASAP.


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