Absolute Justice

Being a teenager means that you're getting to get fired up. I watch the news, no it doesn't make it weird or put me in a mid-life crisis. It just means I like to know WTE is going on in this crazy world. If you really think about it, it seems like our world is absolutely falling apart, and that's just in our good old land of America. If we've got it bad, just think about all the less than fortunate people around the world suffering. This week the water heater in our house broken, and that entailed taking bathy/showers with a bucket after boiling some water on the stove. First of all, the amount of hot water burns I have all my body is unsightly but you get over it because at least you can take a shower. It's the little things that get me started, and then there's the big things like the horrendous mess that is the court system. I'm not a legal buff or anything, but yet again my extensive obsession with TV, which includes multiple lawyer serial dramas, gives me the knowledge to put in my opinion. I don't care what the law says, I make my own rules and am about to give my personal opinion. Be prepared for some absolute justice.

So here's the thing, this post will probably angry a lot of people, but what would being a teenager be without causing a ruckus? One of the biggest things that bothers me more than anything else are pets. I don't have a problem with people having them, but I think they're unnecessary. Here's why. It literally pisses me off that people will adopt a pet over a child. Like are you kidding, that's another human being that you're just overlooking like they don't matter. Animals are whatever, giving one of them a good life is nothing compared to completely changing a kids life by becoming a foster parent. Those commercials for those abused animals mean nothing to me, and neither do those scam advertisements for children in Africa. Those things give the homeland a bad reputation, but the real problem is that there are more than enough abandoned children here in America. It's my life goal to open group homes and even my own personal house to any children seeking refuge, help and just a loving place to grow. I'll for sure be adopting children, as in it's a deal breaker for when I'm about to be wifed up, if she can't handle it, she can get to stepping. I want to be able to take kids and change their lives, help them succeed and pay for their college tuition just for them to have a fair chance at this life. So where's the absolute justice - here it is. Michael Vick, that football playing fool, spent two years in prison for fighting dogs. That's ridiculous, they are some damn dogs, but people can go free for killing people, especially children? What kind of sense does that make. It just shows how much Americans value animals over human life. It's sad and pathetic. Where's the justice in that?

Shane Harper said it best, so here's the thing, I say what I mean, no hiding back behind some clever line. The death penalty is uncalled for. Who are we to kill people because of their crimes? There's no way I could be a judge, because it's not our place to do so in the first place. I think that life in prison is more than enough punishment for any crimes that would be punishable by death. Having your freedoms taken away from you is the greatest punishment imaginable. Let me give a shout out to mister OJ Simpson and little miss Casey Anthony for getting away with their heinous crimes. There's only a handful of excuses I would find valid to taking someone else's life (if they're going to kill you) - and neither of those two criminals achieve that graceful status. How could you murder your own wife and cover it up? And to kill your own child, that's like the worst crime in all of history. They'll have to live with what they've done for the rest of their lives, oh and that includes getting what they deserve for that little thing called eternity. They may have proved their innocence here, but justice has a way of always being served. Politicians, they'll be taught a lesson some time. That new Republican lady who's running for president, Michelle Bachmann - first of all the diva needs to sit, she's not going anywhere, and she's nothing more than a pawn. Secondly, her husband is a lying thief, their family accused politicians of purchasing expensive luxury cars and writing them off with tax money which is true and super wrong - but then her husband is a psychiatrist who took government money to cure patients and pocketed it all for himself. Yeah, sit your crazy self down, you must be hypnotized to think you're going anywhere. It gets me heated to know that my parents pay, let's just say my potential college graduation car (Mercedes Benz G550) in taxes every year, or two years of a Columbia University tuition, and for what - pothole ridden roads, doughnut eating ticket happy cops, and greedy dirty villages. Where's the absolute justice?

Now that I'm 18, apparently I have to care about the law. Some of the privileges I'm going to be enjoying are, signing for my own stuff, real clubs, ordering from infomercials, and of course the right to vote, strike me down for saying it, but OBAMA 2012 - Democrats/Liberals where you at? If I ever get jury duty, I'll have to plead youthfully insane, there's no way I could be responsible for acquitting or trying someone, that is not my job. I've got an opinion on pretty much every aspect of our country, like NASA, that crap needs to be disbanded. Why are we spending billions of dollars chasing stardust and asteroid belts, astronauts please that's a job of the past. How about coming back down to Earth and being real, we haven't even finished populating North Dakota why would we try to colonize Mars. Manifest Destiny my arse. Mandatory insurance, uhm heck yes, so people can get some preventative medicine instead of coming to the hospital when it gets really bad. Oh I know all about that, we're paying for their healthcare anyway, get the freeloaders to do it. Welfare, and worker's compensation - should only be if you're actively looking for a J.O.B. not sitting on your lazy butt spending my parents' taxpayer money, no way. I'mma come at you bro, absolute justice style.

Being a teenager means making a scene whenever you want. Just because you're young doesn't mean you don't care about the issues. Time to banish the misconception that teenagers don't speak politics. Get up to date on the things that matters and broaden your worldly horizons or else no absolute justice for you.

My blog post question for the day is ... what issues matter most to you? Well college tuition is massive, most people can't afford that and loaners are literal sharks. Oh, abortion makes my skin crawl. Marijuana should never be legalized and using it for medical purposes is a farce. The list goes on and on.


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