Wall to Wall

Being a teenagers means taking control and putting yourself in charge. For those of us who are heading either off to college for the first time as freshmen or making the return trip back to our university, we all know that dorm rooms are literally are home away from home. There's so many things you can do to make your dorm comfortable, but a reflection of yourself that you're proud to display. I'm not talking about beer bottles, last night's puke on the outside of the toilet seat, and ramen noodles everywhere, nor birth control pills, grungy bras, or sketchy reds covering the floor. I'm talking about having the dorm room of your dreams, making the most out of your space, and making all your floormates jealous that you've got it all covered from wall to wall.

The biggest obstacle with dorm design is the lack of space. Most freshmen are in double rooms and your ever so gracious has provided you with a twin xl large bed, uncomfortable at best, a terrible chair, a mediocre desk, a dresser, and a wardrobe/closet/Armour - multiply that all by two, and your small space just got even smaller. Don't worry, there's multiple ways to make do with what you've got. First make a few decisions, do you and your roommate want to great increase your room space by bunking beds? If not, you could loft your bed and move your desk under it. If you're doing neither of those, purchasing bed risers is a must, adds a few inches to your bed frame, lifting it up for things to fit under your bed. Now that that is all said and done, it's time to start designing your dorm. The best place to start is to choose some colors. Begin with your bedding, your quilty, comforter, or sham is the source for the majority of the personality in your room. Two tones are good enough, for guys try maybe a crimson red and a black, grey and black, dark green and grey, navy blue and black - for girls, the brighter the better, and you've got a ton more options. Find the perfect bed set with a design you like, for guys, it'll probably either be plain colored, plaid or striped, for girls lacey patterns, polka dots, and animal prints are available. This year, I'm going with powder blue and brown. I found a reversible Dorm Co Twin XL Comforters with just those colors that I'm building my entire room around. Once you've got that, get some matching sheets, if you've got a design on your bed spread, get plain colored sheets, and if you've got a plain comforter you might be benefit from designed sheets. Get a body pillow or a some throw pillows to add some color to your bed and keep things interesting. PB Dorm Bed Designer Tool has got you covered. You're room's going to be the bomb from wall to wall.

Now that you've made your bed and laid in it, you're ready to conquer the rest of your room. When you entire your dorm room on move in day, it'll be overwhelming to see bare walls and naked everything, luckily, you've come prepared. The next area you should design is your desk space. It needs to be both functional and fun so you'll actually may want to do some work there. Start with a desk lamp, with a gooseneck (bendy and easily aimed) funky shade color or something plain to match your bed. Then you'll need a desk organizer for your utensils, maybe get a combo with that lamp, or else mesh cups work great. Some stacking file organizers and you're pretty much set for your desk. Get a trash can and trash bags (not a mesh sided one, put in any liquids and you'll have a major mess) for when you've got writer's block or are just procrastinating on writing that term paper. For your side of the room, the last big place to showcase who you are is on the walls. Almost every college bans students from painting or nailing anything to the walls, so be prepared to use other adhesive methods. Read up on Wall of Fame for choosing dorm room pictures. But go online and google college posters and you'll find an unlimited selection of things to decorate your stark white walls with. Inspirational quotes, ironic jokes, favorite characters, musicians, and classic art painting, whatever best represents you should go up on your wall. 3M Command Hooks work great for hanging and come of clean, glue dots or dorm tape (look them up) are great for pictures and are cheap and won't damage your walls. Now your space is decked out with your style from wall to wall.

Being a teenager is about being proactive and displaying who you are. Your dorm room says a lot about you, and it's how you put yourself out there in college. If you're slob, it'll show. If your room constantly is burning hot and smells of sex, people will know. If you've got it all going on, your room just might be the party stop. Wall to wall college craziness.

My blog post question for the day is ... what's the main color of your space? Blue and brown are where it's at for me, a bold statement but an awesome pairing.


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