Splash Works

Being a teenager means summer is your time to let loose and get so freaking wild. It's a time to do stuff out of the ordinary, try new things and hang out. Summer includes tons of water, whether you're drinking it to hydrate in this blazing hot heatwave or messing around in the water trying too cool down. When you're wet, you'd best be getting butt nakey skin on skin drenched. It's time to get a whole lot of out of control and so some splash works. 

Boating is most definitely not my thing. One of the things that were so true and made me laugh at orientation was the ALANA (minority group) has it's own outting club, just because people like me aren't really used to being outside all the time. Finally people understand me, it's called the house is air conditioned, I go outside to an air conditioned car - if I'm blazing it's only for a few minutes a day. It's not that I'm a homebody, black people just are not really thrill seekers. I'll go to amusement parks like once or twice in the summer, but on a daily basis I like keeping my voice and not dying. The other day on twitter the trending topics were #whitepeoplehobbies and #blackpeoplehobbies - you know I went in hard. It was hilarious because the stereotypical truth came out. Black people don't like risking their lives to have fun, skydiving, bungee-jumping and base jumping, are not a good look. I like to keep my feet on the ground, my head above the water and my heartrate normal. That's just too many splash works.

So today, I packed my bag, woke up my brother and headed off to Lake Loreli in Nowheresville, OH (okay, it was like Fayetteville) but when I stop seeing electric traffic signals and corn fields surrounding me I'm out in boo-fu. It was only a thirty minute drive but after five minutes I had no idea where I was, and I don't like that. If I'm about to hitting somewhere up, I like to know my whereabouts, just in case my trip become some sketchy axe-slaying murder suicide. Tweeting your location just isn't to let people know that I'm someplace awesome, it's to help the Po-Po find me if I'm being held hostage. Don't judge me, just read on. So we get to the Lake House and it's awesome. I've only swam in open water once before, that was the black water (foul as hell, and pitch black) in the third world South American country of Guyana (I literally almost died thrice, but that's a story for another day). The water was pretty translucent but had a green twinge to it and it smelled like water. Yeah, water, it may not have a taste but it for sure does have a scent. All decked out in life vests and sunglasses, we were ready to get out on the water. Boating around was literally amazing, we've done it before, again on that crazy trip south of the border, but not like this. We were flying over the water, it was picturesque, scenic and actually a ton of fun. From there, we tried some water sports. Never have I ever done any of this before, but after watching my neighbor's kids rip the wakes, I was ready to take the plunge and try something new. I was ready to make my own splash works.

I was definitely out of place, but when I want to be wild, I can be. You only live once, and as long as I was not in danger of drowning or being cut to shreds by the rotor, as in staying safe, I'm pretty much up for anything within reason. If it's illegal, that's a no go. Sitting in the murky water, wakeboard strapped to my feet I bent my legs and prepared to face plant like nobody's business. That's false, it didn't happen, I got up and hit the waves on my first try. Yeah, I might be amazing so after a good 20 seconds of being pulled I fell forward and pulled the stupidity card by instead of letting go, holding on to the rope and being dragged like a black rag doll, NBD. After I regained surface air, I tried once more and succeeded, and let my bra bra try. You know I almost flipped the heck out, but I was chill, so it was all good. I took a break, and saw the cool kids, some super chill teenagers exactly our age killing the waves. For a few instants I was a beach bum, those kids were freaking gnarly as hell. I'm talking 540 spins, mute and stalefish grabs, and even a full back flip rodeo (oh I play SSX Tricky and SSX 3 so I know my moves). Super Bros were wicked awesome, I was just stoked to try something else so I tried to the skis, it was supposed to be easier but I was knocked off my feet and called it a day with all that. It was time for a good old lunch, and afterwards we went tubing. The Super Bros had some sessy chicas in tow and it was a party boat they were floating on, next time, we'll deff be making friends. Tubing was super intense, flying through the air, slamming up and down, and me screaming, it was a sight to see. I did not fall off once, I literally held on for ready life. I made my own splash works.

Being a teenager is all about hitting your local lake and having one of the best times of the summer. It's about getting down and dirty and doing stuff that you never do on a regular basis. Smile for once and actually have a good time, you can't scowl the entire summer, that's not natural. Splasssssh works.

My blog post question for the day is ... what's the wildest thing you've ever done? Uhm, that's a tough question, probably clubbing.


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