Happens Here, Stays Here

Being a teenager means the summer is absolutely the best time of the year. The time to really let loose and have a great time. You're away from all the annoying kids you can't stand and the wretched place you abhor, as in school. You pretty much only see the people you want or you can take it to the next level and isolate yourself. Kind of disappear into the summer haze only to emerge into existence when the dreaded back-to-school time shows its vile self. Over the course of the summer, either you or your family will be packing up and leaving home for a while. While going on vacation is always an experience, you need to completely leave your life behind to fully engulf yourself in the getaway. Time to make up some new rules, whatever happens here, stays here.

Why yes we're teenagers and that means keeping up to the minute on anything and everything, but my favorite thing about going on vacation is being completely separated both literally and figuratively from the perpetual vortex of drama, ridiculousness, and omnipresence that is your social circle. So one of the rules you need to live by while away from home is keep your digital contact to a minimum. Let it be known that if you're texting and calling your friends, or even worse updating your facebook status or tweeting about how wicked awesome your trip is you'll be losing some friends. It's rude, braggy and completely unbecoming. It's perfectly fine to let your friends know you'll be out of town, but screw everybody else, if you're letting everyone know you're whereabouts you're showing off, and it's not a good look. If you're uploading pictures of your vacation before you're even back from vacation you might be out of control, that's just uncalled for. You should be enjoying being away not sharing every single day. Keep the contact with people back home to a minimum, talking to them is like a cold bucket of water, it brings you back to reality, and vacations are meant to be surreal. Hearing from people keeps you grounded and it can most definitely ruin your vacation. Take part in what you're doing at the moment instead of constantly checking what's going on elsewhere in Boringsville, USA. Who goes on vacation just to do what they always do when they're at home, nothing, I feel like that's an oxymoron. So if it happens here, and stays here too, ya hear?

Now on vacation you may be feeling like you're pretty much given a free pass to do whatever the heck you want. But being away from judging eyes and ears doesn't mean you should be reckless. If you're leaving then you should be taking your dignity with you. No one wants to be that crazy teenager, the talk of whatever town, city, or beach you travel to. It doesn't matter that nobody knows you, that should just give you the courage to try reasonable things that you would never do if people actually gave a shat who you were. I'm talking dancing on tables, belting out some horrible karaoke, yelling on amusement rides, and hanging out with your family. You should still have morals, as in hooking up and getting with any of the locals or other tourists is still a major know. You'll know, and they'll know, and you'll remember being a mess forever. You should not be naked at any point in time in public, never go anywhere alone or with newly met strangers, and stay sober. Date rape is popular all around kiddies. Yeah, you should go after the smoking hot seniorita/beach-bro that you usually wouldn't have the nerve to, but limits are limits and ain't no better getting it, if you don't put out. What happens here, stays here. Leave with all your clothes in tact, and your reputation solid.

What no one likes is a pompous braggart. So posting your post vacation pictures is enough. People who are interested in your super awesome life will see them. If you come back and you're out and about, do not tell the story of your amazing getaway unless asked. It gets old fast, seriously. When everyone sees you coming they'll roll their eyes and get ready to pretend to care. Nobody likes your repeated stories, you can only drink so many dry margaritas, gaze onto the stars while laying with your vacation dream love on the beach, and eat the greatest food of all time. We're done, keep all that to yourself from now on. You summer is your summer, and we'd prefer for you to leave something to imagine. Keep it short and sweet. The whole story is absolutely not necessary, save your breath for your besties.

Being a teenager is all about getting the most out of your vacation. It's about making the best memories and taking the wildest pictures that will make everyone jealous. It's about remembering your summer as the time of your teenage life, not a perpetual whirlwind of hometown drama. Whatever happens here, stays here.

My blog post question for the day is ... if you could go anywhere on vacation, where would it be and why? For me, it's Australia and New Zealand (hopefully I'll be going there this year) - those girls down under are hotter than the outback, plus I need to see some kangaroos and koala bears in their natural habit. Eucalyptus leaves anyone.


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