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Being a teenager means being up to date on anything and everything that becomes popular. This is America as in the most ridiculous things can become the next big thing at anytime. You never know who or what will make the news. For example, I don't know if there's just crazy in the water but it seems like a whole lot of irresponsible parents are killing their kids and wives are exacting hardcore revenge on their divorced husbands. Yesterday, on Fox News (BTW, I was on the channel by accident, after their twitter was hacked (password was probably BlacksOnBlacksOnBlacks) and they alleged president Obama had been assassinated their even Republican creditability flew the coop) there was this lady who let her brother hold her newborn, and he just started beating it and then threw it at the wall instantly killing it. Like are you kidding me, WTE is up with that, no reason to murder a baby. And the lady who tied up her husband, pullled down his pants, snipped off his man parts and threw them in the garbage disposal, it's a no bueno to grind up his cajones. Just some completely crazy trending topics.

Things that make the news that literally make no sense, uhm, celebrities naming their kids absolutely ridiculous names. No one cares if you have your kid, we're happy that they're healthy and set for life, but when we hear that they're names are completely not from this galaxy, it just makes a mess. We've got Jessica Alba's daughter, Honor Marie, Valerie Bertinelli's son, Wolfgang, Bobby Brown's daughter, LaPrincia, Alicia Silverstone's son, Bear Blu, and of course Katie Holmes daughter, Suri. Oh, and don't get me started on celebs adopting kids from foreign countires when there's an abundant amount of unwanted kids who are just waiting to be plucked from foster homes and truly loved. Speaking of Hollywood, the 405 freeway is going to be closed this weekend, and it's being dubbed Carmageddon, gridlock like never seen before in this world. The airline carrier JetBlue is doing 6 flights for $4 over the entire thing as a new temporary transport system, the trips sold out in 2 hours. Seriously, ride a bicycle or something. If you're such a celeb, take out your personal helicopter and call it a day. California is just a wild state, a senator is trying to create a 51st state called South California buy having 13 counties seceeding from the state. Uhm, no thanks, our entire country would change, like all the flags and such, besides no one like's odd numbers. Ark Music removing Rebecca Black's "Friday" from Youtube, hell to the no, we need to make fun of her's by her right doing the Lizzie McGuire booty shake. Screw these trending topics.

Whenever something goes wrong the media completely blows things out of proportion and all of us suffer. For example, the guy who flipped over the railing at that baseball game and died, apparently all the parks are going to have to review their safety protocols. But seriously, how often does that happen? It's awful he died, but he really wanted that baseball and he went out of his way to get it. Amusement parks, we all understand that thrill seeking is a little bit dangerous but the chances of actually having an accident on a rollercoaster is one in a million. If you can't handle taking the risk, then don't ride the rides. The soldier who lost his legs fighting in war who was thrown from the top of the hill and died, first of all, why the heck did they let him on the ride in the first place, but hopefully his family is alright, however, it's not cause for all the parks to be on high alert for every little thing. People need to be proactive and deal with stuff themselves. It's all these trending topics.

One of the funniest things to me are informercials. Seeing as I'm a teenager, I watch a whole lot of TeenNick and the commercials that pop up in between are absolutely outrageous. My favorite one of all time, the Education Connection "Get Connected" commercial with the waitress, just makes me so happy. The remixes have got nothing on the original, however, they're advertising online school, instead of getting a dead end job, it's called go to college right after high school, like the rest of us. And then the commercials selling things that will allegedly make your life easier. Like the one for the toothpaste dispenser, they show the uncappable lady in black and white squeezing toothpaste everywhere, like you can't spread some damn minty bubbles on your toothbrush, get out of here. I just saw one for a magic wrap that women can use instead of having to go to home to change after work, it can be a sweater, a skirt, a shirt, and a scarf. Really, go home and doll yourself up to go out like regular people, it's not necessary. The newest craze is the feathers in girl's hair, and of course they make an infomercial selling them, saying it could cost like over $100, with the sepia tone and overdramatic acting, and their's is $19.95, get outta here. Hit up your local gym and get it done. Dubs T Eff  does anyone need an instant spaghetti maker, get a stove and deal with it. We're all tired of these trending topics.

Being a teenager is all about finding the humor literally everything. It's what we as teenagers do. The things that are popular in that world can sometimes be a whole lot of outrageous. Just because everybody seems to doing it, doesn't mean it's right. Majority rules doesn't always work so well. It's all these trending topics.

My blog post question for the day is ... what's the most outrageous death scare you've heard of? Marques Houston, Roger from Sister, Sister apparently died, absolutely false, Ashley Benson, Hannah, on Pretty Little Liars tweeted that she spoke to him not more than half an hour before then.


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