Everything About You

Being a teenager means that you life can seem like a huge joke at times. Like, looking back at it, only things like this would happen to you. You just stop and think, seriously, this is actually happening to me, like here and now, come on, am I getting Punk'd (and you're not because I cannot stand Ashton Kutcher, all he does is step-parent Demi Moore's children, have obnoxious haircuts, and take Nikon pictures, like get outta here). But seriously, I'm talking about those times and those people that are just so outrageous that all you can do is laugh. We're teenagers, and if we said we liked everyone we encountered that'd be absolutely false. I for one have a reasonable amount of people I dislike, all with valid reasons - I live by the rule of we're friends until you do something wrong, however, there are just some people that you can't stand for no apparent reason. I don't know what it is, but it's just everything about you.

While it's truly wrong to judge people on first sight and impression, and y'all know I've blogged before on being open minded and what not, there are some exceptions to those words to live by. Here's the truth, I'm young, as in I don't need a reason not to like you. Something about you just irks me, you rub me the wrong way, and I want to have nothing to do with you, end of story. Don't ask for an explanation, it's not me it's you, and we're pretty much done here. It's harsh but it's real. You're not going to get along with everyone, and some of the people you happen upon really will turn you off. I don't if it's their annoying personality like those one-upper type of people, always topping your stories and interjecting about their lives, or my personal favorite testosterone raging broed out lunatics complete with lax pennys, sunglasses indoors, and no knowledge of anything worth knowing. I can deal with snooty bia's and pretty boys, that's no problem, they're normal people with extraordinary quirks, characters just like you and I. But there's people who just don't make any sense, everything they do and say is irrational, irrelevant, and completely unnecessary. Like why do you even exist. I don't want to know everything about you.

I can get along with almost anyone, but if I can't read you, we can't be friends. You should never allow anyone into your personal circle of trust when you don't know if they can or can't be trusted. There's just people that don't make sense. Nothing about them is cohesive, they're flaky, wishy-washy, and their personality changes more times than a desperate teen changes their profile picture. You can't tell if their super happy or ultra pissed, and it's perfectly fine to distance yourself from that bi-polar ball of crazy. Remember, it's the survival of  the fittest and there's no need to go out on a limb for such a person, turn around and you'll see them sawing the branch just watch you fall. If you're mood changes more than a 47 year old woman sweating out hot flashes and heading through menopause, then you need to go. Sometimes it's the mystery of why that person is just a freaking mess, but not need to solve that riddle, some cool cats are just unsolvable. Let it be that everything about you don't even try to make any legitimate sense.

On a lighter note, you'll meet people in the most happenstance ways and wonder, where have you been all my life. For some reason you'll just be drawn to them, like you've always been connected and just discovered one another. I believe in a little thing called destiny, as in there's free will, but you're already predetermined to do the things that you're doing, most definitely confusing. If you're meant to meet someone, then you will for sure. For those us who are starting college in the fall this is something you'll get used to. Starting off in a new place with either a few high school acquaintances or the random kids you met at orientation, somehow you'll slowly form your core group of friends, how you might ask? Through this whole everything about you concept. You never know where and when it will happen but something about that person will strike you and you'll be intrigued, and most likely the same thing will happen for them about you. Washing your hands in the bathroom, holding the door for you longer than usual, waiting for you at the end of class, saving you a spot a lunch - it's the little things that everyone notices. This is how best friends are made. And for relationships, it's that moment when your eyes first meet, or you catch a glimpse of the most beautiful girl you've ever seen, and you're like I have to know her. It's the spark that ignites the flame of your soul, and your heart starts thumping. I don't know what it is, but I want to know everything about you.

Being a teenager means you've got the right to manage your own life. It's not very often that you get to do exactly what you want, but your personal preferences are all you own at all times. You can choose to be friends with whomever you want whenever you want. And not liking someone doesn't need a reason, you just can and that's your prerogative, deal with it. And of course there's the people that you're taken aback with how much you have in common or how easily you gel. It's just everything about you.

My blog post question for the day is ... how'd you meet your best friend? Well for me, and my bromance best friend, we started out in 5th grade having the same mutual best friend, but we were enemies because the other was always the alternate best friend. Then our best friend moved and we realized we were ridiculously similar and so we've been best friends ever since.


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