Paper or Plastic

Being a teenager means that you'll probably be getting a job over the , making some hard earned money. It can be a tough thing to balance having a social life with having a job, but a few weeks on being on the job you'll learn to balance it out. You can't always take off, and you're going to miss stuff, but at least you'll have the money to pay for things. If you're lucky, like me, and your parents pay for everything, and you're obligated to have a job, live it up, because entering the workforce, even for the summer, could be just around the corner. Get ready for some public placed laughs, uhm, paper or plastic?

If you expected this post to be about getting paper, you must not have read that post. This one's all about some of the more ridiculous I keep seeing and experiencing whenever I'm not at home. So, the other day, I went out shopping for college stuff with my mother and my sister. We started at Bed Bath & Beyond and went from there. That store has got the majority of the things you'll need to succeed in dorm life- College Stuff Lists (Girls- Guys) - need the list, check out my two most popular posts ever - but the place is crammed. Every time I would push the cart I would run in to something, and that's not a joke. I'm talking bumping in to anything and everything, plastic plates, pillows, surge protectors - you name it, I ran into it. I might be inclined to be a whole lot of clumsy, but the place is stacked high with products, they need to really space things out, there's barely room for the cart to fit through. From there we stopped at Yagoot - this tangy, tingly yogurt shop, which is apparently only in Ohio (for now). That stuff is freaking amazing, it's cold, it's unbelievably tasty and pretty healthy for you. Tell me we get there and this lady ahead of us is ordering like one of everything, to go. Listen here, chick, all of it is going to melt in your car, it's burning up outside and you wasting my time, is completley useless. She literally held up the line, and everyone groaned when she would add more to her complicated order. We finally got what we wanted and dipped out of there. Paper or plastic?

So we're sitting in the car, eating our yogurt, about to go for round 2 of shopping. We're next to this outdoor, like bird bath selling type storish thingy, and this guy is completely creeping out the window, straight up, full on, people watching. He takes it a step further by grabbing a nearby pair of binoculars, yes, like stalkerish binoculars, and continues to just stare out the window at people. Next to him, there's this bird feeder, and all these birds are just fighting over the food. It was like a petty school cafeteria food fight, I'm talking pecking, cawing and gallivanting all over the place. This one bird had a red neck, so he will forever be known as the red neck bird, geekable. Another was chewing with it's beak open, I mean learn some manners you winged reptiles - and another one spit, yes spit, like a hocked a nut loogey and spat all over the ground. I was like, this is not real life. From there, we hit up JC Penney for some personal items, as in my scantily plaid boxers (yes, I coordinate my undergarment colors with what I'm wearing, it's classy) - socks, under shirts, and more plaid for my pajama pants. Whenever, I go out, it's a funny experience, in the like hour and half we were there, here is the true life story of what went down. I'm like paper or plastic style right now.

So I'm searching for multiple pairs of plaid sleepwear, I don't joke when it comes to what I wear when I'm sleeping, especially now that I'll be in college, and I will not be the one to run outside in the snow for a fire drill in their boxers - and my sister and mom go to the bathroom. While their gone, this lady comes over with her like 4 year old kid in the cart. I wave at the kid, and he waves back, then proceeds, to insert his finger into his nose, pick a huge green/brown booger and then put in his mouth, and swallow. I haven't be sickened like that in a while, it was absolutely foul. My sister returned from the ladies room and in the stall next to her a lady was farting up a storm. Just because you're in a bathroom does not mean it's okay to let everything loose, have some dignity, and keep it coy. Public restrooms are nowhere to be flatulating, that's for your private bathroom. From there, we were shopping for bath towels, and they started played Chris Brown "Yeah 3x" - and Bianca and I just broke out dancing. Don't judge us, because y'all know you do the same thing when no one is looking. I'm talking Cat Daddy, Bugaloo, popping, stepping and shaking it in all. I bet the security cameras got a show. Purchased our stuff and it was away we went. No need for paper or plastic.

Being a teenager means that going out with your parents can be a wild ride. My mom goes above and beyond when it comes to saving, whereas, I could care less when it comes to saving money. Keep calm and carry on, they can only embarrass you so much. If you're working and teens are around, don't be awkward, give us that good old adolescent special treatment, not the cold shoulder. Check yourself or you could be saying paper or plastic.

*Get ready, the 200th blog post is coming, and it'll be big. I'm talking giveaway, so read back through and choose your favorite blog posts, from 101-199

My blog post question for the day is ... what's your favorite snack? For me, I'm all about popcorn, it gets me hype and I love it like nobody's business. I also like cotton candy, gummy bears, Swedish fish and cookies. So pretty much any sweets.


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