Rushing Back

Being a teenager means that your summers are pretty much sacred. It’s the best time to get away from everyone, keep to yourself, and get yourself together before heading back to the most dreaded place on Earth, school. I don’t know about all of you, but whenever I see someone from school over the summer, it like knocks me out of the summer haze, like this is actually real life, and I’ll eventually be going back to school. It’s such a weird feeling, and you’re like obligated to give like a head nod, or the universal dap handshake. It’s just a ridiculous time, but it always gets me, and it all comes rushing back.

Summer is one of the few times that you have the opportunity to completely get away from high school. It’s all about doing you, and hanging out with people that you want to. Summer is different because you’re not obligated to be around people you’d rather not associate with; it’s up to you to make plans and follow through with them. This past weekend I went to the annual huge festival which pretty much one of the only things to do. It’s like blast from the past, everyone is well tanned or burned, and literally everyone is there. When the festival happens, you know school is about to be back in session and it’s right around the corner. Now that I’ve graduated from high school, it was even more bizarre to be back there. As soon as I caught a glimpse of those same kids, it took me to when I would walk through the hallways, everybody looking at you. Some people having the courage to acknowledge your existence others just privileged to be in your presence. Either way, it makes you feel so self-conscious, small and it’s like you revert back to high school. It just all comes rushing back.

One of my favorite teenage terms is “making an appearance” which is the funny saying for when people who are rarely seen, come out of hiding to grace us with a sighting. It can also be used for when someone of high social standing appears, and it just causes a major hubbub. Many a times have I been someplace with former schoolmates and it’s like they’ve seen a ghost or like the president has just landed. I don’t know what it is, but we’re all just teens, some of us just have that aura that we give off, nobody has any clue about it. When I was out of the state for summer orientation for college, it took people a few days to realize I was gone (I don’t like announcing my departures, that’s what using your location on tweets or checking in to places on Facebook is for) – and when I didn’t show up at graduation parties, the alarm was raised and I received a barrage of texts and tweets. I’m telling you when you have your entourage rolling with you, and you storm the place, everybody turns to look at you. And then it all comes rushing back, the “it” clique.

Being a teenager is all about learning how to deal with your life. No one should be able to have power over you. We’re all just crazy wild teens, no matter how we may come off or appear to be, at the core we’re generally the same. Chill out, and take it one event at time. No need to freak out and if your high school experience wasn’t the best, college is your time to change your story. Start rushing forward.
My double blog post question for the day is … what’s one of your worst memories from high school? I remember this one time at a Homecoming  dance, that my friends pushed me into the dance circle, and we were all supposed to go together, and of course I was the only one in there. While I tore up the competition, it was still super embarrassing.


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