Wall of Fame

Being a teenager means looking back at you past and propelling towards your future. So if you're going to college it's like an unwritten rule that you must have a photo collage in your dorm room. Since my computer has been reformatted multiple times, I've lost all my pictures and videos from freshman year until now, so resorting to facebook to download pictures saved my life. I went through all the pictures and it seriously too me back. It's amazing to think about how much fun I had, who I'm no longer friends with, and what the heck I was wearing. It's unbelievable that in 4 years I somehow grew the heck up. Pictures are ready to printed and I'll be covering my dorm wall with all my favorite people. Do you know who's made your wall of fame?

College, it's like what comes after high school, right? It's like the biggest change of your entire teenage life. You're going to be away from the majority of the people you knew in high school, pretty much starting over, finding yourself and making new friends. It's exciting to think about but also it kind of scares the heck out of me. I'm just being real, I may or may not have hated high school as a whole, but I give that place the credit for who I am today. I'm holding it responsible for the mess I am for sure. Now, choosing pictures for your the ones that will go on your wall is a personal process. It only took me like an hour, and I ended up choosing 85 out of my total 1,390 tagged facebook pictures (apparently I'm photogenic, not even). It's a wide variety, all the ones that made me smile to look at, the obligatory family photos, and the ones that really tell a story. You don't just want all posed smiley cheesy pictures, nobody will care to look at them, and they look generic, but some of those action shots, the embarrassing moments, and even some of the random scenery or item pictures you've amassed would be great to add to your collection. Shop around for places to print your pictures, Walgreen's, CVS, Rite Aid or even your local grocery store can print 4 x 6 (BTW, WTE happened to 3 x 5) for like 0.19 - I printed mine on sale for 0.10 per picture with a minimum of 50 at CVS, good deal. Most places can get it all done within an hour, kind of amazing and super helpful. The more of the little things you can get done before you pack up and head off to university, the better. Who's made your wall of fame?

Every picture tells a story. That's for sure what I'll be doing. It'll take me a few hours or days to put up all my pictures and organize them in a way that won't bother me having to sleep next to it, but it will totally be worth it. The first few weeks of college are said to be when people are most open to meet people. I'll be taking advantage of that time and meeting as many different kinds of people, in hopes of finding my niche and forming a close group of friends. That means, buying a doorstop is highly necessary. I'll be leaving my door open whenever I'm in there, and have a bubble machine blowing some bubbles into the hallway, plus a bowl of candy or else if I've got time some cookies or cupcakes. Let it be known, I'm not beneath bribing people to come and break the ice. I'm sure people will be interested in what the heck is going on in my suite for real. Don't be shy, and go out of your comfort zone and just live in the moment. Everybody will be eager to figure out where they belong just like you and an open door policy will keep people coming. Your wall of fame will be a topic of interest. Every picture can lead to a great conversation starter to choosing a good mix is like almost essentially. Get pictures of your friends, pictures that have you in them, pictures from vacations and dances and of course any silly face photoshoots. Do not put up weird pictures or pictures that have people you don't like in them, it'll aggravate you everytime you see it. You should be proud not grossed out by your wall of fame.

Now, framing your wall of fame is completely up to you but I've got multiple solutions for getting the job done. So there's thing called like dorm tape, and it won't ruin your walls (yeah, nobody's allowed to drill halls or peel paint for their dorm room walls) so special tape is necessary. Duct Tape is major no-no for your walls too people. There's sticky dots, picture strips, clips, hooks. Old school frames, or new age peel and stick frames. You could keep it super simple and go with a digital frame and not even need to print pictures. Also, you can keep it super classy and do display shelves. Corkboards and silk boards are perfect for pictures too. You of the things I'll be doing on move in day is taking a funny face picture with my new roommate to display on your door. Once we get over the initial newness, it's a really good idea. Head on over to PB Dorm for wall decals, and pretty much all your dorm decorating needs or check out Dorm Co for a huge selection of dorm stuff, super cheap and free shipping. Get it done. Other than your pictures you're going to need some other things on your walls. Maybe some murals, posters of your favorite things (musicians, celebrities, TV shows, movies, quotes). Design your own space and make it all your own. You're going to be spending a lot of time there so you'd better like what you've got. It's your wall of fame.

Being a teenager is all about taking a trip down memory lane. The time is getting nearer and nearer to get ready to take off from your parents' house and head out on your own. College is the perfect time to mix the past with the present. Show off your greatest pictures and strike up some conversations with your wall of fame. Get yourself ready, the sooner the better, and you won't be rifting through clearance scraps at Wally World and Target. Wall of Fame much.

My blog post question for the day is ... what's your favorite quote? Mine would, "There are a million moments, connected to a million other moments, and those memories make us who we are."


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