Check Yourself

Being a teenager means that you value the respect you're given. If someone crosses the line, they're going to have to pay the price. It's not just teenage thing, everybody wants to get the dignity and reverance that they deserve. Nowadays, it seems that all common sense has gone out the window, and people have no problem blatantly disregarding you, and in short harshing your mellow. It's time to get things back in line, get it all together, and give us the respect we deserve. You'd better check yourself, before you wreck yourself. Kick it.

Yesterday, I went out to eat with my mother, father, and sister to celebrate a milestone in our lives. It was one of my brother's birthdays, my mom's birthday, and it's been two years since my sister's surgery. After church we went on down to Maggiano's Little Italy for a high class lunch. I'm talking we went all out, got the valet parking for the car, and all that jazz. Things I can't stand, whenever you're at a restaurant, and everyone else seems to be quiet but of the course the table behind you is slightly buzzed and completely rambunctious. It's rude, inconsiderate, and highly unsightly to be gallivanting everywhere talking loudly in such an environment. I just wanted to turn around and give them the ole "sit yo ass down, and shut the eff up." When the table left, everyone sighed with relief, they were that annoying. Then I'm going all the bread with balsamic vinegar and oil, and going at the squid and octopus calamari, when I notice that this lady is hardcore giving us all a dirty look. Like are you kidding me, we don't know you and you're obviously ignorant self. We're here as normal patrons just like everyone else, and yet you're shooting us dagger eyes like this is a white's only establishment. Listen here, dumb bia, this is America, as in it's a free country, and you need to get it through your thick skull that it's just as common for minorities to be making bank as it is for white people, so simmer down and turn your head. It was hilarious, her leaning to whisper to her husband to try and slyly look over at us. My sister and I as classic teenagers, did the pretend to not look then whip around and catch them staring at you, deff caught her attention. We added the classic head tilt and snarky wave for some added attitude. Other than that, our waiter was fast and timely, and our other waiter was super chill, couldn't be much older than me and he noticed the lady's behavior to, and at one point he brought them their check and completely blocked her sights on purpose. Waiter-extraordinaire, we deff left your pretty boy self a tip and the fact that we talked about HP7, made it epic. Check yourself.

Now there are tons of other ways for uncalled for calling outs as teenagers. If someone is telling a story and you sit there in a sarcastic tone like "cool story, bro" I'mma deck you and lay you out something good with a big shiner, right there in between the eyes. Zip your lip like a padlock and get over it, the comment is not necessary. Being as it's most deff summer, and it means the hotness has been released out on full affect, that entails cute girls are everywhere, but if they're with their parents, you'd better fall back or fall back. Calm your cobra, chill the heck out, and retreat. I repeat, do not go after a girl while her mommy and daddy around, it's seriously disrespectful and you'll make it awkward from the get go. You're going to have to get her alone (not in a creepy way) if you're going to make a move on little miss overprotected.

There are so many things that irk me. Let it be known that if you're getting married, as a woman, you're obligated to take your husband's last name. You're supposed to be one person, not playing games with sur names. Change your damn name and call it a day. If you keep your maiden name, it's a slap to the face for you new hubby. The only people who do that are like celebs, and you're not one, so get to inking. If you hyphenate, it's not good enough, it's like only going halfway. And if you get divorced, you'd best change your name back, keeping your former lover's last name is just wrong. Kimora Lee-Simmons, you're breaking multiple rules, obsessive lady, drop the Simmons, uncle Russell is no longer your other half, you've still got your maiden name in there, and you're remarried, so WTE are you doing. Get down to city hall and make it official. Another thing I find bothersome, titles. I'm talking people who aren't doctors that call themselves doctors. It's great that you went to graduate school and now have that shiny Ph.D. but you're still a normal person, and your title is misleading. Whenever something happens and someone falls ill, and people hear you're a doctor they assume you have the know how to save a life, when you really don't know diddly squat. I'm just (SMH) shaking my head at you. Save the title for real doctors, everyone instantly thinks of that when they use the term anyway, you're post-graduate studies are confusing the rest of us. Check yourself, that'd be great.

Being a teenager means that you're going to be on your toes at all times. Disrespect can come from anyone anywhere. One of my favorite things is to get a sarcastic comment on a facebook post or picture. Dear creeper, if were not close friends, your little comment needs to go. Last week, I got twitter replies from the official Nickelodeon twitter handle, and also from Glenn McCuen from Nickelodeon's newest show, "Bucket and Skinner's Epic Adventures" and I always take a screen shot and post in my wall. Deal with it, if you don't like a story, you hide it from your news feed. Check yourself, before I come and wreck some sense into you.

My double blog post question for the day is ... have you ever had to check someone back into reality? Multiple times, there's tons of kids who for some reason think they're the ish, and  they need to be knocked back down to real life every once in a while, and I have no problem doing it. Just call me the missile to blow up their rocketship.


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