Being a teenager means that you're constantly online. Keeping up with the latest news, the coolest trends, and being in the know. As an adolescent teen, the better things in life are usually those that can make you laugh. As a college student, you can for sure appreciate the links to these great webseries. It's about time to hit that panic button and release the fundamonium.

As teens, the Internet is where you go to find the answers to all your questions. WTE is a library or who actually asks for help anymore, just Google it and move on. On my quest to understand college life, I've been reading tons of blogs, twitter feeds, tumblr pages and of course hitting up YouTube for some video portrayals of walking to classes, and rooming with a total stranger. Last summer I discovered the insane funny webseries Poor Paul (Season One) - it's about this awkward kid, with a creepy dad, who moves in a with a sex crazed roommate, and a snarky know it all roommate, oh and his outlandish fantasies all about college life. It's literally hilarious, season 3 is in the works, but it's got a great cast and never fails to impress. It's kind of scripted but also improvised. It's got a whole slew of real actors to. I highly recommend y'all check it out, if you're looking for a timeless laugh. Another similar series with comparable funny factor is Dorm Life (Season 1), two seasons of great episodes chronicilling all aspects of dorm life. It's a mockumentary, and the characters are seriously die hard geekable. There's so many running jokes, and the plot is great and easy to follow. Start from the beginning and I promise you won't be sorry. It's most definitely worth checking out.

Now on to the latest trends. Y'all know that twitter is a place to share what's going on and what you're thinking instantly, the latest crazes to sweep that chirping bird are planking, and owling. If you don't know what they are, let me define them. Planking - laying completely horizontal balancing yourself on an object, face down, and taking a picture of it. Owling is mimmicking an owl pose and staring off in the distance, similar to planking but a whole lot easier to do. I'm telling you, anyone who's everyone is joining the fads, and snapping pictures. Justin Bieber, the girls of Basketball Wives, and of course AllStar Weekend, everybody's doing it, and when I say that, that's only a little bit of an exaggeration.

Being a teenager means that you've got to be in the know at all times. It's like mandatory to be up on the latest trends, and know everything. We're like teenagers and it's like what we do. Join in the latest crazes sweeping the nation. Post your pictures and get in the know.

My double blog post question for the day is ... what's your favorite webseries? One of the shows that lives online only is the canceled CW show, the Beautiful Life: TBL, find it on youtube for all your model matters.


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