Soaking Wet

Being a teenager is all about enjoying every moment of summer. That means when the sun starts to shine you get yourself outside and make the most of it. It;s absolutely worth the unsightly reddish sunburn and completely embarrassing tan lines, if you're having a good time, nobody cares. The summer usually entails tons of time spent lounging around in the water. Whether it be playing chicken in a pool, relaxing with smoothies in a hot tub or just standing outside while the rain pours. It's not a party until you're absolutely drenched to your skin. I want to get soaking wet.

One of the greatest summer activities ever thought of is water wars. To some it may seem childish but I'm telling you, it's like the most fun thing to run around, messing people up and cooling off at the same time. It's like dodgeball in it's ultimate form. You grab your water guns, you fill and tie a whole ton of water balloons, form some teams or let it be a mad free for all. I promise it may or may not be the highlight of your summer. It's hilarious to peg someone either in the face or when they run away right square in the back, I'm talking uncontrollable laughter here people. Water guns spraying everywhere, people screaming, and then you bring out like cups or even Tupperware fill it with water, turn on the hose and make sure every inch of everyone is wet. When you get a cascade of cold water poured on you, it'll knock you senseless, and it's something you don't forget. It's one of the many ways you can regain you're childhood. Pelting people, running around and just having some real funny. Make sure you've got all your electronics someplace safe and dry, because you will get absolutely soaking wet.

So here's the thing, if I go to the pool, I have all the intentions of taking the plunge and jumping in but if there's a bunch of poorly behaved riff-raff rugrats running around while they're parents pretend to read the newspaper and sip on Long Island Iced Teas, that's a no go. Neighborhood pools can be kind of ridiculous. Some people just need to keep their clothes on, and some people just shouldn't even be swimming. It's whatever if you've got some flab, but if you're like a flapping seal, covered in body hair and either too exposing Speedo type swimwear or big as eff boardshorts, ready to bear your fat ass in a full moon whenever you cannonball, then you just need to hang out and lounge. Take a chill pill and just tan the heck out of your pale skin, you're unsightly paste is searing my eyes. Women, if you're children as taking a long piss in the pool, it's not okay for you to do nothing about it. One time, there was a fully developed shat tard in the pool, just floating. This a public pool not a kiddie toilet, control your kids or skeddaddle. And if you've got a bikini on, let it be known that you're old and/or married as in, you're required to have some dignity or at least fake some modesty. You're crusty bobangas should not be out and about for all us impressionable minds to see, this is not Cougar Town and your saggy boobies are completely uncalled for. I'm just trying to take a dip, and all I see is skin, like dang girl cover up. On to us teenagers, if I'm in the pool with my peeps, you're not obligated to talk to us unless you're trying to be cool. We don't want beef but splash me and I will wholeheartedly drag your mediocre arse to the bottom where you belong. If it says no diving, then stop being illiterate and read, jumping headfirst and doing flips may make you look cool, but when you land wrong and snap your neck, ending up paralyzed your life on the wild side will be more than over. If I'm playing with something like a beach ball and it flies out of the pool and you're near it, don't make me have to struggle to come retrieve it, show some decency and know we're akin adolescents and toss me the rock broham. All I want to do is lay around and get absolutely soaking wet.

Summer is notorious for the random sporadic rainshowers. You haven't lived if you've never been drenched to the core by running around in the rain. Yet again, put your cellphone somewhere safe because y'all know your stingy parents have no intention of buying that water damage warranty, and if you're cell phone is dead, so is your social life. Do it Hilary Duff style, "Come Clean" and don't pretend you don't know what I'm talking about, the theme song to Laguna Beach and Newport Harbor, and just be wild. If there's lightning, don't be dumb and get yourself struck, but some wind is no problem. The rain will wet you like none other and it's exhilarating. I'm talking getting so wet your boxers and panties will feel like you sprung a leak. Everything on you should be dark and a mess. If you're going to get wet, you might as well do it all the way. Jump in puddles and catch some rain on your tongue, mind you, it's a little acidic so it's kind of foul. Enjoy being young and live it up. Maybe it's sweltering and there's no storm in sight, it's called a sprinkle, look like a fool for a while and just run through it. Soaking wet is soaking wet.

Being a teenager means livening up everyday of your epic summer. It's about not caring what anyone thinks and just having a memorable time. It's about having water rule your life for a while. Getting the crew together and showing your beach ready bods. I'm talking bikini babes and buffed out boardshorts. Show some skin and make it rain. It's time to get absolutely soaking wet.

My blog post question for the day is ... when was the last time you were soaking wet? Uhm, the other day I was kind of a mess, so I stepped into the shower in my bathroom with both my socks on and my boxers. Nothing too weird, just a little bit awkward.


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